I really wish people could see more good films that are not blockbuster/cinema movies. There is a whole world of films beyond the big budget ones.
I guess a lot of us see mostly Hollywood films because they are big. But there is really a whole lot to discover from other countries. Most of the films I will share should be available on Torrent sites
WILD TALES is probably the most entertaining film you will ever see. 6 stand-alone stories all on the themes of violence and revenge. Features one of my fav actors. Eduardo Darin. Everybody I have shared this with loved it.
Joyeux Noel is a true story based on the First World War when the French, Scottish and German soldiers stopped fighting each other to celebrate Christmas Day. It’s such a beautiful film showing humanity during one of the worse times in history.
Mother of George is about a newly married Nigerian couple in Brooklyn who are struggling to get a child. Danai Gurira (Okoye) delivers a very strong performance on this. The cinematography by Robert Bradford is so beautiful. I keep going back to it for inspiration
Timbuktu was directed by one of Africa's greatest filmmakers alive (Abderrahmane Sissako). The setting of this film is Timbuktu (Mali) which is under strict Sharia law in 2012. Extremely good directing and cinematography
About Elly is an Iranian film from one of the greatest storytellers alive. Ashgar Fahardi. It's a story about a group of families who go on a vacation and one of them gets missing. Every storyteller should see all of Farhadi's films
City of god (Brazil)- You haven't seen a good film if you haven't seen this. one of the greatest films ever made. Set in a slum in Rio, this film is loosely based on a true story, we follow a photographer who documents decades of gang violence.
Amores Perros (Mexican) - Alejandro Innaritu is regarded as one of the best film makers alive today. This was his first full length film and tbh, his best. He experiments with narrative showing different people whose lives are connected by an accident
The Handmaiden (South Korean) - A conman plans on marrrying a heiress to steal her interitance. He plants an orphan as her help to assist him in his plan. Beautiful story, excellent costuming, a true spectacle. Check it out
AMOUR (France)- This is a story of love without any messages and aww moments. Made by one of the greatest film makers alive; Michael Haneke. Amour tells the story of an elderly couple and how the man nurses his wife after she suffers from stroke
The Raid Redemption (Indonesia)- The greatest action film ever made. Real martial arts. No CGI. Intense action from start to end. A team of police men are sent to take down a drug lord who lives on the top floor of an apartment building. Poor policemen 😫😫😫
VIVA RIVA (DR Congo) - Riva is a Playboy, hustler who has just made money illegally. He decides to go after the mistress of a top gang leader in the city. With the gang leader, the police and his former boss chasing him, Riva is in biiig trouble
EL AURA (Argentina)- This film is so well written. I like be it for its simplicity In storytelling. A taxidermist who has epilepsy kills someone unexpectedly and finds himself in the middle of a robbery the victim was planning
C’est eux les chiens (They are dogs)- This Moroccan film is about a man who is released after 30 years of being in jail in the middle of the Arab spring. A bored TV crew follows him around the city to find his family and friends wo think he is dead.
Two Days, One Night (Belgium)- A character led role about a want who has to convince 16 co-workers to reject their bonuses so she can keep her job. It's such simple slice of life storytelling. Marion Cotillard is excellent in this 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
The right genre name for my list of films today is "locked room dramas" some of my favorite films are from this genre; because they require skill in writing without scenes, great dialogue and really simple directing. Only few directors can bring such films to life
Sunset Limited (USA) one of the few films I've seen more than once. Written by one of my fav writers Cormac Maccarthy. Mr White brings Mr Black home after saving him from committing suicide. Really intense dialogue on life, family, mortality, ideals nd religion.
12(Russia)- A Russian remake of the American Classic “12 Angry men”. A jury is locked away to decide the fate of a boy accused of stabbing his step-father. All evidence proves the boy is guilty of the crime but one man thinks the boy is innocent. Really well shot film
Conspiracy(Britain)- In 1942, Nazi officials met to discuss how they were going to implement Hitler’s policy to evacuate Jews. Really revealing film about how the worst atrocities committed was planned over refreshments
Reservoir Dogs (USA)- I am a huge fan of Tarantino so I had to add this. Six criminals with pseudonyms and each strangers to the one another come together to plan a robbery. After it goes wrong, the survivors try to figure out the traitor. Textbook film for me.
A man called Ove (Sweden)- This film is about an old retiree who has decided to take his own life. Everything turns around when a new famy moves next door. I loved it for it's very good writing and directing. Real tear jerker here. Funny too
Moolade (Burkina Faso)- Ousmane Sembene is one of the greatest filmmakers to ever live. Moolade addresses the subject of FGM. A group of girls flee the ritual to take refuge in the house of a strong woman who invokes the Moolade curse banning anyone from entering her house.
