This is what most don't understand.. it's ultimately your choice and I'm all for doing what makes the plan sustainable for you, if you can have a desert, a meal, a day, a weekend and get back on track then do you, but I have seen people totally destroyed by holiday indulgences 1/
I have been around this WOL for over a decade and can tell you for a fact that these "cheat days" are a slippery slope for most, I have personally seen people dear to me that have had huge success, been 1-2 years on LC undo everything after holiday indulgences 2/
So please don't tell people it's OK to eat what the fuck theywant on the holidays and worry about it after, some can do it but most can't and its reckless to say that shit, just because you can doesn't mean everybody can 3/
With all that being said if you can do it fine, don't assume everyone can, for those people who can't try to give them options to stay on track, give those support that caved, don't treat holidays as dam excuse to eat the shit you stopped eating to get healthy & lose weight 4/
I can't tell you how many times over the years I've seen successful low carb people on social media groups disappear around this time only to reappear months later saying the need help because the holidays ruined them 5/
So again, please stop encouraging the eat what the fuck you want bull shit, you don't know who the hell will see it and who doesn't need a nudge in the wrong direction, some are already weak in these situations and don't need the push over the ledge. 6/END
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