This manual is a lesson in how the CIA twisted Maoist practice against socialist revolutions in Latin America.
"creating an opinion favorable to [US imperialist color revolution] [...] making it understood that the Sandinista regime is [...] *imperialistic*"
"the struggle for national sovereignty against Soviet-Cuban imperialism"
what a shocking similarity in section (e) on political cadres to the role pisspig played in "Rojava"
this also unsurprisingly fits the White Helmets model
... basically ISIS
and a prefiguration of literally all the rhetoric used against the Syrian Arab Republic
Clearly they haven't changed this playbook much in Nicaragua and Venezuela, given recent events.
"The source of basic recruitment will be the same [class] [...] toward whom the psychological campaign is directed, such as [...] students, professionals"

"The selection of personnel is more important than the training."
"show, don't tell" makes a cameo
"peasants are dumb, make sure to talk down to them"
Here's the CIA openly praising Nazi "fifth column" strategies.
Followed by a detailed description of said strategies.
there's the "at arm's length" approach that lets the CIA continue to use AQ and ISIS as fronts while denying they have anything to do with them
Anyone have a resource on the local organization of GLADIO stay-behind cells?
"so and so, who is a farmer, said that members of his cooperative believe that the new economic policy is absurd, poorly planned and unfair to the farmers" -- HOW many times have we heard these generic, anonymous quotes?
Oh look, the "popular backlash" so common to color revolutions.
"These preconditioning campaigns will be aimed at the [petty-bourgeoisie and lumpenproletariat]" - in other words the exact same populations that Marx considered reactionary and dangerous to the proletariat.
"aimed at conditioning the people's thinking for the decisive moment, at which point they will turn to general violence."
"bread and butter"
oh and can't forget that most fascist of fascist slogans, GOD, COUNTRY AND DEMOCRACY
Tactics of agitators, from the CIA playbook:
"clubs, iron bars, placards, and if possible, small arms"
"so as to provoke riots or shootings which may cause the death of one or more persons who would become martyrs"
Cheerleaders: "we don't want communishm" (sic)
"Mixing members of the struggle with participants in the demonstration will give the appearance of a spontaneous, undirected manifestation, which will be used by the agitators of the struggle in order to control the behavior of the masses."
The appendix goes into specific oratory strategies, to wit:
the CIA literally weaponized irony
and of course these propagandist goons are masters of insinuation
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