🌻soonhoon - howoo // 순훈 - 호우 🌻
This thread, cost millions. Every little moves they did i catch it 😚

❗Warning : will make you soft, crying, out of breath, heart attack.
I do not take any responsibility for that;
Meanwhile his boy is crying, hoonie finds it adorable and cute.
Yes, that's me, crying in the corner
Soonyoung : *babe pls look at me* *babe pls i'm cute* *scrunching nose* *babe pls!!*
Hoonie : *hold his breath* *we're filming, calm down jihoon* * i can do this* *2 minutes till we finished this goddamn greeting video* *wuuuuftt inner peace*
The legendary, jihoon impersonation. MAMA 2017
180424 The meaningful dinner date in the dorm. Bumzu, i thank you for looking up for them. May god bless you. This off-screen couple, hope you find the light and interact more in front of us 💕
Soonyoung recording his precious bby is forever mood
Can you just get married already?
"i can be happy if you're with me"
It's not just soonie that has 10:10 eyes, i do have those too. Only if i'm looking at you 😊
We stan a tsundere couple 😊
Good old times, together with you.
It's just. Amazing.
Then us, and us now.
Their heart is just too precious too break apart
I love doing everything with you. Together. Forever.
Please hoonie, haemjji is just want a free hug ☹️
Lq soonhoon? Yes, i accept that. Thank you for the hug soon💕
Things will always be the same, including us.
A kiss. Happened. In front of. Everybody. And. We're. All. Dying. From. Happiness. Thanks.
Holiday with you is my favorite thing to do
I lose for you, i fall for you, lee jihoon.
Everytime i see you, i fallen for you again and again
I love spending time with you
I'm here ready to catch every little moves they make ☺️☺️
Adore u
♥Is in the air, it's everywhere
Soonhoon, the promotional couple 😚😍
I want to hug you!!! So ppl now you're mine!!

Shut up soonie, we're in public.
Hoonie thinks his boyfriend is so funny
And youngie thinks the same too.
Soonyoung peeping his boy through the monitor is so cute
Woozi : 'hoshi is my favorite person :)'
The highlight of andromeda 😊
Jihoon travel across the room just to stand beside his haemjji
Another footage of soonhoon having dinner together
So, jihoon just casually sitting between soonyoung legs in ofd but no one seems to care. But hey, don't forget that i'm exist bro^^
A little desc about soonhoon;
- they're off-screen couple.
- bickering on screen but off screen they're really soft.
- hoon is a tsundere (as if every1 don't know 🙄) but soon is overflowing with his love (even though sometimes he hold it back)
- everytime soon makes a joke he always check how his boy react to it.
- meanwhile hoon, can hold his boy if he's going too far (or if he know his boyfriend would probably embarass himself) without hurting him.
- hoon hates skinship, but with youngie he's okay with it.
- they support each others work and respect that.
- hoon likes to play with soonyoung :))
- they share clothes a lot.
- they taking care of each other really well.
- and lastly, they're just in love.
Remember when i said they care for each other? Yes they are.
Can't you see their eyes 😭
Maybe it's a fan service but who knows, maybe they love it too 😋
Soonyoung give a back hug
Woozi : i hate skinship 😣

Also woozi : *pat youngie butt*
Youngie with his signature pose and hoonie with his boyfriend's signature pose.
"i'll take your picture soon"
Hansol : "soonyoung hyung always sleep with jihoon hyung"
Sings their favorite cartoon ost, together.

You can also see how soonyoung check on hoonie when he is doing the *syalalila* thingy with excitement. his boyf just smile and soonyoung decided to calm down >.<
Ah, let's just not forget this moment 😊
Jihoon drank something strange and bad, soonyoung looks concerned.
Halloween with soonhoon
Soonyoung dressed as jihoon, jihoon dressed as soonyoung for halloween 😊

I almost spit my self the first time i see this ehe
Just look at how soonyoung adores him
What hoshi means to you?
Woozi : friend for life haha
What woozi means to you?
Hoshi : my friend ♥
When they win music shows and soonyoung is crying (real hard) jihoon always went to the side where soonyoung stand (to reassure him) but he never gets there because he's also crying

