Jinmin AU:
Jimin is just out of a bad breakup, and what better thing to do than take a beach side holiday? But Jimin can’t swim.

Jin’s life is a beach side holiday. The job role of a life guard includes saving cute boys from drowning.

What happens when they collide?
Jimin reads along the beach, his skin enjoying the feel of the cold waves. The sun is beating down on him, and his thoughts are anywhere but with him. The only person who is taking over his thoughts is Jungkook, his ex. Long distance could never work. Why did Jimin even bother?
The only thing he can think about is all the time he spent with Jungkook, his two years of college life, and another year trying long distance, but falling out is easier than holding it together. Jungkook said that it was too restrictive for him.
Jungkook felt that Jimin was holding him back, even in America. So with a rock on his heart, he broke up with Jungkook, at least giving himself the power of being the one who dumped, rather than the one who got dumped. Jimin sulked for days, crying himself to bed.
Taehyung kept trying to bring Jimin back to reality, to make his best friend that person he was before, but all his methods availed no result, and that’s why all of Jimin’s friends pitched in, and booked him a trip to Krabi, Thailand. The place is far away but close enough.
Jimin continues walking along the water, his thoughts do occupied that he doesn’t see that his hold on his flip flops has loosened, and the next thing he knows, his flip flops are being carried away by a wave, as it tries to tease him. Jimin runs after his slippers, going deeper.
Jimin runs until the water reaches his chest, and he barely manages to grab hold of his flip flops when the next waves comes crashing into Jimin, hitting him right in the face, carrying him. Jimin feels himself panicking, the water surrounding him violent and hasty.
Jimin flails his arms around like they do in movies, hoping something would keep him afloat, but there is just too much water! Jimin tries to scream out for help, hoping someone will save him, but that only forces more water in his mouth. The sea is consuming him like a monster.
Jimin feels his body starting to shut down, his lungs filling more with water than oxygen, his small body going under. The darkness is taking over as his organs scream for fresh air, but nothing Jimin does is of any use. Jimin sends out a small prayer for his family and friends.
And Jimin gives in to the darkness.

A pair of muscular arms pull Jimin out of the water, holding his unconscious form, as they swim to the ocean. Jimin is immediately made to lie down on the sand, as the person who saved him performs CPR on him, trying to get his heart to work.
Jin uses all the force he possibly can, anything that will bring the man back. Jin tries one more time, and decides to give him mouth to mouth. He bends down and opens the boy’s mouth his steady hands and blows inside his mouth, trying to clear his airway.
Jin repeats this process a couple of times until the small boy under him stirs, and coughs out some water out on the side, and then lies down still again. Jin gives him mouth to mouth again, and this time the boys coughs out some more water, and his eyes start to open as well.
He looks up at Jin, his eyes unfocused, until his sight is dominated by Jin.
“How are you feeling?” Jin asks him, slowly making him sit up.
“Am I in heaven?” Jimin asks, running his hand through his salty hair, subconsciously trying to fix his appearance.
“Love, you’re in Krabi.” Jin says, his deep voice making Jimin smile.
“Damn, so I’m still alive!” Jimin says, rolling his eyes.
“Wait a minute! Was that a suicide attempt?!” Jin asks, panicking. Why would this beautiful boy want to end his life?
“No. I was running after my flip flops.” Jimin says sheepishly. Jin tries to mask the annoyance on his face with a smile, and with that the crowd around them disperses, the girls making heart eyes at the life guard, and the guys, well, they’re also making heart eyes at him.
Jin helps Jimin up, and Jimin brushes the remaining sand off him.
“Thank you so much for saving my life. I’m Jimin.” Jimin gives out his hand for the older boy to shake.
“I’m Jin. And it’s my job to save lives, but please be careful the next time. What were you even thinking?!”
“I’m sorry. I was just lost in some thoughts, and I didn’t even realise that I went so deep in.” Jimin says, another sheepish smile on his face, his cheeks red from embarrassment. The last thing he wants this cute life guard to think about him is that he’s some heartbroken sap.
“Well, please take care of yourself, and avoid running towards your death.” With this, Jin smiles and is about to turn when Jimin calls his name out.
“Jin! Let me thank you? Let me buy you a meal? Please?” Jimin insists. He’s really thankful that the guy saved him.
“No no! You don’t have to! Honestly! It was my job as a life guard to save you!” Jin says, his cheeks red as well. He’s not used to people thanking him for doing his job. People just expect this off him, and no one goes to the extent of offering him a meal.
“How about a drink?”
“Jimin, I’d love to take you up on the offer, but I’m working, and I can’t do any of these things, but thank you so much for offering.” Jin says, his gratitude real.
“Alright. I don’t want to make this awkward, but thank you so much.” Jimin says, and shakes Jin’s hand again.
