thread of threads of disturbing ; graphs and demographics
and things you may not want to see

me explaining how *love* does not exist.

no god=> no soul => no duality => no soul mate => no love
thread on iq relevance
want to see animal behaviour and sexual signalling
and thicc women twerking,

then do i have the evolutionary psychology thread for you

foreign dna on female brain
future offspring impacted by previous mating partners
tiny change in dna code
massive implication in external fur patterns
primer on evopsych
why the nordic models arent that good as touted
low population
high costs of living
high depression (anti depressant usage)
high alcoholism
dropping IQ
crypto-econ thread on how demand for a non government money would lead to where we are now
why i think iq is over rated, some ramblings.

case for localism, in reference to continuing globalism, the only cure I can see

huge nation states have huge drawbacks as explained here
thread on epistemology
as applied to humans
an exploration

and how to deal with the "science", which can help the categorisations
thread on notions of sex, shame, chivalry, virtue.
and why they may have played a part in our evolution.
being introduced to sex at early age and later implications of sexual proclivity and outcomes in life

does not go into the psychological implications of such events, but followers can allude to trauma and impact it has on peoples' psyches
king henry and trump

a historic cross examination

applied history (study of history itself is useful)
asian grooming gang case study and breakdown
exploration of estrogen, oxytocin in its role in formation of relationships
and child birth and the *desire* to want babies, baby fever and how it fits with the menstrual cycle
self analysis thread
thread on biocomputing
and organic technology

some ramblings
evolutionary psychology explanation
at why successive males have more male offspring (rich etc)
and why successive females have more female offspring (good looking etc)

and how environment can affect innate biological reproduction strategies (like onset of first period)

how memetics plays a role in propaganda specifically
and I cite sources going back almost 200 years ago here

and how one sociocultural or evolutionary pshychological phenomena of the unknown can evolve as a meme

[think im double threading here]
evolution once again (I love Darwin)

this time with a lens on linguistics,
evolution of language and how words may come into fruition (bottom up)
and more more more memetics, big fellas
stoicism, psychedelics and death.
how you change
your environment changes you
and you change your environment

consider it a type of strange loop

high levels of abstraction.

but an interesting mental model. - one of my favourites
more on environment and the concept of the umwelt
as per last thread

theory on how you perceive your environment

biology -> mind -> perception -> respond to stimuli
thread on tribalism and how it is used in intrasexual competition

intersexual dynamics via violence

the history of humanity is filled with sordid examples of our worst inclinations. we must always guard against it.
thread on a mental model of inquisitiveness

a mental model is like a heuristic or an algorithm,

a thought process that allows you to shortcut into new perspectives and insights

read more here

thread against progressiveness and implications of technology and internet exposure.
evolution, culture, meat eating

and brain/body size correlations with intelligence
self control in the form of conscious abstinence in contrast to consumerism
econ thread on innovation and need for innovation
and influences
value systems
of goods

and virtue

aristotle, kant
and more, building more on abstraction
evolutionary biology

and explanations of intrasexual female strategies thread
with relation to age and attractiveness

why younger females more attracted to older males *on avg*
and how they compete

what friendship really is :

ingroup creation

brain size and group size

how this creates problems in relation to modernity and large scale centralised societies.

and proposed solutions
thread on progression, technology

affect on socio-psyche and how its mirrored into society via language
a positive feedback loop ?

not sure,. but thread eschews need to look on past and look at human biology as limiters for future prediction
effect of gay parents/ fathers

on children, and implications for later life

also cites meta studies as well as a study refuting claims to check for bias
all studies lean in one direction however
sexual selection

how it links to self domestication

and human self domestication

are humans still evolving and what into
thread of quotes from the book lessons of history
by will durant

alot of good quotes,

high idea density value -

read if you have a couple minutes
intersection of
marxism & crypto

links to personal equity swaps
and review of marxist conventions
abortion thread

possible psychological effects of post abortion syndrome

and more
not too sure where this is going


interesting nevertheless

will expand to include more on epigenetics which itself is still bleeding edge

(i love using the term bleeding edge, makes me feel like im in the cyberpunk dystopia)
neurobio thread

need to finish

also link in with bio computing and cybernetics
and others
dopamine hacking
faux game

what do you want out of life ?

animalistic dopamine hits ?
or legacy ?

