Changmin spotted reading a book about the impact of hate directed toward minorities. He liked a mosque picture on instagram . He said that he likes curvaceous women, talked to a jobless fan to not push herself and it's not her fault. This man is beautiful from head to toe.
I'm always deeply in love with his wise words ♥️
A book about women of history was spotted in his reading space. Reason why I appreciate Changmin sharing with us his reads because it will never fail to show more how much wise and thoughtful he is. I love this man so much ;;
I mentionned in this thread that Changmin liked a mosque picture before. For all who are asking, he liked shim jaewon (sm performance director) picture of the 'blue mosque' in Turkey.
Few seconds of Changmin with baby goats to make your day better. Almost of the times, I lose words while telling why I love changmin so much. But this is one of the moments when words are not needed to see how this man gives love and care whenever he goes.
I'm referring to this book in this thread.
I live for his manners ;;
Changmin has been an idol since the age of 15. Fame and money are blindful things at some point. But look at him keeping the same manners whatever the situation he was in, this man was well educated to begin with and he has grown up to to be faithful to that 💕
This man is way more than just a singer/idol. He's an inspiration. I love him so much ㅠ.ㅠ
“I'll keep doing what I need to do in order for children in need to grow beautifully without pain.”

May 2018: 55 million won on Children Day.

July 2018: 50 million because of summer heat.

December 2018: 50 million won as Christmas gift.

I love you beautiful man 😭❤
Changmin is well aware of global nature matters. I guess he grows up caring about it. No wonder that this came from the same young man who volunteered with his father in the cleanup of the beaches in Taean following South Korea's worst oil spill in history in 2008.
During one of 'moonlight prince' episodes when they asked him to choose who he likes more between the female guests. He has chosen a curvaceous woman among all and this was his answer. Changmin always transfers considerate messages between thd lines 😭💜
Changmin liked/commented an ig post donating for girls who afford buying pads. A book abt femals of history spotted in his reading corner. He said that he likes curvaceous women and believes there're many ones who arent affected with others views.

I love my feminist man.
I can't forget this too. He was following the Thai Cave issue where 12 kids and their coach have been trapped for nine days. What warms my heart the that he putted the most importance in his message on the boys psychological and mental health ;;
Everyone could be just focused on his abs. But this man got the best manners. He even let like a huge space for the femal staff so she won't feel inconfortable passing there while he's half naked.
"A day where your body, mind and everything are all good!
Health is the best"

"There might also be a day where you will feel anxious.
But, you're already doing well"
(Trans. paulisteu2618)

I love it when Changmin talked about the importance of mental health in messages to fans.
Remember in one of smtown concerts Changmin runned to push taemin away when the prop was falling unexpectedly in a fast way. He pulled D.O in before that and has been checking on that equipement since the start. Changmin long experience and strong reflex surely helped him.
This saying is so deep. I loved how, while talking about high heels he respected and didn't judge wearing it as it gives to many women better self-esteem. Meanwhile he appreciated the fact of putting effort to wear it. And that's what mainly touches him.
the way he noticed the car suddenly moving and his immediate reaction and manner to protect the stylist ;;
I love how Changmin mentions problems that we all can relate to like facing problems with superiors, not being comfortable at work, and the stressful, sometimes depressing job hunting. And in all cases, he was supportive 💜
I've million reasons to love this man and this is one of them.
this is cute yet so considerate ㅠ.ㅠ
Changmin liked this in Instagram ;; He is indeed out there being openly the most supportive feminist ever. I love this man with all my heart.
Collaborating with a brand to design clothes for a good cause ( eco-friendly cause), Shim Changmin you thoughtful and compassionate man😭. Thank you for exciting beautiful soul 💜
Such a gentleman, such a sweetheart 😭💜
I really think this should be spread. Changmin has delivered one of the most beautiful messages.

Whatever is the dream you worked hard to achieve or have seen crushing before your eyes, don't be hard on yourself and be sure you did your best, you still can achieve more things.
Changmin has been wearing tote bags in his airport outfits since a while. He literally started it consistently since 2017 and made sure to appear with it on TV shows. I love how he basically tries to transfeer eco-awareness even through little things.
We should all accept, recognize and celebrate OUR DIFFERENCES"

How beautiful is this.Everything this man does has a deep meaning 💜
With the political issues happening lately, I feel Changmin is sending a strong message with this. I love this man, pretty aware of all actual problems. And to donate something that doesn't only concern Korean but also half Korean children or minorities living there is so deep.
Adding this because we only know few things of the charity work that Changmin is really doing. He had supported 5 children in surgeries around the start of 2019. And this doesn't make it to the news.

I love him I love him so much ;;
A charity again but this time for Amazon rainforest. I swear I can't find words to express how much proud this man makes me feel ;;
140,000 dollars as donation to BlackCanBeGreenAgain association for Montain area Gangwon (Korea) and Amazon Rainforest (Brazil).

Changmin is so beautiful for all your ugliness. I hope you all can work hard and earn money instead to donate it to help this dying planet.
Remember when Changmin participated in Ice Bucket Challenge back in 2014 which was to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as motor neuron disease and in the US as Lou Gehrig's disease and encourage donations to research.

First thing crossed my mind seeing this, is when he saved teamin in sm town concert, when he protected his stylist and the many times he looked after Yunho. This man kindness is under appreciated and the most beautiful thing is that he never asked to do so.

Changmin is the most relatable idol that i've ever knew. Relaxing after a long day, rewarding yourself after working hard, our commun small moments of happiness are what makes him feels the beauty of life. How much down to earth and simple is this man ;;
Changmin is one of the most cultivated idols in Korean industry. Here, I said it.
You've no idea how things like this warm my heart. I might not be a perfect muslim. But my respect just grows bigger if someone different respects my beliefs. Not to mention that this person is shim changmin. I'm beyond proud to be your fan ❤️
Beyond amounts, let's focus on how Shim Changmin donate:

- During children day
- For multicultural children
- For children of single parents
- During christmas
- During heat wave
- During pandemic
- To help combat Amazon fires
- To fund children surgeries

How thoughtful 🥺
Changmin is wearing LACOSTE Polo merci which is an exclusive, limited-edition shirt to thank all the volunteers and to support those who work for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) especially during this pandemic 🥺
Shim Changmin is the right person to promote for an eco-friendly challenge during World Environment Day ♻️ He said that he started to use more eco-bags while shopping to reduce plastic waste. 🥺
Shim Changmin might not be defined as an environmentalist. But he's an environmentally friendly person. He's trying in his own effort and in own platform to address more people about some issues.
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