Truth be told, Jimin is just looking for reasons to keep talking to Jin because he’s so beautiful, and his hands are as soft as a baby’s.
“I’ll take a leave now.” Jin says, and with a huge smile, leaves to his life guard chair, protecting the world from the ferocious ocean.
Jimin goes to a small grocery shop that’s near the beach and buys two packs of caprisun, one for him, and one for Jin. He approaches Jin’s chair, and sees Jin perched right on top of it, his sunglasses on, watching over.
“Hey jin!” Jimin shouts from below.
Jin’s chair is about a good 3 feet taller than Jimin, and it makes him look like a little baby talking to his father.
“Hey Jimin! What happened?” Jin asks him, making a move to descend from the chair. The chair’s legs act as a ladder that effortlessly allow Jin to move.
I’m sad, and I’m thinking of just leaving this. I’m sorry to the person who I promised this to.

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“Um, I got you a juice.” Jimin says shyly, offering Jin the pack of caprisun.
“Awe! This is really nice of you, but you don’t have to thank me Jimin. It was my job.” Jin says, feeling bad that Jimin feels obliged to thank him repeatedly.
“I promise, this is the last time.”
Jin nods at Jimin’s words, and flops down on the warm sand. Luckily it’s the evening now, and the beach is almost empty. Jimin joins Jin, and pokes a hole in his juice packets.
“Are you from around here?” Jimin asks, looking into the distant ocean.
“I’m from Gwacheon.
I finished college, and just came here to figure out where to go with my life, and ended up becoming a life guard! So I still have to apply for jobs or a college or whatever. And you?” Jin says shrugging, turning to look at Jimin, the fading light decorating his face.
“Just had a bad break up recently, so I needed to clear my head.” Jimin says, and turns to look at Jin staring at him as well.
“What’s the matter? Do I have juice on my face?!” Jimin asks consciously.
“I’m just wondering why someone would break up with someone so beautiful.”
"Well, he met other people, and long distance is a bitch." Jimin says shrugging.
"Long distance sucks. My boyfriend was really mad when I left Korea too. He kept saying that he will dump me if I go, so I just dropped his sorry ass." Jin says shrugging as well. Jimin laughs.
"What happened? I don't remember cracking a joke." Jin says, and Jimin immediately sobers up, scared that Jin will think of his as a huge nut case.
"Why would anyone blackmail the most handsome man with a dumping?" Jimin says, and continues laughing.
“Now you’re just playing.” Jin says, laughing a little uncomfortably. Is Jimin making fun of him? Is it because he called him beautiful first?
“Oh my! Seriously, do you never look at a mirror? Because you’re honestly one of the most handsome people I’ve seen in this lifetime.”
“Fine, if you say so.” Jin and Jimin turn their attention to the scenic view around them, looking at the sun setting.
“It’s amazing.” Jimin breaths, his breath caught in his throat.
“Wait till it’s night. The water glows.” Jin says, amazement in his voice.
“What do you mean?!” Jimin asks, confused. Is BigFoot going to come out of these waters and eat him?!
“Just wait and watch.” Jin says, and the two boys keep their eyes trained on the water, making small talk with each other, getting to know each other.
“I hope Im not keeping you?
I really don’t wanna disturb you.” Jimin says, even though deep inside he doesn’t want him to go. Jin’s presence is wildly calming, and makes him feel at ease.
“Don’t worry. My shift is over.” Jin says, and Jimin smiles wide.
“That’s great then!” Jimin keeps smiling.
They watch the sun go down, until they’re swallowed by the darkness. The beach is cooler now, with very few people. The two boys are talking, getting to know each other, and somehow, becoming friends because they’re more alike than they know. They share a common love for music,
and maths.
“Now look at the water.” Jin says, pointing at the waves breaking the surface. The waves are covered in blue twinkling lights that look like stars in the water. Jimin gasps at the beauty.
“What is this?” He asks, unable to take his eyes off the beautiful waters.
“This is called bioluminescence. So basically, some of the bacteria in this water like to glow. And that makes the water glow.” Jin shrugs, proud of his explanation, and Jimin giggles next to him.
“You can totally be a biologist.” Jimin says laughing.
“Mean!” Jin pouts.
The two boys laugh it out and continue staring at the water, until Jimin’s phone rings loudly. Taehyung is calling him. He looks at his watch, and shocks. He’s been sitting here for almost 3 hours now?!
“I’m so so so sorry I kept you next to me.” Jimin starts apologising to Jin.
“You didn’t keep me Jimin. I enjoy sitting by the beach, and I really enjoy your company.” Jin says, a huge smile on his face. Jimin’s phone starts ringing again, and Jimin almost wants to throw the phone and Taehyung in the water, but the phone is expensive.
