i should just make a thread with Netflix movies and series i’ve just watched and a short review..🤔
ok so I just watched #QueenoftheSouth on #Netflix and it’s a 9/10 for me.😊Couldn’t give it da full 10 bc I sometimes got annoyed by how dumb the characters would be but it’s their actions that kept the storyline going obviously 🙄 still a great binge tho 😀very action packed!!
The Shallows is such a good movie! 10/10 it’s a thriller and you will not want to pause it for nothing!! I had to pee with 20minutes left of the movie but I just held it bc I didn’t want to pause 😭😂
okay Brain on Fire on Netflix is definitely a must see!! ESPECIALLY if you’re into Science/psychology. 9/10
movie: Law Abiding Citizen is a FIVE OUT OF FIVE a TEN OUT OF TEN!!!! if you like THRILLERS and especially crime thrillers?!! Yo then you NEED to watch this!! The title is a bit of a misnomer but if you watch the movie you'll understand it 😌
series: Designated Survivor 9/10 great binge! finished both seasons in 1 week (do u c mi lyf)
movie: Escape Plan - Okay y’all I forgot how amazing this movie was so I rewatched it. Let me just tell you PLOT TWIST AFTER FRIGGEN PLOT TWIST MANNN!! My favourite parts were “SAY CHEESE” lmao and “BOOM”. Watch it so you understand the reference 😂
movie: Escape Plan 2: Hades - idk if I should have watched the sequel right after because I didnt enjoy it as much as the first one...😕Solid 7/10 only bc it still carried a bit of the plot twist allure. but ya i hope they come out with a 2nd sequel that tops Escape Plan 😊
movie: When the Bough Breaks - 6/10. I’m not really into romantic movies to begin with and the “suspense” factor was weak..😂😅🙊 i predicted the ending 10 minutes in... but it wasn’t AW-FUL 🤷🏾‍♀️ if you like movies like The Perfect Guy you’ll probably LOVE this one!!👍🏾
movie: #BIRDBOX okay y’all, so I had to hurry up and watch it bc I knew one of you guys was bound to spoil it for me...🙃I won’t say too much...easy 10/10. THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING! But I KNEW it was going to be good, I wouldn’t expect anything less from my girl Sandra Bullock 👏🏾😌
movie: #TripleNine pleased to have found this gem! This movie is a 9/10 because the ending annoyed the shiiiii out of me dawg 😭 But other than that this movie was gooood!! Action packed to the very end!!!
series: #DirtyJohn all i'm gonna say is, i finished the entire season in less than 48hrs. Told my family about it after the first 2 eps (I was like nah i cant enjoy this alone) They called back after the first ep telling me how HOOKED EVERYONE IS! EASY 10/10 & Ronnie is my fav🤣
⚠️Forgot to mention it's BASED ON A TRUE STORY y'all... kinda scary to imagine that 😔 https://twitter.com/TTPrettyInPink/status/1102482115571011585
series: #imposters okso S1 was AMAZINGG 9.3/10. S2 was (for the most part) slow and disappointing 5.6/10. It took too long for the storyline to develop. They packed all the action in the last 2 episodes! Those episodes were 8.7/10 the ending lets me know that there will be a S3..
series: #deadtome is bomb! Binge watched all 10 episodes in one sitting. 9.3/10 The storyline was interesting and creative! Most (if not all) episodes left me at the edge of my seat. The actors are so talented too omg including the children!! Great show! I strongly recommend! 😌
series: #BlackSummer - 1/5 don’t bother wasting your time. Ep1 I was like ok this is different. I can appreciate this new creative directive. By ep3 I was over it. Each actor had about 10 lines? Only kept watching bc I wanted to see how it ended... and just like I thought...TRASH
movie: #SeeYouYesterday 6.8/10 i appreciate the diversity and representation 💪🏾 and loved that the lead role was an INTELLIGENT black teen. I don’t want to spoil too much. But the ending.. I mean can you even call it that? Like was that even an ending?? I really wanted to love it
movie: #Jungle i really liked it. Tbh if it wasn’t based on a true story i probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much bc some parts were so hard to believe but it is so 8.9/10! My fam thought it was boring but this one needs time to develop its storyline 😊 ALSO #PrayforAmazonia😔
movie: #Kidnap Okay so.. i love Halle Berry so this mini review carries heavy bias. But she’s just an amazing actor and never fails to be extremely convincing and committed to her role! “You took the WROOONG kid” 👊🏾 this movie had me screaming at my tv the whole time!! Solid 9/10
movie: #Fractured 7.3/10. idk man. I AM CONFUSIONNNN!!! no seriously i’m confused as hell... you have to watch it to understand why i’m so discombobulated (you’ll be too) 😕
movie: #AmericanSon - 8.9/10. Wow. Just wow. This movie is so raw and so real, that it can be a bit uncomfortable at times. But it is extremely thought-provoking and I’d recommended that everyone and I mean EVERYONE watches it!!