eudaimonia and building long term

but i think the question in reference was about edging performance
thread on my reflections of my group chat creation efforts

failures happened,why
"culture" fit
slippery slope => culture erosion

systems thinking and emergence to explain the changing dynamics of the group chat
thread on behaviourism,automacity,
automated response
small talk essentially and why it is small

ties in with governance, future of governance and how biology will be manipulated, urban planning
ideology difference of power(todo)
proof of tribalism
divorce and biology

some interesting numbers graphs and correlations
how an increase in (memetic) nodes[humans=>crowds] can lead to mutation in shared memes

ideology, ideas and scaling

explored here briefly

my take and definitions on the issue


how they interact, and confluences on human history and

humans => shaping environment
environment => shaping humans

dynamic equilibria
philosophy and psychological utility of enemies

historical quotes by warriors and a clip featuring Mike Tyson

"enemies represent an obstacle in the abstract of the mind, a problem that requires a solution, a solution which requires the best of you"

data on fatherlessness

nested in another thread

on the civilisational utility of marriage

and its history

and philosophers like plato naming it as the basis of society and civilisation
dissecting the evolution mechanism of memetics

concept of information entropy

its effect on society and confluetic effects on artefacts such as corporeal technology and genetics
i think the liberal arts, ought to be reinterpretated from a biological perspective

current education and culture
dismisses this aspect of science and how biology can influence the non corporeal that humans create

genetics play a part
this tree of threads is organised by tweets replying to one another

here is another tree of threads that leads to timelines, which organises tweets by topic and keyword

think of it as

horizontal threading
vertical threading
why are females more "normal" ?
less variation in their variation

why do males have more variation, less normal

iterative design experimentation focused on one gender.
evolution of evolution

can accrue beneficial mutations, dual vector
god will recognise his own

history and meaning
technological exo-cortex of the mind

technology, paper, serve as mind extensions
self referential affects how we see it too
Arthur C Clarke, Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination, 1962

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

thread how far we have come, in terms of technology

and why the future may resemble a fantasy realm
masculinity in a feminine society

why there are so many calls to end masculinity

effects of those
and how to overcome those effects

thread here explores this, with self help resources and links to other threads
73rd : thread on memepools and populism,
introduces concepts of
memetic poles
memetic gravity
expands on
memetic entropy
game theory
and warfare games within complex non linear systems

touches upon notion of ergodicity
repeatable outcomes which can lead to momentum and change output matrix distributions

also => complexity
goal isnt to win, but to play to continue
thread on games
touches upon game theory

and notion of gamifying life
and mental model of games within non corporeal environments

unlikely you will die soon => play long term games, build your social capital and reputation points
thread on mountains, nightmares and fiction

how nature can inhabit an abstact notion of the mind

also touches upon the fear of the unknown

we used to live in nature
now it has been reduced to a hobby
suicide stats : stats rising

we now have a minister of loneliness in uk
caesar, again

but on the dichotomy of modernist politics themselves

there exists two major poles in politics
which has existed since the last major world war

and increased under the cold war

world polar dichotomy order is breaking

research on tinder and its breakdown

and the reasons and motivations on why each gender tends to use it

cites papers

explores both biology and sociology
bitcoin conspiracy theories

bitcoin is artificial intelligence quantum computer which is building itself via backwards entanglement

using economic incentive to further accelerate its own genesis
81st :

on externalities and types of punishments

references the non aggression principle
82nd :

why you ought to cultivate your hate

channel it

and why it is good to hate things

life is half lived if you are ambivalent about everything and are passionless

like a wet fish
dont be like a wet fish
83rd : thread on selected quotes from my readings on Montaigne's essays

insightful and witty

it is said, he wrote to over come his fear of death
another thread on population demographics
this time on the political arguments and fall out effects

broke : having kids is bad for the environment
woke : having kids is increasing amount of idea power within the system

psychopathy and complex systems

psychopaths are in a way chaotic actors which add entropy to it
86 :

scaling ideological resolution
as reflected in concrete actions taken

and imbued into corporeal technology such as software

how its shaped, how it is designed

affects end user relationship
87 breakdown of a paper which examined immigration and crime correlations

caveat, does not look at immigrant crime rate, longitudinally as a whole
which would vary, and then could be linked to this, [if i had time]

just a further breakdown


thread of Geoffrey Miller

Apologies in advance, Dr Miller. I got a bit carried away.