“Me too. I really enjoyed today. Thank you so much. And it was really nice getting to know you.” Jimin says with a smile, as his phone keeps vibrating loudly.
“I guess I’ll see you around. Goodbye Jimin.” Jin says, and gets up to leave. Jimin waves him goodbye.
Jimin answers Taehyung’s phone with a complete intention of bashing him up.
“What is it Tae?!” Jimin answers, annoyed.
“Uhhhh, I missed you?” Taehyung is scared of those few moments when Jimin is actually angry. Jimin rarely ever gets annoyed.
“Did you?” Jimin asks rhetorically.
"Stop getting your panties in a twist. How's the holiday going?" Taehyung asks him, and Jimin can hear the others behind him, asking is he's still thinking about Jungkook. But how does he tell them that for the past few hours, there was someone else taking up his thoughts.
"It's going great. Krabi is beautiful and I can't thank you guys enough for this." Jimin says sincerely, his eyes still stuck to the glowing waters, seeming like a galaxy at his feet.
"You don't have to thank us. We just want you to be fine Jimin. Jungkook's love was a fake love.
If it could even be called love. Forget him Jimin." Taehyung says, and there is a sound that Taehyung probably got hit by someone.
"You're not supposed to make his sad you asshat." Namjoon screams at Taehyung and comes on line.
"Hey Jimine! Please ignore Taehyung.
Tell me all about Krabi! What all have you seen so far? Have you gone to the various islands yet? And there is so much food to try!" Namjoon says excitedly. Namjoon visited Krabi when he was a kid, and has loved it ever since. It was his idea to send Jimin to Krabi.
"Hey hyung! I didn't go sightseeing today, but just chilled at this really beautiful bioluminescent beach near my hotel. It's beautiful hyung! I wish you and the rest of the group could be here with me." Jimin says sadly. He still feels guilty that the boys spent their savings.
"Don't worry Jimine! One of these days, all of us are going to make it big! You're going to be some huge ass dancing math professor, Yoongi, Hoseok and I will be making music, Taehyung will probably in rehab." Namjoon probably got hit for the last part. "And we'll all come here.
We'll come together, and we will have loads of fun! Ok?" Namjoon says, and Jimin can hear the smile on his face. That's the thing about Namjoon. He can make Jimin smile at any given day.
"Thank you hyungie. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye. And tell everyone I love them."
With this, Jimin cuts the call, and stays put on the beach, his eyes still trained on the vast ocean in front of him. His thoughts are jumbled, his senses uncontrollable. There are two boys constantly running in his mind. He can't stop thinking about Jin. The sweet beach boy.
Jin's aura is relaxing and so attractive that it pulls everyone to him. That's the only reason that Jimin couldn't get himself to leave Jin's company all evening because Jin felt like his oasis in a wide desert. But on the other hand, there's Jungkook. The crazy city bad boy.
Jungkook and Jimin were friends since they were kids, and that made their bond so strong. Jungkook knew everything about Jungkook, and because of that, falling in love was so easy, so toxic, so destructive, but it was perfect. Jimin knows that he will always Jungkook no matter.
Jimin gathers his belongings as his thoughts and makes his way to his hotel, hoping for a quick dinner, and then a long night in bed with his haunted dreams again. Dreams of Jungkook’s lips all over his feverish body, his hot kisses, his infuriating touches.
But to Jimin’s surprise, none of that happened. He woke up with his mind reeling with memories of glowing beaches and heroic life guards.
Jimin decides that today he won’t go back to the beach, he’s not looking to get attached again. He’s going to go sightseeing and shopping.
Jimin asks around, and draws himself a small itinerary. Jimin slings a backpack over his shoulders, and makes his way out, trying not to get sunburnt. Jimin spends the entire day exploring Krabi, going to a small island in the near distance.
He picks up small knick knacks for his friends. He buys Namjoon this really pretty notebook, a shell necklace for Taehyung, a watch for Yoongi, a small recorder for Hoseok, and somehow he bought something for Jungkook and Jin as well. He bought Jungkook a small lamp.
He bought Jin a necklace with a snowflake on it. There’s something about Jin that makes him a summer boy. Ever since he met Jin, he keeps thinking about how Jin would look in the winter. His hands in warm gloves, heavy coats, his nose red. Does Seokjin wear beanies?
Does Jin like playing in the snow? Does he make snowmen? The thought of Jin in the winter gives Jimin small tingles in his stomach. He looks at the lamp he bought for Jungkook and tosses it inside his bag. He’ll gift it to Taehyung or use it himself.
Jimin flops down on his bed, exhausted from his day of sightseeing. He looks at the clock, and it’s barely 6:30. A part of him wants to go to the beach, another part of him asks him to shut the fuck up and go to sleep. Jimin listens to the devilish part of his brain because YOLO.