limited series: #TheILand - 7/10. Tbh I picked this show with the intention of falling asleep and it did exactly that (put me to sleep 100x). Somewhere along the way I found myself hooked. I found the storyline original and full of plot twists! I’m not into sci-fi but this was 👍🏾
movie: #WeBelongTogether - 4.6/10. Boring! Terrible acting. Weak storyline. Major pet-peeve is when they summarize a large part of a character’s past at the end in a single dialogue. Only continued watching bc I wanted to confirm the ending. I knew how it would end 10minutes in!
movie: #12strong 8.9/10 definitely quenched my thirst for an action movie. the true WOW-factor came from realizing that this was based on true events and there are 12 men who lived to tell this story! God forgive me but my fav part was “is that $10 or $9.50” (watch to understand)
movie: #TheNextThreeDays 8.2/10 simply amazing. this movie took so many twists and turns bruhv!!!! one minute i was punching the air the next minute i was grinning so wide. i can’t believe it came out in 2010 because it’s really good!!
movie: #HolidayRush 8/10 i love a great christmas-themed movie!! 🎄this one is suitable to watch with the entire family. the ending had me teary-eyed ngl 😭 also the playlist for this movie is lit 🔥😂 kept pausing the movie to jam out to the full version of the snippets!!
movie: #6underground 9.3/10 I LOVED IT! You can’t afford to divert your eyes from the screen for even a second or else you’ll miss crucial info especially in the beginning! The ending hints at a possible sequel and i can’t wait! also ryan reynolds in HD for 2hrs? HELL YA 😍🥰❤️
series: #You - 7.2/10 i am irritated. very irritated. i can’t believe season 2 ended the way it did. i don’t want to spoil it but i’m frustrated with this series!!!!! and to think there will likely be a season 3? idk if i could put myself through another season of this mess 😖😭
movie: #22July wow. heartbreaking. this movie gave me chills and i really don’t know how to feel rn. it’s scary. it’s worth watching 8/10
movie: #Oceans8 The precision, the attention to detail combined with the level of sophistication and grace notes has made this MY NEW FAVOURITE MOVIE! The Devil Wears Prada was my fav for over 10 years but it doesn’t measure up to Ocean’s 8! LOVED IT! 10/10❤️(might be on Netflix)
series: #dareme i liked it! 7/10 it kinda reminds me of pretty little liars so if you liked pll you’ll probably like this one too. Netflix needs to release s2 expeditiously tho cause why did s1 end like that?? i have so many questions!!!! 😭😭
movie: #TheWrongMissy 7/10 - I’m usually not a comedy fan but this one can hang. It was annoyingly-funny 😂
movie: #TraumaCenter 2/10 - trash. I expected so much more from a Bruce Willis movie. Forgot it was called trauma centre so after 45mins of cat and mouse I was seriously questioning if they were ever going to get out of there 😂 but ya if you choose to watch it you were warned 🥴
movie: #47MetersDown 7.5/10 - I liked it. You know those movies that make you hold your breath so you don’t shriek? Ya this is one of them! It’s labeled thriller/horror but thriller is better fitting. Good movie but a bit too predictable. The ending caught me off guard though....
movie: #SicarioDayOfTheSoldado 6.8/10 - This movie was okay. Quite long actually. The storyline wasn’t very clear, but I understood the main idea. Predictablility = 90%. The actors were good tho. The beginning started of strong but i found the rest lacking in suspense/thrill 🤷🏾‍♀️
movie: #Tag 7/10 - Aw I liked this movie. It’s a comedy! (yeah I know I’m not a comedy person blahblah🙄) but it has Andy from the Office❤️ in it so I had to watch it 🤷🏾‍♀️ and I don’t regret it! It has a bit of dark humour 😅😂 and it’s based on a true story! Sick!!!
movie: #ProjectPower 10/10 - LOVED IT. The acting and representation was A1. The message (to me) was everyone has a power/talent within them the onus is on us to discover it. There was also the blatant but common narrative: exploitation of underprivileged communities. Needed this
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