If this is not the most beautiful story then idk what is
Hoshi is woozi's mentor
Hoonie can't see the monitor so he leans towards soonie
He has his hand on Seungkwan but why he leans to soonyoung? (:
How many times did i say that they're an off screen couple?
Idk why he does that but we can't let that pass
They win an awards and all members decided to give hoonie a kiss (it was a mess bc svt has so many members but yea) , soonyoung wait until it comes the last, and he kiss him softly😚 ilove my parents
When they're not in the good terms
Did i post this already? Hmmm
I'm out of words let's just admire it
This is soooooo cute
Hoshi : i love you
Seungkwan : prince
DK (?) : prince
Vernon : *talking*
Woozi : *softly* prince

Note : prince '왕자님' is soonyoung's nickname.
Soonyoung-ah let's stop being wild in front of the fans, we can do it back stage 😉

-your love, hoonie
Hansol and jisoo : "we sleep randomly, there's no roomate"
Hansol : *remembers something* ah, but soonyoung hyung always sleep with jihoon hyung.

Soonyoung : yeah, always
Look at jihoon behind he's so smol
He really love him
Tbh this episode was so funy lmao
Hoshi "my long time friend, jihoonie ❤️"

Um excuse me kwon hoshi? A friend?? Idk what to belive
This is another soft soonhoon. Also one of my favorite moments
They really had a nerve to sit on each other's lap in front of the camera? Forget when i said they're off-screen couple
"can you promise to love me forever?"

"of course, my love"
We train and work together for a long time. That's why we're close.
You did that? In front of my face? Yes please, do more.
Jihoon behind soonyoung and soonyoung behind jihoon.
Rehearsal together with soonhoon♡
They're half a sleep >.< pledis pls don't over work them.
Soonhoon eat aggressively. I'm not saying they eat each other aggressively too but who knows rite? 🙄
What a great scenery to look at
*Seungcheol solo dance* but then soonyoung called jihoon "wooziiii!" and jihoon dance towards his bf.

And they dance together.
Soonhoon in change up mv and in the making.
Going seventeen with soonhoon♡ i love this gay shit
Predebut soonhoon, they dance together 😆
When they win 3 times in a row in Immortal Song 2 Special Jo Young Pil 💕 congratulations!!
Soonyoung, you need to calm down uwu
Since Immortal song performance will be legendary. I'm going to put soonyoung and jihoon's part here

Soonyoung part-
Jihoon actually sings more than this but 1. My wifi can't cooperate with me. 2. It's the same part as soonyoung. That's why i cut it there; i'm sorry guys

Jihoon part-
Jihoon : *talking*
Soonyoung : *listen carefully* *eyes are sparkling* *adoring his man* 😳😚
Jihoon got impressed 😂
Jihoon : here we go another act that he'll regret later
"I adore hoshi." - woozi
The ultimate promotional couple 💕
Jihoon looking at his boyfriend fondly
I believe this was from their pre-debut stage??
Shoot me with your love baby
Soonyoung got caught cheating on jihoon with wonu. Poor baby.
I love supporting boyfriend uwu

p.s. y'all should appreciate soonyoung's voice better
Soonhoon dance battle but more like they want to dance together
Date together ❤️
Hoshi was asked what little thing that made him happy? Then he told them he recently lost his watch but after he eat he feels happy again and not stressed about his watch anymore.
Then, woozi ask him 'really?'
It seems like he doesn't know a thing 😊 (that hoshi lost his watch)
*the cola enters*
Seungkwan: ah woozi hyung must be like this.
Dino: let's take a picture
Hoshi: *pose* *take a selfie*

I'll patiently wait until seungkwan kind enough to feed us with soonyoung's pict that he send to jihoon 😊
We know he like both of them; soonyoung and cola
*whisper* *whisper*
Sushi lover jihoon & soonyoung

JH: hoshi really like sushi a̶n̶d̶ ̶w̶o̶o̶z̶i̶
SC: Back then the kids are crazy about sushi. When recording at dawn they'll definitely order sushi
JN: Right right woozi and hoshi!
SC: They keep on eating sushi

I know i think i already upload this but this is an update to soonyoung's answer from the question;

What jihoon means to you?