Jimin calls up room service and asks them to make him a small basket for dinner that he can carry to the beach with him. Jimin changes into a white t shirt with some ripped shorts, and a checked shirt thrown on top. He grabs the basket from the reception and goes to the beach.
Jimin keeps walking until he sees a spot that’s near where him and Jin were sitting yesterday. A part of Jimin hopes that he sees Jin again. Jimin’s feelings are very conflicted when it comes to Jin. He doesn’t want to jump towards a boy who he barely even knows.
Jimin looks through the basket and sees that the hotel people have packed him a blanket, some sandwiches, juice, chocolates and a couple of slices of cake. This is definitely a meal for a family. Guess they don’t get a lot of lonely guests like Jimin at the hotel.
Jimin spreads out the blanket, and sits on the soft material. He pulls out a sandwich, and is about to eat it when he spots a familiar figure walking towards him. Jimin’s heartbeat speeds up at the sight of Jin walking towards him.
“Hey!” Jin says, a smile on his face.
“Hey Jin!” Jimin says a little too enthusiastically and then inwardly cringes a million times at himself.
“What’s up?” Jin asks him. Jimin is wearing shorts, a long sleeves t shirt and a handkerchief around his neck.
“Well, I packed a small picnic, and the hotel gave me too much.
I can’t possibly eat all this food by myself. Wanna join me.” Jimin asks, hoping that he sounds convincing, because to himself, he sounds like a big fat liar. The food maybe too much for him, but that’s not the only reason he’s inviting the older boy.
“Uh sure.” Jin says.
Jin sits down next to Jimin, and that’s when Jimin notices how impressive Jin’s form is. His shoulders are broad from swimming, his torso well toned, his legs are slender and muscular. Jimin offers Jimin a sandwich before Jin thinks of him as a creep who’s just staring.
The two boys stare at the ocean, and Jimin starts humming a light tune under his breath, his voice calming. Jin joins along, having recognised the song easily. The two song, their voices uniting to form a beautiful melody. As they keep singing, their voices grow louder.
They’re so lost in their own song that they forget the world around them. Before the pair even knows it, they’re singing loud enough to college a crowd behind them. They finish the song, and crowd starts clapping loudly, taking both of them by surprise.
The get up and now to the crowd, still dazed. The crowd starts dispersing after they compliment them, except for a pair of ladies. They’re both old enough to be someone’s grandmas and look like sisters or best friends.
“That was very beautiful.” One of the ladies say.
“Thank you Maam.” Jimin and Jin say at the same time, and then look at each other blushing.
“Ah! So you guys have just started dating?” The second lady days, her smile warm.
“D-dating?! No, we literally just met yesterday.” Jimin says stammering, blushing like a tomato.
She ignores Jimin and turns to Jin.
“You better take care of this little one here and don’t hurt him.” Her voice is serious, her eyes boring into Jin’s soul. Jin just nods, and then bows for the two ladies, who say goodbye and leave.
The two sit back down on the blanket, awkward.
“Uh, what just happened?” Jimin asks, eating his sandwich, not daring to look Jin in the eye.
“Looks like those women shipped us?” Jin says, just as awkward.
“But I’m not even up to your standards?” Jimin says, and it comes out more as a question. He turns to look at Jin.
Jin’s eyes are locked with Jimin’s.
“That’s true. You’re wayyy too high for someone like me.” Jin says, and then bends down to kiss Jimin, capturing his soft lips in his plump ones, the taste of the cranberry juice still on his lips. Jimin moans, and continues kissing back.
They kiss until they’re both out of breath, and break apart panting. Jimin looks away shyly, and buries his face in his sandwich.
“Th- thank you for that.” Jimin says, stuttering again.
“The pleasure was all mine.” Jin says, winking. Jimin smiles back, still flushed.
“So, tell me more about yourself. All I know is that you have a family in Busan and you’re studying in Seoul. Tell me more Jimin.” Jin says, breaking them out of the moment.
“Well, I’m a business major, but I’m also a dance student. I also sing in my time off.
My friends and I have a small band where we just like perform stuff. But except for that, I’m an average college student.”
“Jimin, nothing about that was average. You seem are a very talented person. You should be more confident of them.”
“Thank you, but I just can’t help it.
There are people who are way more talented and have bettter skills than I do.”
“Jimin, everyone has a different set of skills. This combination of awesomeness called Jimin, I’d rate to find.” Jin says, patting Jimin’s shoulder.
“You’re saying that?! Do you see yourself?!
You’re insanely talented! You have this beautiful face, this amazing voice. You’re genuinely smart, and not just book smart.” Jimin says, laying his views.
“W-wow. I didn’t expect that.” Jin says, a little taken aback. He didn’t think Jimin thinks so highly of him.
