How to make your meetings & events more inclusive & safe for #trans, 2S, non-binary, intersex, & gender diverse people in a few thoughtful steps! Plz feel free to add here if you have more thoughts 🦄 #trans #breakthebinary #canfem #fem2 #canqueer #cdnpoli #genderequality #lgbtq
First up, recognize that trans & gender diverse communities are not all the same & that the language we use to describe ourselves is constantly in flux. Not all trans & gd folks have the same experiences, wants, & needs. So please don’t tokenize or generalize our experiences.
Pronouns are not ‘preferred’, they just are. So please don’t assume them. You can listen or ask. It’s easy. And, contrary to popular belief the world won’t stop turning now that ‘they’ has been added to the dictionary. Ps. Singular ‘they’ is actually older than singular ‘you’.
Only in certain settings might it make sense to ask folks to introduce themselves w their names & pronouns. If you’re in a space where folks might not know each other, just listen to the pronouns people are using & notice whether they are different than what you might assume.
Another option is having pronoun buttons or name tags 🏷 w a space to fill in your pronoun (optional). Note: Some folks might not feel safe or comfortable ‘outing’ themselves in certain spaces, & that is okay too! Don’t ever make trans & gd folks feel pressured to disclose.
These kinds of practices signal that we’re working towards not making assumptions about other folks genders’, & that folks can feel a bit more supported to self-identify & disclose if that works for them. But plz, never single any individual person out.
ID & Legal Docs: If you’re assisting w travel & reimbursements plz put some kind of process in place for folks who have yet to access legal ID changes. Some of us only have ID w our dead names & it’s a nightmare when accommodations & transportation gets all messed up bc of this
For the love of all things gay & fabulous plz do not read IDs out loud in public. If you so happen to find out someone’s ‘legal’ name or dead name plz DO NOT refer to this name, use this name, disclose this info to other folks, or refer to someone’s dead name in past tense 🛑✋🏻
Not sure what to call ppl?! Your best bet: their name or whatever they want to be called. Don’t know them? Well, if you’re in a group setting, you can identify people by articles of clothing instead of using gendered language. “That person in the 🌈 shirt.” But, don’t be creepy.
Try not to use expressions like Sir or Madam to refer to people. And, please stop blanket using ‘ladies’ or and ‘gentleman’, or ‘guys’. Honestly, you can use ‘folks’ or people just as easily. However, for me personally you can feel free to call me Your Majesty. Jk jk.. 👑
SO that brings us to the public washroom 🚽 debacle. DYK that trans & gd folks experience higher rates of UTIs because of this friggen issue that should NOT be an issue. Best case scenario: having access to all-gender accessible & inclusive washrooms, single stall & multi stall.
But, if washrooms in the meeting space are not already all-gender, ask if it's possible to put an all-gender sign on them (NOT the half skirt person one plz 🤦🏻‍♂️). Just having ‘all-gender’ or a picture of a toilet works imo. That's an easy & effective way to make spaces inclusive.
Please refrain from: Commenting on your perception of other folks’ genders’, telling us to get out of your washroom, asking us to prove our gender or what’s in our pants, & fear mongering thru transphobic discourses that somehow we are inherently predatory. WE JUST NEED TO PEE.
Ps. Trans, 2S, non binary, intersex, & gender diverse folks are actually MOST at risk to experiencing harassment, discrimination
, & gender based violence. AND, a friggen bathroom sign WILL NOT prevent a perpetrator from coming into the washroom REGARDLESS.
Please, please listen to trans & gd folks. We know what’s best for us. We are the experts of our own experiences. Include us in conversations around these issues & organizing. Compensate us for our time & expertise. Offer supports that include our unique experiences & contexts.
And, remember that EVERY single person has a gender identity & gender expression. So, even if your meetings or events aren’t specific to 2SLGBTQI+ folks, please implement this stuff bc these practices are important to build meaningful inclusion & safety FOR EVERYONE.
Last but not least, we really need to deal with the fact that in most workplaces & other environments generally the only gender inclusive / accessible (usually single stall) washroom ALSO so happens to be the place where everyone 💩 💩 💩. This is a serious epidemic. 😂 😂 😂
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