Millennial priests all "For God so stanned the world, that he cancelled his best boi, that whosoever is his mutual should not be ghosted, but be lit AF."
"As he approached the camp and saw the big golden beefpupper and everyone being so basic, Moses was shook and couldn't even. He yeeted the tablets he was holding at the foot of the mountain. It was a big mood"
And God was like, “Man it dark AF” and there was light. God saw that the light was 💯, and was like "hey Becky step off" and separated the light from the darkness.
Love is chill, love is dank. It does not thirst, it does not flex, it is not extra. It does not cancel others, it is not sus, it is not salty, it keeps no receipts. Love does not spill tea but rejoices with the woke. It always stans, is always fam, is always G.O.A.T, always slays
Then Lot went outside and shut the door behind him. “Fam, quit being so thirsty,” he said. “Netflix n chill w/my daughters? They legit snacks - dummy thicc. I totes ship you guys hard. But step off my squad.”
And Noah got hella turnt on wine, and was straight up shirtcocking inside his tent. Ham saw this, and was like "lol this is going on the family WhatsApp". When Noah woke up, my dude was SALTY.
So my wig was snatched with Christ and I'm straight ded, but Christ claps back in me. When I'm Adulting, I Adult with the Son of God, who stans me, and is my bae
Jesus was like, “Bruh. I am high-key Dad rn. No one getting Gucci except through me. SMH."
For all have been read, and totes failed at the Gucci of God;
Yaaaas, fam, keep it 💯, slay, always serving realness in the work of the LORD, knowing that in the LORD your labor is so not ratchet.
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