Imagine if you released all that trapped and stagnant energy from the body how much better you would feel.
Treat your addiction to negative emotions the same way you would treat any other addiction. The chemicals of emotional stress are very addictive, if repeated frequently over a long period of time the body will actually crave the experience.
It may take weeks or months to break emotional addictions and create new synaptic connections & neural networks in the brain. Each time you find yourself preparing to react in the old way you have to use your awareness to override the chemical addiction to act habitually.
One of the most important concepts to understand in healing the emotional body is learning how to shorten your refractory period. This is the stage when you are triggered that your brain and body are functioning in fight or flight survival mode.
For example when someone is angry, during their emotional refractory period the brain shuts off being able to process new information. This is why trying to calm someone else down who is angry doesn’t work.
During the emotional refractory period your perceptual filters make you focus only on what conforms with your current emotion. So in other words in that state unless it’s broken you are locked into the same perspective and it gets amplified.
If you can however become aware of what is happening you can do something about it. You can go for a walk, breath, do some sort of somatic activity or energy worn to shorten the period of being “locked in” your emotions. Every time you do this you break the chemical addiction.
When you can shorten the refractory period and THEN come back to the situation not only have you just created new neural networks but you have started to disconnect the old networks. This is a basic teaching in the science of neuroplasticity, the work of changing your brain.
This is why I say other people are essentially irrelevant. If you feel justified in getting angry at someone great, maybe they deserve it. But more importantly you deserve to free yourself from the emotional addictions that is keeping you in self sabotage.
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