How will history remember Trump?

“The narrative that will become widely understood is that Donald Trump did not sit atop a global empire. He was not an intuitive genius and tough guy who created billions of dollars of wealth through fearlessness. He had a small, sad operation…”
One day we will look back at this thread and wonder how as of April 2018, Donald Trump was STILL insisting there was no collusion between the Trumps and Russians.
How did Donald Trump stay out of federal prison from the 1970s until he became President?

How will history remember Trump’s business partners?
How did Ivanka and Don Junior avoid criminal indictment in 2012?

How did Guiliani know Comey was about to announce reopening the Clinton investigation a few days before the 2016 election?
Trump legacy: “What a wealthy and powerful person faced with a legal impediment to moneymaking is supposed to do is work with a lawyer to devise clever means of subverting the purpose of the law.”

Written May 2017 and relevant now:
The Trump administration now is a lot like Enron at its peak. The penny will soon drop.

“How you respond will define your careers, for some it may define whether you even have careers in the future. Or freedom. Or reputations. Time to wake up.”

Remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

When we need hope, also remember the words of Alyssa Milano:
Mahatma Gandhi also said:

“First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win.”

History has its eyes on us. Do something:
Is anyone else feeling exhausted lately?
Patience is not waiting. Patience is ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. Doing things right takes time.

If you need inspiration, see this GREAT graphic comparing Team Mueller to other recent investigations:
To understand all of the #TrumpRussia connections, give the Trump Russia Tracker a whirl:
To understand all of the lies that Donald Trump has told while President of the United States of America, give the Trump Fact Checker a whirl:
NY AG sued Trump and his Foundation for “extensive unlawful political coordination… repeated and willful self-dealing."

“At Trump’s behest, the [Foundation] illegally provided extensive support to his 2016 presidential campaign."
To understand Trumps, we must understand money laundering.

Trumps launder money through charity:

Through real estate too:

Trumps launder money through banks:
If “Not Voting” was a candidate, it would win most U.S. elections.
The Trump brand stands for:

1. Separating Families

2. Children in Cages

3. Worshipping Putin

4. Killing Affordable Healthcare

5. Dirty Air and Dirty Water

6. Tariffs aka TAXES

7. Increasing National Debt

8. Insider Trading

9. Legalizing Asbestos?!
Robert Mueller understands what happens when law enforcement becomes a tool of oppression and cruelty.

Robert Mueller appreciates history.
Crimes President* Trump may have committed:

* Obstruction of Justice

* Witness Tampering

* Conspiracy to Defraud the United States

* Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud


What else?
Republicans in Congress KNOW they have oversight obligations, and for almost 2 years they have abdicated those responsibilities.

They really don’t care. Do U?
Republicans on the Hill will NEVER find backbones.

Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Devin Nunes, and Dana Rohrabacher all behave like they are compromised, and no other GOP Congressperson cares.

Our only option is to VOTE THEM ALL OUT.
Truth matters.

“The US is experiencing a deep epistemic breach, not just in what we value, but in who we trust… what we believe exists, is true, has happened and is happening.”

Men who hurt women should not be placed in positions of power.

We now know:

1) Fred & Donald Trump worked together to defraud our US government for DECADES.

2) Donald is so bad at business that Fred bailed him out MANY times.

Someone should put Robert Mueller’s sentence...

“Senior government leaders should be held to the highest standards.”

...on a poster and hang it in the Oval Office so Client-1 can enjoy it.
President* Trump has adopted a Russia-centric worldview.

Does it seem “very odd, very strange, for Americans to continuously go to Russia” to anyone else??
Most Americans: Please stop the #TrumpShutdown because no one should be hurting.

Trump Supporters: “He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”
“Never, ever give up. Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it, go over it, go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.”

— Donald Trump 2004
“Suggestion from source close to TRUMP and MANAFORT that Republican campaign team happy to have Russia as media bogeyman to mask more extensive corrupt business ties to China and other emerging countries.”
— Steele Dossier
Feeling uncertainty or doubt about President* Trump and his associates interacting with Russians in 2016?

Watch @HouseIntel Chair Adam Schiff recap all facts we now know to be true:
“Are we prepared as a society to define Trump’s conduct as unacceptable for a president? Are we prepared to accept the consequences and risks of doing so? And are we prepared to accept the consequences and risks of not doing so?”
“[Mueller Report] evidence does indicate that a thorough FBI investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and President* personally that the President* could have understood to be crimes or that would give rise to personal or political concerns.”
Disinformation works:

🍄 69% of Foxists don’t worry about future Russian interference

🍄 50% of Foxists say Mueller report clears President* Trump

🍄 73% of Fox News consumers approve of President* Trump
All the obstruction IS collusion:

“FBI’s principal interest in obstruction was not as discrete criminal fact pattern but as a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT.”

It was ALWAYS about Russia.
“If we had confidence that President* Trump clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”
— Robert Mueller

Evidence to charge Trump with multiple felony counts:
“There were multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election.”

“Charging the President* with a crime is not an option we could consider.”