“Why not Jin? It’s high time you start thinking highly of yourself too. Tell me, what are you doing here?” Jimin asks him, his voice projecting his Bob the Builder mood.
“I’m on a hiatus?” Jin says, a little confused as he turns to look at the glowing ocean.
“Are you really?”
“What do you mean by that Jimin?” Jin’s heart is beating fast. He’s afraid that Jimin will tell him the truth that even he’s scared to face.
“You know it too Jin. It’s been more than a year since you’ve come here. You decided to stay, because this is easy.
When are you gonna come back to the real world Jin? Strive for your dreams again?” Jimin’s voice is soft. It’s like a mother talking to a small child. Jin doesn’t say anything for a while, he just looks at the ocean. Jimin is about to apologise, scared that he crossed a line.
“I’m not sure Jimin.” Jin says, breaking Jimin from his insecurities. Jimin doesn’t say anything, he just shoots forward to wrap his arms around Jin, offering him support. They sit like that for a while, lost in themselves, in each other, in their surroundings.
A few minutes later, Jimin breaks the silence. “I almost forgot. I got you something.” Jin looks at Jimin in confusion. Jimin rifles around his pockets, and produces the snowflake necklace he got for Jin.
“A memory of winter for a summer boy.” Jimin says, smiling widely.
“I’m a summer boy eh?” Jin asks, teasing Jimin. Jimin nods, and the two fall into a comfortable pattern again, smiling, laughing, getting to know each other, until it’s almost time for Jimin to get back to the hotel. Because Jimin is a baby who set his own curfew time.
“It’s time for me to take a leave.” Jimin says, looking at his watch. It’s almost 12.
“Thank you for this beautiful evening Jimin.” Jin says, a soft smile on his face. The boys can hear jazz music playing close.
“It wouldnt be amazing without you.” Jimin says, reluctant to leave.
“The pleasure was all mine.” Jin says with a chuckle and is about to leave, when he turns back again. “Jimin, would you like to come over tomorrow? It’s a Monday, so there’s barely any crowd on the beach. We can hang out?”
A bright smile spreads on Jimin’s face.
“I would really like that.” Jimin says, his smile growing brighter and bigger, butterflies swarming in his stomach.
“Alright then! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jin says again, and waves goodbye, walking in the opposite direction. A few moments later, Jimin leaves too.
The next morning Jimin wakes up, again without any nightmares, but instead feeling excited after months. He’s so excited to spend the day with Jin that he wakes up at 7am. He has a quick breakfast, and then makes his way to the beach, his unicorn float with him.
Yesterday Jimin saw a guy who fills up floats for a small amount. So Jimin is super excited to get on his float, and just float on the sea, maybe becoming Gilligan and reaching an unknown island where his stupid feelings will finally leave him alone.
Jimin quickly gets to the beach, excited to see Jin. But when he reaches there, he’s met by a beautiful sign that says: life guard off duty. Will return at 10am. Jimin feels his heart sink faster than his flip flops did. There’s still an hour and a half before Jin comes!
Jimin goes to the float guy, and luckily his store is bright and open. He quickly fills up Jimin’s float with air, and Jimin thanks him, running towards the ocean. Jimin puts all his stuff in the small beach side lockers, and comes back to his float, excited to tread.
Jimin drops his float near the shore, where the waves are almost non existent. He lies down on his float, and closes his eyes, enjoying the morning sun on him, the calming sound of the waves acting like a lullaby. Before Jimin knows it, he falls asleep.
The waves start getting stronger, taking Jimin and his floaty a little deeper into the water than he had intended, but Jimin is too deep in slumber to notice that he’s gone from ankle level water, to water which is almost 5 felt deep or deeper.
Jimin is awakened by a rapid movement of his floaty. He tries to shift around, not recognising his surroundings, when he feels a strong arm hold him.
“SHARK!” Jimin screams, until he realises that the hand holding him very human.
“MONSTER! MONSTR! MONSTER!” Jimin keeps screaming.
They almost reach the shore when the ‘monster’ reveals his face. Of course it’s Jin, laughing at Jimin.
“Hey little baby. Rawr.” Jin says, still laughing at Jimin, making small claws from his hands. Jimin flushes in embarrassment, hoping that he’ll just drown instead.
“How are you always running off into the water alone?” Jin asks him, laughing.
“I don’t know? It’s a special trait of mine. I attract danger.” Jimin says shrugging, as Jin slowly drags his floaty to the shore.
“Well, you needs to keep yourself safe, and I’ll not always be around.
You really need to be more careful Jimin.” Jin says and pushes the floaty onto the sand, and pulls Jimin up. Jimin is almost too flustered to talk.
“Uh- um, will you g-give me sw-swimming lessons?” Jimin asks him, embarrassed. Maybe this way Jin can teach him the basics.