Mar Adentro (Spain)- Based on a true story of a Spanish poet who is left a quadriplegic after a diving accident. The theme of this film is Euthanasia. Javier Bardem shows class in this film. Kindly check it out.
Adding some few films to this thread. Been a while
Assasisin (China)- Tells the story of a female Assasin who is sent by her master to kill corrupt government officials. It's not your typical action film. Very slow paced with such amazing cinematography. Every photographer should see this video. 100% on visual treatment
Secret in the Eyes(Argentina)-Tells the story of a retired detective trying to investigate a murder case from his past. Great story, good acting, beautiful cinematography. Has one of the most beautiful long takes ever. FYI. Watch the Argentinian film, not American version
Miss Bala (Mexico) - This tells the story of a beauty pageant contestant who is kidnapped by a drug cartel and forced to lead negotiations. Such breathtaking cinematography.
Before Sunrise (USA)- it’s hard to find real slice of life movies in American cinema now like this film. Recommended by @ThisIsTrix it’s a boy meet girl story made with such simplicity and honesty. It’s so beautiful. Watch the other two in the series.
A Prophet (France) - I like to call this a "film Maker's film" Tells the story of a nineteen year old boy who is imprisoned for a crime. Whilst in prison he meets a Kingpin who mentors him. The boy comes out even more dangerous than he was before entering
White Ribbon - Depicts life in a German community before the World War 1. The community witnesses some unexplained crime eventhough it's a deeply religious and politically controlled community. Micheal Heneke won a Palm D'or for this. Definitely a film makers film.
It’s been a while. Updating
Parasite (South Korea) - Loooooved this film. Director Bong Joi -ho also made “Memories if Murder” but his writing in Parasite is exceptional. The film addresses Class Distinction and won Palm d’Or at Cannes and Best Foreign Language at The Golden Globes. Please watch
Everybody Knows - From Iranian filmmaker and one of the best ever, Ashgar Farhadi. It’s a family drama about a little girl who is kidnapped after her family visits her hometown for a wedding. Like every family, there are secrets and unsolved issues. Kindly watch films by Farhadi
Son of Saul (Hungary)- There has been a lot of material on WWII and concentration camps but this by first time director Laszlo Nemes takes us closer to the horrors of that period. Experimental filmmaking at its best. Highly recommend for any storyteller
Updating this thread since everyone has time to see good films
Bahubali 1&2 (India) - This film scores high on storytelling, entertainment, escapism and action. It’s beautiful cinema set in a medieval Indian kingdom about a royal family fued between two brothers. I recommend this if you have sometime this week. Amazing film
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (UK)- This is my favorite work by Guy Ritchie. It’s a gangster films about a young man who decides to rob a gang to pay off his debts to a crime lord. Stylistic filmmaking, great humor and twists and turns. Highly recommend this. 👌🏾
Oldboy (Korea) - A revenge tale about a man who is kidnapped and kept in a room for 15 years with no idea why he was captured or who captured him. This film won Grand Prix at 2004 Cannes film festival. If you are looking for something different to watch, I recommend this
Since we are celebrating Ghanaian cinema this weekend, I should add a couple Ghanaian films I love.
Heritage Africa (Ghana) - This classic by Kwaw Ansah set in colonial Ghanatells the story of a Colonial Officer called Kwesi Atta Ebusumafi who rebrands into Quincy Arthur Bosomfield to serve his English Masters. It addresses African identity and culture. Available on YouTube
Destiny Of Lesser Animals (Ghana): A crime drama about a Detective who wants to escape from Ghana after being deported from America. His fake passport is snatched and his investigations leads him on an unexpected path. (Available on Amazon Prime)
Soddom and Gomorrah: Sharing this in memory of my mentor Godwin Kotey who taught me to develop my short story into this film. Tells the story of the President's son who runs out of his home into a slum in Accra. Unfortunately the Director passed away a few years after.
FREETOWN: Shot in Ghana but based on a true story of 6 Liberian Missionaries who try to escape from Liberia to Sierra Leone during the Civil War. Beautiful cinematography and story. (Available on Amazon Prime)
Sankofa: Shot by Ethiopian Director Haile Gerima. A model having a photoshoot in a castle in Ghana is transported into the past where she is slave. I highly recommend this. Beautiful piece of cinema. (Available on YouTube)
Ghanaians need to beg Leila Djansi to release "I sing of Well". Such beautiful cinema should be available for everyone to see .
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