Then ; mY PREcIOuS FriEND!!
Now ; My OLD FrIENd, jIHOONi♥

When will he stop friendzoned his own boy 🙄
The second one it's not an answer but an update. However, i still consider that the same since they both got the same feeling~
Minghao - dino - ♡soonhoon♡ - junhui
We're blessedt ♡♡ jihoon i see u 👀
On today's stage i found out jihoon always sticking with his boy
Not just in dream concert, but also in jo young pil's concert;;;

Soonyoung hyping the audience and after he check on jihoon. Jihoon smiled, gave him 'you did great' look and they nod together icri
Soonyoung scrunching his nose and jihoon just- hahhaha ♡
I love maroon and i love soonhoon 💕
Jihoon :) is :) smiling :) while :) looking :) at :) soonyoung :)
Happy soonhoon day!! 🎉
Let's hope our ship sailing hard this year and so on.

If you say soonhoon is only one side love, tell me again now
The legendary fanmeet
Jo young pil's concert, in the rain, together♡
I've been loving you for a long time
Soonyoung was dancing but of course jihoonie can't let him dance alone c:
Low quality pic but high quality content
'I need to kiss him you say? Hell yes i would'
♡ soonhoon¬clap ♡
Attending graduation together~
I can see soonyoung smiling from the back too^^
Soonyoung got compliment from his member and couldn't hide his feeling from getting too happy.

Jihoon laugh at him 😌
I love my parents💓
So soonhoon eat together (again) amd send this picture to bumzu hyung to tempted him😭😭😭 how can i live after this 😭
I'm running out of words♡
Stop being so obvious soonhoon 😊
I love this love and hate relationship
Travel with boyfriend ♥
If i live beside you, i can live forever
Yoon Jeonghan the biggest soonhoon supporter
I'm going to update videos i found on yt. I don't own any of these. Cred to the vid maker. 😚
Soonyoung hug jihoon tightly 😳
What are they even doing lmaoo and bonus ft. Junhao at the back 🤣
svt greeting with soonhoon ♡
I have no idea what they're talking about but can't we focus on soonhoon? :')
Jihoon listen to him very well and their face is SO CLoSE omg
Soonyoung is so whipped. He also explain very detail wich food that jihoonie like you can tell that they know each other very well.
Meanwhile jihoon really admire soonyoung for his work and how much dedication that he put into the group.
The day when all of us, soonhoon shippers are finally breathing happily.

Thursday, May 31 2018.
[17'S HOSHI] ❤️
Jihoon was teaching dino, hansol, seungcheol and soonyoung new choreo. Then, soonyoung get it very quickly.

The first one he said "ah, as expected (hoshi)" <handfive>
A while after that he said "that's why i like you"
Do y'all even forget this fancam where sooonhoon playing this clap thingy in front of the fans??
The screen only showing hoshi and dk playing cards, but behind it there's woozi giggles throughout the video :) he always happy seeing soonyoung's joke and act
One of my favorite soonhoon gif
Oof jihoon i see you
Idk if i already drop it here or not but 😳

Soonyoung is supposed to be in another room but he showed up to jihoon's karaoke room with sweats all over him and ofc, jihoon laughed at him.
I love the way jihoon look at soonyoung
Another legendary moment when we're all dead
They really have their own world :))
They played this game on andromeda broadcast where they need to ask each other question really fast then soonyoung just suddenly ask "where's jihoon?"
K-carat made this compilation of seventeen choreography but guess what?? Soonhoon always together.

👀I'm not saying that the choreographer <you know who> made this intentionally but that's exactly what i said 👀
The one wearing yellow is hoshi, the blue is woozi 😂 i'm not gonna say anything since you can see it already 😂😂
Jihoon out of nowhere poke soonyoung's cheek then seungcheol joined the play but it turns to be violence joke(?) hajahhsh i can't even breath
This is from 2013, seventeen hasn't debut yet. But "shoot me and go / bring it" has made it's appearance on this video.