“Sure. Do you have a pool in your hotel?” Jin asks him, deflating Jimin’s floaty. There’s no way that he’s letting Jimin sit on this stupid thing again, especially in a wide ocean. If he wasn’t careful, Jimin could’ve gotten eaten by sharks, or he may have reached America.
“Yes I do! Maybe when you’re done for the day, we can go together, and then maybe order pizza? The hotel has really good pizza.” Jimin says, a cheesy smile on his face.
“Alright.” Jin says, and before Jimin can say anything more, some person is calling Jin, asking for help.
Jin says a short goodbye to Jimin and runs with the man, who claims that he’s seen Big Foot. Poor Jin must have a sad life.
Jimin spends his entire day on the beach, mostly accompanied by Jin as they stay close to the ocean. For lunch, Jin takes Jimin boating.
There, Jimin teaches Jimin the true art of fishing. They bring their catch, and have someone at one of the restaurants cook it for them. The fish is delicious, fresh and salty. After that, the two boys walk along the ocean, subconsciously holding hands together.
At around 7, the two boys leave for the hotel, still blushing from the day, and somehow still holding hands, not wanting to question anything happening between them.
They reach Jimin’s hotel. Jimin takes Jin up to his room, telling him that he wants to change.
Jin declines several times, being the gentleman that he is, but nonetheless Jimin convinces him and drags him to his room. Jimin quickly changes, as Jin settles for munching on a pack of seaweed crackers that Jimin has brought from Korea.
“Oh how I missed these!” Jin exclaims.
“You don’t get these here?” Jimin asks, coming out of the bathroom in just a bathrobe. Jin feels his breath hitch at Jimin’s look. Jimin’s hair is slightly wet, pushed back sexily with his fingers, a smile on his face, his collarbones are on display, along with his raging boner.
Jimin clears his throat, trying to get Jin’s attention off from Jimin’s member to his face.
“Let’s go?” Jin asks, his voice strained. What Jimin doesn’t know is that beneath his loose pants, even Seokjin is hard.
“Sure.” Jimin says awkwardly, and waddles out of his room.
Luckily Jimin’s room is close to the pool, and that doesn’t give Jin enough time to sate his lustful eyes with Jimin’s full ass.
They reach the pool, and Jimin drops his stuff on one of the lounging chairs, encouraging Jin to do the same. Surprisingly, the pool is empty.
But Jin doesn’t understand why. The pool is really beautiful. It’s spread out in the shape of the ocean, the lights in the water replicating the bioluminescence in the sea. Jimin drops his robe sultrily, baring himself in tight red shorts. Jin has to stop himself from whistling.
Jimin smiles cheekily at Jin And begins descending into the water. Jin stares at him for a minute longer, and then quickly rips his shirt off of him and follows Jimin into the water. The water is cold, and perfect for a desperate night. Jimin is neck deep in water.
Jin joins him, where he’s standing, the water reaching his shoulders. Jimin turns to look to Jin, and his breath catches in his throat. Jin looks ethereal against the soft lighting of the pool, his shoulders wide, a soft shadow on his face making him look like a god.
“Let’s start?” Jin asks, his voice almost a whisper. Jimin nods slightly, the tension between them crackling like electricity.
“Let’s learn how to float first.” Jin says, and pulls Jimin a little towards shallower waters. The water reaching mid torso.
“Grab my hand.” Jin says.
Jimin is quick to do that, a little scared of the water.
“Now, try lying down. Try floating on the water.” Jin says, his voice calming and soothing.
“I’ll drown!” Jimin says, panicking.
“You won’t. You trust me right?”
“Of course I do.” Jimin whispers.
“Then do it.”
As soon as Jimin said that, he pushed his legs back, let the water do it’s thing, and before he knows it, he’s floating, his small hands clutching Jin’s long ones.
“Now hold your breath for a while, stay calm. I’ve got you.” Jin says, his voice sounding like warm vanilla.
Jin lets go of Jimin’s hands slowly. Jimin is reluctant at first, but then he finally lets go. Jin puts his hands on Jimin’s taut stomach, supporting him. Jimin stands up again, wanting a fresh breath of oxygen and also because he’s flustered from Jin’s hands.
After a minute the continue floating, and Jin teaches Jimin how to kick the water, and how to use his hands. Jimin can do both the actions individually, but every time he tries to do them together, he gets scared that he’ll drown.
“Try? For me?” Jin insists.
Jin knows that Jimin won’t learn to swim in a day, but all he needs to do is get the fear of drowning out of his head. And from what he knows, Jimin is more prone to drowning than others because of his irresponsible habits.
Jimin nods, and slowly lets go of Jin’s hands.
For the next half an hour, Jimin tried to swim, flailing his tiny arms, until there’s some sort of progress. Now, Jimin can stay afloat and flap his arms and legs, but the only This is that he can’t move forward.
