1. With all of the talk about #RussianCollusion and #Hacking of the DNC. I’m mindful to note that no one has DENIED the CONTENT of the hacked emails. It is the CONTENT that disturbs people - but all the leftist MSM cares about is that @Wikileaks had access to that content
2. There has been little to no discussion of the #SpiritCooking references. Only a very cursory glance at the FACT that the emails contained proof that Hillary CHEATED in the debates and that the primary votes were rigged in her favour
3. They don’t even care about the fact that @wikileaks categorically denied that their source had ANYTHING to do with the Russians at all, and hinted that it was most likely #SethRich
4. The only thing the MSM cares about is that Hillary somehow lost the election and that Trump wasn’t supposed to win. So the only possible explanation is that #Trump cheated somehow and that the American people didn’t do what the media told them to do.
5. So now, they will use every means necessary to make sure that there is a constant cloud over the Presidency, and that they will continue to promote as much negativity about Trump as possible. Even going so far as to sue everybody
6. In some ways this whole thing comes down to bigotry. Trump and his followers are unsophisticated and crass enough to believe in the American Dream - something the “progressive” sees as being old fashioned and somehow backward thinking.
7. It reminds me of the time when a certain ruling elite refused to consider the idea that a group of “colonials” could possibly know how to look after their own country and their own interests. This truely is a #NewAmericanRevolution and a #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
8. The elites will fight this tooth and nail because it destroys their dream of a #OneWorldGovernment and a complete #NewWorldOrder . This is no longer about left vs right. This is about #WeThePeople vs the #NWO and it’s gonna get ugly.
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