Those two lines are from the press conference statement Robert Mueller made on May 29 — OVER A MONTH AGO:
“I don't know what it means to be complicit, but I hope time will prove that I have done a good job and much more importantly, that my father's admin is the success that I know it will be.”
— Ivanka Trump
“If the president* is a rapist, it should have scream-from-the-mountaintops importance. Both because of the fact itself, and because of the unacceptable message it sends to the nation if we don’t treat it as critically important.”
President* Trump’s legacy is his encouragement of the cruel rape culture of his ICE and his Border Patrol BY DOING NOTHING.

“When you see those 2 tanks sitting there remember someone, probably several someones, RISKED THEIR CAREERS to prevent tanks from rolling down the streets of DC.”


#Lights4Liberty ✨
“I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russia. I will say this, I don't see any reason why it would be."
— President* Trump, Helsinki summit, July 2018
"Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter. The uproarious laughter between the two and they’re having fun at my expense."
— Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Leahy: "You've never forgotten that laughter?"
“Again, we’re focused on cryptocurrency.”
This is what racism looks like. #RacistPresident
“Everybody [who is not poor] SHAME ON YOU at this point. ENOUGH!! THIS IS WHERE YOU STAND UP, and if you don’t, YOU OWN IT!!”
— Donny Deutsch
“Your campaign this time around, if foreigners, if Russia, if China, if someone else offers you information on opponents, should they accept it or call the FBI?”

INDIVIDUAL-1: “I think maybe you do both.”
President* Trump believes that “Only 11% in favor of starting ridiculous impeachment hearings.”

Are you in favor of starting impeachment hearings?
“President* Trump has tweeted more than 43,000 times. He is insulted thousands of people… but when he tweets about infestation, it’s about black and brown people.”

President* Trump is an existential threat to our lives.

President* Trump and his cult are dangerous threats to the future of our nation and world because of their hatreds.

President* Trump’s movement betrays our country’s values.
“These were written answers given by the President* of the United States to federal investigators...


Don't we deserve better from an American President*?”

Yes we do, @RepValDemings.

Congressman Ken Buck, Republican from Colorado, asked:

"Could you charge the President with a crime after he left office?"

Mueller replied clearly: “YES.”
“I’m the least racist person there is anywhere in the world.”
— President* Troll, July 30 2019
“America should be a country for ALL its people. If multiracial democracy cannot be defended in America it will not be defended… What Americans do now… will define us forever.”
"I've known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side."
— President* Trump in 2002
Why did Mueller not subpoena President* Trump?

Because in the Mueller Report, they already have enough evidence of President* Trump’s intent to commit crimes.
“If Donald Trump were in virtually any other position of responsibility, action would already be under way to remove him from that role.”
Ivanka says she got her “moral compass” from her dad.

Trump’s “morality” is skin-deep; her father defines a moral person as someone who is polite TO HIM:

“My parents didn’t tolerate… Rudeness,” said Ivanka in 2016 in Malvern PA:
"Saudi Arabia pays CASH."
— President* Trump

Said a week after Individual-1 tried to meet WITH THE TALIBAN IN THE U.S.

Is there anything President* Trump WON’T do for CASH?
What HASN’T President* Trump done?

🔹 Perjury of oath
🔹 Abuse of authority
🔹 Bribery
🔹 Intimidation
🔹 Misuse of assets
🔹 Failure to supervise
🔹 Dereliction of duty
🔹 Unbecoming conduct
🔹 Refusal to obey a lawful order
Chairman Adam Schiff: When your investigation looked into these matters, numerous Trump associates lied to your team, the Grand Jury, and to Congress?

Special Counsel Mueller: A number of people we interviewed in the investigation, it turns out, did lie.
Jeff Mason, Reuters: "What did you want President Zelensky to do about Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter?”

President* Trump: “Are you talking to me?”
“I need you to do us a favor though.”
— President* Trump abusing presidential power to coerce Ukraine and our adversary China into benefiting himself personally and interfering in our 2020 U.S. election
President* Trump STILL cannot explain:

🔹 Why Trump’s campaign had many Russian contacts
🔹 Why they were happy to meet
🔹 Why they never called FBI
🔹 Why they lied about it so much
“That’s why we held up the money… I have news for everybody: Get over it. There’s going to be political influence in foreign policy.”
— Mick Mulvaney confessing quid pro quo
President* Trump committed extortion and bribery against Ukraine, helping Russia.

Are Congress critters who cover up for him now, accessories to those crimes?
“It is illegal for ANY person to solicit, accept, or receive ANYTHING OF VALUE from a foreign national in connection with a US election.”
— FEC Chair Ellen L. Weintraub
"This is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves.”
— national treasure Fiona Hill
High crime timeline:

Jul 25 — Trump offers bribe for favor
Aug 12 — Whistleblower files report
Sep 9 — Congress sees report
Sep 9 — Trump gaslights I WANT NOTHING
Sep 10 — Bolton bolts
Sep 11 — Aid released
President* Trump is relying on ‘20 treasons are better than 1.’ If you can no longer deny a crime, boast about it, try to normalize it. That's why the law must be the law, not politics.
— Garry Kasparov
61% of women favor impeachment. If the mid-term elections taught us anything, it's that women not only vote, they drive results up and down ballot.
— Joyce White Vance
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