religiosity as a trait
also weakly linked to the god gene

the symbiotic memetic relationship can lend itself to great feats in this material world
1.5 nested threads on metamodern theory
and implications that are starting to emerge within society

meta : everything is referential

you need to be "in" to understand anything
ingroup cultures can be seen in internet cultures proliferation

meta cold war thread

instructions to self :
do not add singular tweets to this,
but add threads which are focused on a particular movement or country
93 : non linearity of continued human evolution
cites the punctuated equilibrium
breaks down (DESTROYS) the savannah hypothesis

also how from multi-region hypothesis of human evolution ties in with continued human variation
94 : neolithic revolution, implications and effects on
memetics and genetics and corporeal technologies

cites self domestication threads
anti vegan
and anti savannah hypothesis

tragedy my threads have become too self referential

rabbit holes
95 : biome and bacteria specifically

alot of biology research meshes and overlaps

leads to organisation => disorder

forked from a forked thread :
96 : forked from biocomputing thread

on biotechnologies
crispr, and GMO manipulation et al
97 : on barbell-ism

how being extreme in multiple areas in life
is balance
uses aristotlean golden mean, but advocates the opposite, instead of moderation jump from extremes
fast => feast eg

careful time restricted account
on machine mimicking evolution
in terms of engineered sentience

use of temes which are machine based memes

inter machine sexual selection

mimicking evolution and the evolution of animals im not sure where it will lead
ah 100th
didnt update for a while as i didnt think there was a thread or expansion of thought high quality /good enough to meta thread in
let alone to thread as my 100th thread

innovation in space frontier via complex iterative war
101 : not been threading threads : current thread on :
non philosophers
p zombies

what consitutes it if it exists at all and what are the differering methods of categorisation

orginal content might be one too ;)
102nd thread : philosophy and shit posting.

On the similarities between shitposting (internet culture irony and meta reference humour) and

Philosophy (self referential field of study)

Meta analysis if you will. A shitpost about philosophy...vice versa
103rd thread : meditations and observations on:
The info/ideosphere
The noosphere
And the attention economy

The medium of which is Twitter.

Attention economy guide.

Includes graphs and quotes.
104th thread.
On capitalism and what is now known as art.

Through the printing press ability to connect with consumers. Disposable incomes due to other factors of commodification and money velocity through specialisation and division of labour
105th thread : on memetic or cultural references points

this situation becomes even more muddier in a society where everything is stored on the immutable cloud.

everything is stored and culture also accelerates and deterritorialises, time dilation
106th thread :

Anthropic human biology and its limitations imposed on the realm of philosophy.

Psychological utility afforded by the shortcut of aesthetics.
107th view

If games become more lucrative to work in than in real life and how it may fit in with crypto and decentralisation tech. But works with the dematerialisation time line.

High complexity with bleeding edge tech
108th thread.

On the slippery slope. And changing of identity due to repeated exposure of stimuli (brain control baby)

Also explores rapid onset gender dysphoria.

How this trend like bulimia is just a fashion for many confused young ppl.
109th thread.

On how new literary machines xanadu project and so on
Are better suited to Augmented and virtual reality. Instead of 2d flat screens.
110th thread. :

On horror. The mirror and magician employ illusion. The smoke and mirrors scare some and entice others.

Some are even offended to think they are susceptible to entertainment. These are perfectly normal reactions, people being animals.
111th thread : meditations & observations : on the term "fascism" and how it is used in debate and discussion and the true intentions of those that loosely throw around words.
112th thread : meditations & observations : part of challenge your assumptions series : on democracy,

how deeply have you thought about it?

many accept and do not question. thinking is a skill, it needs practice to entertain notions and stay objective
113th thread.

May have acted too brashly to the outraged. But there are good points and bad points.

My point which I can belabour is that of creating a eudaimonic and long term focused society

Through the education of the children.
114th, not one of my best but contains links to some other burgeoning threads.

more to do with the application of the theory of the discipline, more holistic thinking rather than the reductionist thinking which many believe may be reaching its conclusion
115th : throwaway thread on natalism, and the paradoxical hatred of humanity by the far left

talking about ideological adherents,and big state advocates.

quite lucid reading back. data-haiku-sermons
116th thread on stats, figures and graphs on the opiate crisis.
how bad it has gotten, how it had arisen, over prescriptions, racial demographics (iirc)
and the psyops from foreign actors who profit
117th thread. Touching on lawfare.

Maybe a limitation of law as a possible reaction to rent seeking via lawful restrictions.
118th thread :

On social capital.
Meme spread => social capital

On cultivating a reputation.