*bickering with sy*
??? : shoot me and go
Jihoon : *giggles*
??? : *point out a "gun"*
??? : "sswa" <means "shoot">
Jihoon : *giggles*
??? : "shoot me and go"
Hoshi confess to Woozi in japan debut showcase. If this isn't the cutest idk what is
I've never seen woozi touch hoshi this much?!?!??
Also, to clear everything.. The video before is not a choreo, they're just playing around 😳
I have whole minute of these but i don't think you want to see it all 😬
Soonyoung "feed" jihoon 💕
Fun fact : both jihoon and soonyoung can't eat spicy food.
Let's bring back when Woozi say something cheesy he couldn't help it and cuddled his face to Hoshi :))
Soonyoung takes care of Jihoon really well.

Sy : *silently giving him popcorn*
Jh : ah, thank you thank you

Jh : the popcorn was so good can i have more?
Sy : seokmin can you bring him popcorn?

Some part got cut but that happened 😊
Instead of coming out continue his broadcast hoshi went inside woozi's room 👀
Woozi and Hoshi has their own song: 달빛 천사 ost

WZ : *sing passionately*
HS : This song really connects me with him. Ah, we talk about this and get along very well! I didn't know there's connection between Busan and Namyangju.
Woozi : *grab a toy*
*pokes Hoshi*
Hoshi : *ignoring*
Woozi : 😔😔 *goes back to his room*
Jihoon ask Soonyoung to have a secret little rendezvous? 👀 Pt. 1
Jihoon (again) ask Soonyoung to get out of the room 😳😳 the secret little rendezvous Pt. 2
The way soonyoung wake jihoon up is so slow and lovely. If you watch the whole video you would know how he treated him differently.


SY : jihoon-ah~ you need to wake up now
JH : umm i know~ ah i don't need to go now aaahahhahhah
SY : hahahhshs

He listened to him very thoroughly, staring at him, saying 'yes' repeatedly, while patting his boy's back, and nodded numerous times.

then soonyoung compliment his hair "your hair looks pretty today." *tidying it up* "thank you" *smiles*

I died.
WZ : "to me, these guys are my querencia."

*querencia : a place where one felt safe and renew himself. // a place in which we know exactly who we are. The place from which we speak our deepest beliefs. // a place where one feels at home.
HS : "i am your precious friend you punk"
He never let him breath istg
Why does jihoon looks so happy uwu
Soonyoung is so fond of him
Looking at you is my favorite thing to do - kwon soonyoung
Soonhoon wedding is coming up y'all
soonhoon this week is a blessing
I love my parents😭😭
These all giggles caused by hoshi. How adorable is that 😚 https://twitter.com/Jihoondaily/status/1007124812085383173/video/1
Why they always do something when i'm out?!??
Jihoon sitting on Soonyoung’s lap 😳
Soonhooon has matching hoodie and they both wear it during their bday vlive!! Isn't it the cutest? uwu
I barely see this but gladly someone notice this. Woozi leaning his head to hoshi 💖
See the mirror? Soonyoung stands in front of jihoon!!
Another pics i just found huhuu why can't i discover this earlier :'))

I love soonhoon so much i feel like dying :( i want them to be happy
Soonhoon at ISAC 💞💞💞
I know you wanna kiss him so bad soonyoung!!
The love each other don't try to change my mind!!
Going Seventeen never disappoint me 😭😭😭💗
Idk why but i can't add videos here, i'll attach the tweet. I'm sorry 😭
Jihoon hold himself not to squish soonyoung in front of the fans :) good job baby
My love 😭😭😭
I only found this a while ago they're soo cute 😭😭
Soonyoung "i really want him come to my team"
What is that 🕵️‍♂️
Soonyoung saved jihoon as "hun" on his phone >.<
He dodge it but half hugging him, i get it jihoon i get it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I already tweeted this but i forgot to add it here 😭 i'm sorry
Soonhoon in magazine💗💗
H : that movie
W : what?
H : (bewildered) what?
W : eh..?
H : (realised) ahh..

