I'm a #Democrat

I'm for the Party that embraces the diversity of our land, and the uniqueness of every State.

I'm about to explain why I refuse to promote those bluntly pushing anti-Democrat rhetoric while hypocritically setting higher standards for our candidates than theirs.
2/As a Democrat, I accept the notion that Liberals tacking more center are still better allies in Congress than Republicans.

I grasp the importance that more center Liberals are more open to work with Democrats pushing for incremental Change that benefits all of us, ie Progress.
3/I also understand our contemporary History.

How we lost seats because those "Liberals" sacrificed everything in order to push for Universal Healthcare, LGBTQ Rights in the military & the right to marry, protecting Dreamers, and so many Rights some don't deem of importance.
4/Because some States are more red, I understand the importance of electing law makers that represent the state as a whole. Not just a small but louder faction.

A quick reminder that even our most "Centrist" candidates who had won in the last months were pro-choice & anti-NRA.
5/In the last 2 years we have, even for the most obtuse, noticed that our supposed allies are anything but.

That even when pretending to not be Republican, they keep attacking Democratic candidates at oddly unfortunate moments where we thought we needed their help the most.
6/And after a while, you stop wondering and come to the conclusion that for example, Bernie Sanders campaigning on the eve of Virginia's elections, pushing anti-Democrat propaganda while his factions were pushing for voters to stay home, isn't really what you would call an Ally.
7/And then come the bigger realizations.

After trying so hard to get along, to find common ground, you finally accept that Bernie's factions are here solely to primary Democrats & attempt to takeover the Democratic Party.

This is Justice Dems' mission statement on their site.
8/To be fair, one of Bernie Sanders' main faction, Justice Dems, did openly announce their Democratic Party Takeover January 2017, and bring us to heal:

"We're going to board the Democratic Party ship, and take it over. To save it." (5:00 mark).
9/And we all know that we allowed them to walk all over us, because we thought we needed them to win.

We accepted their abuse & worse, we accepted the obnoxious rhetoric that we were the ones causing division whenever we highlighted facts or when we refused to take their abuse!
10/And the Mueller Investigation trucked on. More Facts solidified

- Hillary Clinton did not lose to the most unpopular candidate ever: The presidency was bluntly stolen.
- Bernie Sanders track record is really not that progressive.
11/The Democratic Party is not losing, at all!

We have flipped 39 state legislature seats, IN RED Districts!
Doug Moore beat a Republican in deep Red Alabama!
We won New Jersey & Virginia Governor races!
Tuesday, our candidate defeated a Republican for state Supreme Court in Wi!
12/And we did all that, and more, DESPITE Bernie Sanders & his factions purposely fighting against our success.

They've intentionally spread lies. They've intentionally fooled Democrats into donating for their candidates. They don't fight to primary Republicans, only Democrats.
13/And don't forget, or pretend to disregard the mounting evidence:

Bernie Sanders and his many Factions are not with us. They are in irrefutable fact fighting against us. They run candidates in primaries against ours, therefore splitting efforts, and our contributions!
14/And you know what they do when they hinder Democrats' progress?

They tout it as some sort of accomplishment!

Moser fooled many. She's an OR candidate who pretended to run as a true Dem & primaried our own, arriving in 2nd place causing a run-off. But for them, it was a win.
15/Yes. Splitting up efforts, stretching our contributions, dividing the party, muddying the waters, spreading propaganda, using disinformation agents and a network intent on encouraging voters' apathy is what they consider "a Win".
16/You may want to pretend this is nothing.

You may want to diminish the harm this has caused us because of some misplaced pride for having been fooled, but time to grow up.

Time to grab your balls of steel and your ovaries of brass by the horns and to DEMOCRAT THE F*CK UP!
17/Time to realize the one irrefutable truth when it comes to Bernie Sanders and his racist misogynist factions:

No Democrat is good enough, and no Democrat will ever be, as long at they don't swear allegiance to/or their name ain't St Bernard Benedict Sanders!
18/And so, because I'm a #Democrat,

I will support my Party, the one that gave us Civil Rights, Equal Rights, Healthcare Reform, and Economic Growth (Roosevelt through Obama), etc. I cannot in good conscience support those who have declared their intent to takeover our Party.
19/I respect everyone's right to continue promoting factions who are still as of today intent on destroying the party I have sacrificed so much for, and given my time and money to.

But I don't need to shut my Neoliberal Shill mouth while you do so. You will be blocked.
20/I agree we might not always have the best of candidates. The most progressive of candidates.

But you see, it is more important that we win back the House in order to impeach Trump. Our people are suffering, you may not feel it yet, but too many already do.

21/And we can't afford for the most privileged among us to finally feel a bit of pain and wake the f*ck up & join the #Resistance.

You want to promote a f*cking deadbeat who refuses to debate a real Democrat, or retweet those propagating against Ds, so be it. But do it off my TL
22/It's fine to have high standards and a wish list for an ideal world, but at some point, you have to join our steadily declining and horrifying reality.

Our party is broke. But what the DCCC has shown us is that if candidates have a strong message, people will donate directly!
23/And that sometimes, you really have to suck it up and #VoteLikeABlackWoman.

Because Black Women understand the hardships you go through just to gain a bit of Rights. A bit of Equality & basic decency.

So you put aside your hurt feelings, and you #VoteBlue. No ifs or buts.
Dear #Democrats,

First, stop acting as if the Dem Party is your enemy and falling for the stupidest propaganda.

Second, be PROUD of our accomplishments! Build on them, get stronger on them.

And finally, Stop allowing those against us to further divide us.

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