Hello, UX design hiring managers. I have a question for you.

When reviewing a portfolio of a designer, researcher, or content candidate, what things trigger a red flag or concern for you?
I’m finding it interesting how much variation there is amongst hiring managers.

One manager has very specific things they’re looking for, while another “largely ignores portfolios” because it doesn’t tell them anything useful.
What’s even more interesting is the variation doesn’t seem to be due to the position or the specifics of what the new designer will be hired for. Nobody has mentioned that what they look for changes depending on the specific of the job they’re trying to fill.
Yet, it’s almost impossible for a candidate to identify how to tailor a portfolio to meet the specific idiosyncratic desires of the hiring manager.

You can’t possibly know which type of manager you’re sending your portfolio to.

It seems we’re setting candidates up for failure.
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