It is Korean activists — not Trump — who brought about this historic breakthrough, by impeaching right-wing President Park and bringing in a more left-wing government that was open to peace negotiations.

Trump and Pence tried to sabotage the peace process
. @SimoneChun: "Without massive, massive support and mobilization [in Korea] for peace and democracy, I really don't think that we would be at this moment here in history"
After the US killed 20% of North Korea's population—but still lost the war—it prevented a peace treaty from being negotiated.

Then the US blatantly violated the armistice and illegally brought nukes onto South Korean soil.

It was the US that prevented peace in Korea for so long
Heart-warming video of North and South Korean families reuniting after being separated for decades.

This is a huge victory for Korean peace activists, despite US attempts to sabotage the peace efforts at every turn.
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