I often post about the Christian militias fighting in #Syria. Rarely do I thematise the leaders behind those groups, because they aren't too present publicly.
This being said, let me introduce you to a couple of them:
Quwat al-Ghadab is a militia based in the Greek Orthodox town of #Suqaylabiyah in NW #Hama. That militia almost entirely fights close to its base and is led by Philip Fadi Suleiman. Although being a loyalist, he had some "difficulties" with the regime in 2015
In March 2015 he was arrested on the alleged charge of smuggling fuel. Some facebook posts from back then hint that he was shot and wounded, because his car was damaged + blood can be observed at the scene. His arrest sparked protest in Suqaylabiyah, he was released 4 days later
Suleiman is not only close with the Republican Guard (Quwat al-Ghadab fighters have been fighting in its ranks) and the infamous Air Force Intelligence Service, but also with Nabil al-Abdallah, the leader of Suqaylabiyah's #NDF branch which can also be considered a Xtian militia
Another warlord to emerge during this conflict is Fadi abd al-Massih Khoury (sometimes only Fadi al-Khoury). In September 2015, when Jaysh al-Islam was about to conquer the Christian town of Maarouneh, he set up the Intervention Regiment in order to fight back the Islamists
In the course of the events, he also formed an alliance of 6 smaller Christian militias and named that Guardians of the Dawn whichhave been especially active in Rif Dimashq and Homs governorate. Just like Suleiman, he is closely alligned with the Air Force Intelligence Service
He also tried to gain influence through politics and become a member of the parliament in the elections 2016. Although his candidacy was also heavily featured on the Guardians' facebook page, he eventually failed to succeed
As for the #SSNP, it's hard to give such examples. Nusur az-Zawba'a as well as the party as a whole have not yet introduced a public figure who could be seen as an idol just like the men shown above. Yet social networks provide at least one name:
Bassem Radwad is a leading figure of both the #SSNP and its militia. He is a high-ranking official in as-Suwayda and frequently posted such photos during skirmishes with ISIS elements in 2017. But he is not only a field commander, but also active in the ranks of the party itself
Pictures also show him during meetings with a delegation of Druze Sheikhs and - during another occasion - with Issam Zahreddine ( #SAA general who played a leading role during the 3-years-long siege of the city)
At least during 2016, Radwad was a member of #SSNP's supreme council. Therefore, it seems safe to say that party and militia are closely connected in terms of personnel which is not completely self-evident as the Nusur originally evolved from #NDF structures.
Radwad at the opening of a festival in #Suwayda on April 1st, the day of #Akitu New Year celebration. He also held a speech during this event. I'm not entirely sure, but it seems like he is working in the #SSNP's PR department
Radwad as part of an #SSNP delegation during a visit to as- #Suwayda's governor Amer Ibrahim Ashi on the occasion of (Greek) Orthodox Easter.
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