Starting a new thread regarding the signifigance of June 27, 2016.

Too many coincidences all tied together that day, yet journalists still fail to tie them together😏
Let's start with Friday June 24, 2016.

John Podesta meets with claire mccombs (c.o.s. to wh counsel) at the white house at 2pm.

At the exact same moment, Obama is at Stanford with Mark Zuckerberg.
That same day (June 24th), Podesta schedules another appointment for monday June 27th.

That appointment also included Mook and Donolin and was made to meet at the Vice Presidents residence.
So on Monday June 27, 2016 Podesta and Mook were meeting with Biden at the VP residence, the VERY same day that Bill Clinton tried to secretly meet with Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix!
But itvwasnt just Biden, Podesta, Donolin, and Mook huddling up. I think someone else was involved too.

Very sneaky of Barry. And lots of freetime that afternoon too.
Now that coincodence is something....but theres more.

Remember that legnthy New Yorker article about Christopher Steele back in March?
So at the same time Podesta meets with mccombs (june 24) and sets up the june 27 obama, biden, mook, donolin, podesta get-together...glenn simpson urgently requests steele give him installment #1 of the dossier?
And Steele responds by urgently having it delivered by personal courier?

Was that cause someone needed it to present to high level folks on June 27, 2016?

Remember reportably mook and podesta got frequent updates...
And thats still not all. I find this really interesting too:

That afternoon (6/27) Guccifer 2.0 seemed awfully interested in finding out about the pending DNC lawsuit in DM's with Cassandra Fairbanks
Its very odd that "guccifer 2.0" was so interested in the rumored lawsuit about to be filed...
So put it all together and answer me these questions:

1) who actually was G2 and who were his puppet masters?

2) Did higher ups know ahead of time on June 24 and arrange the BC/LL tarmac mtg?

3) When did obama first learn about steele and the dodgy dossier?
And given all this:

Who actually gave the DNC emails to wikileaks?

What did Obama know and when did he know it...

Pretty sure fienstein rushing out the Simpson transcript was to make the cabal aware of their talking/points and script to follow.

Nothing is more critical to them than hiding the fact that Obama was "briefed" on the project in June.
But they made too many slip-ups and will be caught in the end. Perjury to protect Obama at all costs. We just need more people to start asking the hard questions.
Elias was the go between the whole time. 😡
Also worth taking a second look at the one person who knew all the ins and outs of both bidens office and the Obama Whitehouse, and what fusion GPS was up to, and could have easily set all this up🤔
Another interesting fact about Shailagh Murray.

In the late 90's she lived and was on assignment in Brussels for the WSJ.

Sound familiar? Think Mary Jacoby, Glenn Simpson.
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