Seungkwan : woozi can you shut him up please?
W : you drink this (reach water bottle, shut hoshi with water)
Bring it stage🎤💗
Soonyoung is so whipped 😂
This is one of my fav pict of them
Open for surprise
Sadly until now, we didn't get any fancam of this moment :')
Jihoon choose himself an outfit for a date and soonyoung suddenly confessed "jihoonie looks good"
During ment, they stick together
Jihoon : *pushed soonyoung* *grabs his waist* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A better picture of top soonyoung
When jihoon sing a birthday song, soonyoung knows him well and smiled fondly then say "he's not used to this :))" i love his awkwardness hahhaah
Soonyoung loses his shit again and jihoon laughing out
Bting it stage 🎉 our powerful couple is here
Even though i kinda dissatisfied for their skinship on their duet but i'm happy because they really can portray the 'leaders' charisma on bring it and show us how they depend on each other so much that they didn't even need to look at each other when they want to shoot some one.
Back to the soft soonhoon
Idk if i already put this up or not :/
All of this little skinship they had, surprisingly is coming from the cold one :)
Did you see that?

DK : kwon hoshi!
W : *smirks*
There's only jihoon in soonyoung's eyes
Soonhoon in call call call dance practice video *grabs butt*
I'm dropping the most powerful video this whole year, the one that we anticipated the most : Bring it stage by soonhoon.
What drama is this hjshaha
They're alive 😭😭
Soonhoon ost eighteen 😭 this couple keeps making new project together i love geniuses 💗👏
This is 6 in the morning and i'm eating good 😭😭😭
There's a gap between jihoon and seungkwan but jihoon doesn't left any space with soonyoung their butt stuck together 😭😭
Going Seventeen means another soonhoon moments 🔥🔥 we finally get to ser soonhoon bring it practice video 😭😭
I love hardworking couple <3
H: can i add growling here?
W: just do whatever you want
H: i want it to sound like tiger
W: yeah just do whatever you want

Then jihoon is jamming to touch, saying he want the sound to be more weak and he did body rolls IS THIS FOR THE SONG OR IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT LEE JIHOON??!
Jihoon is very kind and ask soonyoung if he's satisfied or not with the recording and he patiently wait for him to get ready and record again;;; he asked soonyoung if he really wants to put the growling part and he did all he want :')) he's so considerate i love him
W: how was it? You like it? Ah you want it like this?
H : yeah it's good
W : oh i get it, just do it like this. Do yoi want to add hey! At the back?
H : yeah
W : okay

I feel so bad english can't express how soft jihoon was. The way he express his words is so soft and careful;;
I feel like dying
Why they always together in literally the WHOLE choreo

JH : who's the sexy and who's the cool?
H : woozi is sexy and i'm his husband
H : honey~
W : ah go away 😳

It's been a year and this never gets old. Soonhoon rise! 🎉💗
Istg soonyoung is so whipped 😂💗 https://twitter.com/exhosh/status/1018439154651164672/video/1
Woozi talked about his expression on different versions of the album but hoshi can't even look at him, only look at the camera laughing softly and feel somehow shy.

It's the exact reaction when jihoon does aegyo a while back. He's so fond of him 💗
Woozi on top ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
EXCUSE ME?????????!!
Good thing happened today 💗
They're together in the whole choreo 😭😭😭
Fanchants together too 😭💗
They opened it with jihoon and close it with soonyoung 👏 i love talented soonhoon couple https://twitter.com/svtfairynice/status/1018803951750168576/video/1
Haemjji with his lover uwu
I was attacked.
I really love the b side track not just because it's good but the choreo makes me go ✈️ soft all the time;;n
They're a bunny couple 🐰❤️
Jihoon touch him to check the time;;;
/jihoon is a tsundere/

also jihoon

/makes a first move/
Idk why everytime jihoon dance soonyoung also dance with him, jihoon also never let soonyoung dance alone 😭❤️ https://twitter.com/svt13_hd/status/1019556366451499008/video/1
Annyeong 👋
Crazy in love = song made for soonhoon
I'm such a cheap soonhoon trash
Pouting pouting is one of soonhoon's habit
Jihoon brought soonyoung's cake 😭😭😭
Soonyoung feel the need to look at his love 😭♥️
OP : hoshi's ideal summer date?
H : turn on the air con and stay at home

cr: smaienkgo28

Why it sounds like summer date with jihoon since they didn't like to go out 🤔
Jihoon doesn't move lol
It just happened in 0.000001s
Confirmed by soonhoon : woozi is a shiro.

