Only listened to 9 min, I refuse to listen more, He is full of shit, he's not remorseful, and my personal feeling is he's a horrible person and doesn't deserve a platform to speak. Also couldn't get passed the bumbling around & lying beard face 1/5
I don't buy his excuses for why he tweeted what he did about the Berry family tragedy, because he lived a certain way and didn't understand what a house meant to some people? Bullshit! And for that alone I will never listen or read anything of his again 2/5
This may be talked about later but again I will not listen to find out, he is obviously a person that tried low carb keto and failed in some capacity and now wants to shit on others that have succeeded, so his posts against it are invalid to me, he offers nothing of value 3/5
I respect you Dave in the fact you came at him out the gate with this, unfortunately he set my BS meter off and I couldn't finish past 9 min, I understand your position and it was probably an informative & successful interview for you but I don't respect Bass anymore 4/5
I can't respect a Man that tweets enjoyment about another Man's misfortune, and lets not forget, it wasn't just 1 tweet, he went on all day being an asshole about it, blocking any of us who confronted him, this interview confirmed he's not truly remorseful 5/5
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