Oh I found the commercial (thanks, Youtube):

B: "Why did you become a guard?"
A: "I wonder why... oh, I wanted as a kid to become [a superhero] and protect the peace... And I suppose I've realized my dream. *smiles*"
A salutes with a coffee: "Alright, time to save the world."
Announcer: "The world is made by ordinary people's work."
Woman: [Good evening / thanks for your work on my behalf]
A (it's all in the delivery): "Carry on, citizen."
"That's got to be ironic, Patrick. It's hammy and overacted."

No, that's the thing: it's hammy, overacted, and utterly sympathetic to the character. You are supposed to remember being a child, compare your relative lack of idealism to his, and *want to have his.*
Compare to the audience’s expected reaction here:

Hermione: “They’re acting like you’re the chosen one.”
Harry: “But Hermione, I am the Chosen One.”

Harry is, factually, the Chosen One.

Hermione immediately hits him. The audience knows to root for her.
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