Jin laughs at Jimin, teasing him, causing Jimin to pout.
“You’re mean!” Jimin huffs, And crosses his arms, making Jin laugh more.
“Awe! You’re adorable.” Jin says and kisses his nose, making Jimin pout more.
“Now lets get out of the pool. Or you’re gonna catch a cold.” Jin says, and holds out his hand for Jimin.
Jimin ignore Jin’s hand and tries to swim towards the edge of the pool, the key word here being TRY. Somehow Jimin splashes And reaches the edge of the pool, and hoists himself off. They quickly dry themselves and put on robes, and get back to Jimin’s room.
Jimin orders pizza while he waits for Jin to change. He sits on his bed, looking through his messages. Jin comes out of the bathroom, his tshirt in his hand, wearing a pair of loose shorts which hang off his hips sexily.
“Uh- uh. I uh, ordered pizza.” Jimin stutters.
Jin nods, and his eyes bore into Jimin’s, burning him. Jimin gets up from the bed, slowly walking to Jin, the electricity between them, loud and visible. Jimin reaches Jin, not breaking the eye contact even once. And he latches his lips onto Jin’s soft ones. Jin kisses back.
Jin takes control of the kiss, deepening it, making Jimin moan in his mouth. Jimin’s hands are taking over Jin’s back, leaving scratches behind, while Jin’s hands are entangled in Jimin’s hair. They kiss until the two are out of breath. Jin is about to say something, but Jimin
doesn’t let him. He starts placing small kisses on Jin’s neck, making Jin throw his head back and let out a loud moan. Jimin chuckles, and continues the abuse on Jin’s neck, sucking on it. Jimin goes lower, reaching Jin’s broad chest, kissing him all over.
Jin pulls the sash on Jimin’s robe, to reveal his lean body. Jimin shrugs out of the robe confidently, his boner loud against his tight shorts. Jimin starts moving lower on Jin, body, passing his belly button, to the V of his crotch. Jimin plays with the hem of his boxers.
And is about to pull them off when Jimin’s phone rings, with Taehyung’s ringtone, breaking the spell. Jin moves back with a jolt, quickly putting on his tshirt, and his slippers. Jimin is too confused to say anything. He watches Jin leave, a small goodbye, and tears prickling.
Jimin feels hollow. He knows that getting attached to Jin was a stupid thing, but what could he have possibly done? He’s just perfect.
Jimin sinks onto his bed, leaving a message from taehyung and then switching off his phone. He knows that taehyung will be worried, but Jimin
can’t bring himself to talk to anyone. Slow hot tears begin making their way down his cold skin, burning him. Jimin falls asleep like this, his inner turmoil brewing. He doesn’t even wake up when the room service comes with pizza, or when the house phone rings repeatedly.
The next day Jimin wakes up, his face sticky with dried tears. Jimin washes up, in a hurry to get to the beach, to see Jin, and apologise for his stupidity, for taking things too far, then maybe Jimin can go back home in peace.
Jimin is booked on a flight back to Seoul tonight.
Jimin skips breakfast and runs to beach, only to see that his favourite smiling life guard is replaced by someone else. Jimin reaches the other life guard, hoping to get some news out of him.
“Excuse me? Do you know where Jin is?” Jimin asks him, praying for some information.
“I don’t really know. Jin just sent a text saying that he’s not feeling too well, and won’t be coming for a few days.” The life guard says.
“Can I at least have his number? Or an address or just any way of contacting him?” Jimin asks him, desperate, his heart breaking.
“I don’t have any information, but I can give you his number?” The life guard says, and Jimin enthusiastically nods. The life guard probably thinks that Jimin is a crazy stalker, but that’s the last thing on Jimin’s mind right now. The life guard recites Jin’s number.
Jimin quickly notes it down like it’s a text from the holy bible. He thanks the life guard repeatedly and seats himself in a cafe nearby. He quickly texts Jin’s phone, putting all his emotion into it. But there’s no reply. Jimin tries calling Jin over and over again.
But there’s no reply at all. As the time passes, Jimin feels the hope slip away from him. He sits on the shack, waiting for Jin to come, until it’s high time that he leaves for the airport or he’ll miss his flight. Jimin checks out of the hotel, his heart heavy with pain.
When Jimin came to Krabi, he wanted to leave all memories of Jungkook behind, but little did he know that he’ll be taking the memories of a different boy with him. Jimin quietly finishes the airport formalities, and boards his flight home, all the while hoping for a miracle.
He keeps praying that maybe Jin will come running to the airport, tell him he loves him, and maybe sweep him off his feet, but that’s not what happens. Jimin is on his way to Seoul, with a bigger hole in his heart than the one he came with.