Both jihoon and soonyoung admit that jihoon also wild predators an 'angry shiro' 👀👀
Is he jealous 😂😂
Is this halloween yet
Starry night-nim save my life 😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗
Look at those quirky little smile 😭
I luv them so much 💞
"you can't touch me but i can touch you" - ljh
No one comes after soonhoon to that side they all went to the other side hmmm what's your thinking it's probably the same as mine
They're so playful today 😭😭😭
It supposed to be soonyoung focus but i refused!!! It's soonhoon focus!! https://twitter.com/Jihoondaily/status/1021172381958647809/video/1
They're the cutest couple 😭

Cr. sam
I found the video too the previous pic 😭😭 we're being well fed soonhoonist!!
They pointed out the high five that they did in the bring it performance 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hoshi is a gentleman
Fansitenim finally released the hd 😭 let's cry together
They look like chaebol that just got married lmao
Soonhoon's height difference is so perfect
Congratulations on the first win our hard working couple!!!🎊🎉
We being fed well soonhoonist :')
This time jihoon upload it not soonyoung 😭 it's the first time he upload picture under [17'S 우지] with other member and the first person to do that he choose soonyoung ;;;n
Soonhoon throughout era
Kwo- kwon soonyoung.........
I'm still waiting for the last pic until starry night release the hd 😭

Bless everyone, i love soonhoon so much💗
He said he doesn't know aegyo lmao soonhoon is the aegyo king!!!
Real question: why jihoon is so clingy these days????!
Why i never seen this before😭
Thank you for releasing this masternim 😭😭😭😭
우리의 새벽은 낮보다 뜨겁다
Yes soonhoon tea is burning hot tonight 🔥🔥 https://twitter.com/jihoooni1122/status/1023198995110187010/video/1
Why is he like this why jihoon being soft all of the sudden
IF YOU WANT TO LEAN JUST LEAN YOU COWARD https://twitter.com/h6151122/status/1022433190223343616/video/1
OP said Hoshi always listen to OhMy guide ver by Woozi before he sleep 😭💗

Perhaps i died
More pictures from different angles uwu
Before the recording start jihoon already on his position but suddenly soonyoung grab his collar and drag him to the correct position and they moved together;;;; jihoon smile while they moved hahhahaha
I see u jihoon
Since some of y'all said they're married let's bring this back 💗
The staff told jihoon to sit beside soonyoung;;;

eye contact > pretend it didn't happened > see soonyoung drink > jihoon grab water too
He can't stop smiling looking at jihoon 😭
Reason why we shouldn't give soonyoung camera : he only shoot what he want. There's other member there but he focus on jihoon only lmao
MC : if you can enter other team, wich team you want to enter?
H : aahh, i want to be in vocal team

MC : other than hoshi, is there any member than do well in other team too?
H : woozi! He used to be in performance team. Let's show them woozi!!

He always need to hype his boi
Carat : how to differentiate hoshi and woozi?
H : mmm.. Our name is also different. My eyes is more-
M : smaller?
H : *sulk* ah not smaller >.< our hair color! My hair color is a little bit lighter than him umm...

He's also having a hard time pointing out what's different lol
Soonyoung and jihoon showed their Japanese skills 😂😂 they're really a bunch of weirdo
Focus on jihoon!!

He tried to snap the chopstick like soonyoung but he can't so he just laugh it of hsjahhaha what a cutie
"who always get the choreo wrong?"

W : hoshi always get it wrong even though he's the choreographer
H : i made the choreo (for myself), but i also wrote other member part so sometimes it makes me confused
S : yeah that's just an excuse

Seungkwan you don't need to expose him 😂
Both jihoon and soonyoung help dino without any word. The true kind hyung :')
What's the name of bring it unit?

H : 호우주의보!!
W : HoWoo

They don't know soonhoon thanks god :))
They both choose citrus floral green as their scent 😭 the perfume color is also similar. Soonhoon can't be more obvious. I believe they planned this beforehand!!
This thread is getting so long :( i have a hard time scrolling down.

Calling all of my soonhoonist moots to help me decide!!

Soonhoon thread pt 2 will be linked here if it wins

#soonhoon #howoo #hoshi #woozi
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