Increasingly more important in the hyper connected social media age.
119th thread : network states

on higher abstraction holding together tribes, a metamodern notion.
technology allowing for new forms of liberation.
120th thread : on creating a test for pseud-ness

would fall under similar protocol as the ideological turing test
121th thread : on paradox. a deconstruction, are you truly free, or does anthropomorphism limit that notion ?

contrary to idealised "sky-hooks" of human behaviour which oft ignore biological realism
122th thread on Memetic aspect of meta aesthetics.

More on the constituency of the leaky abstraction and Its driving forces on human praxis and activity from the aspect of system dynamics it can create semantic feedback loops.
123rd thread :

On the emulation of death in the cyber world.
I faked my own CYBER-DEATH.
Lead to a digital death mask.

How this affects you, your series of fractal masks become akin to the ship of Theseus.

Essay, YouTube video and podcast audio.
124th thread : on Meditations & Observation: (M&O:) pieces

Obscure, orthogonal insight.
High idea density.

No more incoherent ramblings.
Quick idea(memetic) prototyping.
Readers get access to interesting ideas quick. Idea makers get feedback.
125th thread : on chaos
the nature of chaos
the chaos of nature.

Thread of threads. To be placed in a thread of threads.

On phone call notes.
Missed some people out. But a good way to log interesting ideas of people I've networked with via twitter.
127th thread. On insight. The novel and the new.

How it feels and why it is important.

Also links to essay and visual diagram of what essentially a insight is.

An updating of lattice of mental models. Updating.
128th thread.

On the nature of post politics.

What comes after politics which can coincide with the rise of decentralisation technology.

Main issue of the dimension of scale.
129th thread : on repetition and originality and difference. is everything an abstraction of everything else.

sincerity and irony have morphed into one. each mimicking the other.
130th thread : thread on my answers to the famous @peterthiel question :

"Tell Me Something That's True But Nobody Agrees With You On?"
aka : unpopular opinions, contrarian thought,

131th thread : love letter to the internet on its 30th birthday,

the ontology of it. its fractal shape
how far its come, how far it will go
132nd thread on tech converging on a old age practice.


Via big data and algos how predictions are eerie.

On evolving nature of violence via technology, biology, memetics.
134 : short thread examining, briefly, possible effects that being able to choose where 1% of your tax may go.
As per Yang's policy.

Marketisation. Increasing information.
135 : on story telling.
137 : "Dying societies accumulate laws like dying ken accumulate remedies" - Nicolas Gomez Davila

Effect of deregulation on air travel and privitisation on rail travel

Regulation slows Innovation of infrastructure

Sunk costs=>slow creative destruction
138: on Sunlight exposure on genitals and the effects on Testosterone Levels.
139: Trend extrapolation and analysis on the notion of "life as a service."

touches upon dematerialisation, the nature of atoms vs bits.
141: on the coronavirus.

Spread documentation irl.

And other factoids and coincidences and patterns.
142 :

Novel and original thinking and the uncanny valley. How being neuro divergent can be detected and affect your communication styles.

On conflict of traits in social hierarchy dominance.

What isn’t culturally dominantly is a battle of elites who have amounts of particular traits.

Fits with multiple intelligences theory.
anything that can become software, will become software. the question is where will it stop.
145: on alternate technology progressions.

from visual to sound and the external environment that we use to abstract information into meaning.
146: Goethe quotes.
147th @GRITCULT thread.

Thread on the benefits of being in the nude.

pro nudism thread.
148th thread

on coronavirus and government reform for the UK

Thread of thread for 1 rt = 1 take.

Peruse at your leisure
150th thread ( @GRITCULTthreads)

On social media induced amnesia.

the forgetfulness of the circus
151st @GRITCULTthreads

on top 10 triumphs of western civilisation
152nd @GRITCULTthreads

on metaheuristics and cyber shamanism.
153rd. @GRITCULTthreads

on the divorce of man from his reality.
154th @GRITCULTthreads

on the nature of the sacred and the profane and religiousity within societies as per durkheim.
155: @GRITCULTthreads

yeehaw, cowboy.

welcome to the cyberpunk dystopia. its already here.
156. @GRITCULTthreads

On Instagram capitalism .

How its more important to be seen rather than be right.
157 @GRITCULTthreads

on asking questions.
158 @GRITCULTthreads

on "twitter philosophers" who are really just blackpilled masochists.
159 @GRITCULTthreads

On Narco-Terrorism and Nazi Propaganda.

Why america needs to annex mexico.
160 @GRITCULTthreads

on mimesis trap. social media, hypermodernity, how twitter is a religion
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