3 months later:
It’s been 3 months since Jimin’s come back from Krabi, and if anything, he’s more lost now. Jimin’s friends have been worried sick for him, because no matter how much they ask, he doesn’t tell them anything about his trip. He doesn’t tell them why he’s sad.
Jimin flits about his days, feeling like Bella from twilight, waiting for his Edward to come back. It’s Christmas today, and Jimin is nestled in his room, surrounded by textbooks, as the snow falls down in sheets. Jimin doesn’t have exams or any assignments coming up, but he just
needs a way to occupy himself. Jimin’s phone rings somewhere between the books, and he decides to ignore it. The phone keeps ringing and then shuts up. There’s a second of silence, and then it starts ringing again. Jimin hunts his phone. It’s an unknown number.
Jimin answers the phone, his voice thick from not having spoken from a long time. Jimin’s been extremely quiet since he’s come back, a ghost smile on his face.
“Jimin?” The voice says, and Jimin feels goosebumps rise on his skin.
“Ji- Jin?” Jimin asks, bewildered.
“I’m here Jimin.” Jin says, his voice heavy with emotion.
“I’m in Seoul. I got a job here. Now I can say that I’m worthy of your love.” Jin says, his voice cracking.
“Oh Jin!” Jimin breaths out, not trusting his voice.
“Jimin come meet me? I have something to tell you.”
“Of course. Just tell me the time and place, and I’ll be there.” Jimin says, a tear running down his face. Jin gives him an address of a coffee shop, and asks him to meet him there in an hour. They cut the call with promises of meeting each other soon.
Jimin quickly runs to his dr see, and for the first time in months, he’s excited about something, there’s a genuine smile on his face. Jimin puts on a black turtle neck with a black coat, a pair of jeans and a big fluffy scarf. Jimin gets cold very easily.
He runs out of his room, looking like Flash on a mission. His friends give him weird looks, but no one comments on it, because this is the first time Jimin has looked alive in month. Jimin quickly hails a cab, and reaches the cafe. He’s a little earlier than decided.
But Jimin doesn’t mind waiting. He sits on a booth next to a window. The snow has slowed down, but it’s still very cold out there. Jimin’s heart is beating very fast, a weird giddy feeling running through him. Jin came back for him.
The door to the cafe opens with a ding, and Jin walks in, looking beautiful. He’s wearing a pastel blue coat, a white turtle neck, and jeans. His hair is ruffled with snow, and there one thing Jimin can’t help but notice: he’s wearing a snowflake necklace.
Jin’s eyes are searching for someone, until the land on Jimin. A slow smile spreads on Jimin’s handsome face. He swiftly walks towards Jimin, and hugs him tightly.
“I’m so sorry Jimin.” Jin whispers, still hugging. Jimin hugs back, relishing in Jin’s warmth.
Jimin doesn’t say anything, he motions for Jin to sit opposite. The table is small, and Jin’s lanky form makes it seem smaller. Jimin takes in Jin’s looks, his brain finally having a picture for ‘how would Jin look in the winter’.
“Hi.” Jin breathes, smiling.
“So this is where I explain everything right?” Jin asks, still smiling. Jimin nods, not wanting to open his mouth. Let the pandora box remain closed, or Jimin is sure he’ll start crying and blubbering nonsense like a mental person.
“Lets start with that day at the hotel.
I left because Jimin, I wanted you so bad. In that moment, I wanted to go all the way with you, fuck your tight hole so hard that you’d be mewling my name, but that phone call was a wake up call for me. I felt like I was taking advantage of your mental state. Like I was a creep.
The next day when you messaged me, I just couldn’t bring myself to reply to you. Because I felt like I was not worth you. I was just a life guard, while you are a business student, who has an actual chance at a bright future. I didn’t want to push you into something.
Something that might destroy you, because Jimin you’re better than this. I wanted to run to the airport, to stop you, make you stay, but Jimin I stopped myself. I filled out job applications, and landed myself a job here. I’m not sure if I’m still worth your love, but I’ll try.”
Jin finishes, tears in his eyes.
Jimin doesn’t say anything, but gets up from his chair. Jin feels his heart squeeze. Is Jimin going to leave him? Laugh at his face? Humiliate him? But Jimin walks towards Jin and smashes his lips with Jin’s unsuspecting ones.
Jin kisses back, conveying his immense relief. He can’t believe Jimin would accept him again.
“I’m just a college student you strudel head. You were worth me then, and now you’re on a whole Christian Grey level.” Jimin says, sitting in Jin’s lap, his hands still in Jin’s hair.
“Will you be my boyfriend Jimin?” Jin asks him, their faces barely a breath away.
“You’re already my boyfriend mentally, but sure!” Jimin says, laughing, and kisses Jin. They hug again, and after a long time, everything is right in both their lives.
- The END! -

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