1. Thread. Long list of Tory abuse, fraud, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, sectarianism, child abuse, manslaughter and much, much more.
Recent cases and historic examples that show how ingrained the problem is:
Coun Dom Peacock Suspended - Said He Would Donate Steam Off His Piss To Jo Cox Fund
Coun Tom Davey - Multiple Abusive Facebook Messages
Coun Chris Joannides Expelled - Comparing Muslim Women To Bin Bags
Coun Gareth Compton Arrested - Said Muslim Should Be Stoned To Death
MP James Heappey - Told Schoolgirl To Fuck Off Back To Scotland
Coun Margaret Bassett Suspended - Offensive Online Messages
Coun Val Roberts Suspended - Offensive Social Media Comments
Coun Ken Hawkins Suspended - Suggesting Hanging Grenfell Activists
4. Nazis
Jacob Rees Mogg Supporter Paul Townsley - Hit Woman & Dressed As A Nazi
Tory Student George Wright Who Campaigned With Amber Rudd - Doing Nazi Salute
MP Aiden Burley - Nazi Stag Do
Coun Mike Gardner Deselected - Dressing Up As Hitler
5. Racism: N****r In The Woodpile
Coun Gerry Forsbury
MP Anne Marie Morris
Coun Robert Fraser
Lord Dixon-Smith
Coun Peter Edwards
MP George Gardiner
MP John Townend
6. Scottish Special
Coun Booby Good - Nazi Tattoo
Coun Richard Nelson (pic with ‘friend’) - Discussed Shooting Catholics
Coun Neil Graham Suspended - Sharing Sectarian Facebook Posts
Coun Alastair Majury Suspended - Various Sectarian, Racist, & Sexists Tweets
Coun Rosemary Carroll Suspended - Sharing Racist Facebook Post
Coun Nick Harrington Suspended - Racist Twitter Post
Coun Jeff Potts Suspended - Sending & Retweeting Racist Tweets
Coun Ray Bray Suspended - Abusive Islamophobic Tweets
Coun Michael Watson Suspended - Endorsing Multiple Racist Tweets
Coun Alan Pearmain Suspended - Diane Abbot Racist Tweet
Coun Andy Dransfield Suspended - Racist & Sexist Comments To A Firefighter
Coun Jim Marsh Suspended - Racist Comment On Online Petition
Coun Robert Davies Suspended - Racist Comments
Coun Candidate Guizabeen Afsar Suspended - Anti-Semitism
Coun Bob Frost Suspended - Racist Comments
Coun David Whittingham Expelled - Racist Comments
10. Historical Racism:
MP Patrick Mercer "Black Soldiers Idle And Useless"
MP Boris Johnson "Africans Piccaninnies With Watermelon Smiles"
MP John Townend "Immigrants Were Undermining Society"
MP Oliver Letwin "Black People Have Bad Moral Attitudes"
Coun Bob Fahey - Racial Slur Against Asian Councillor
Coun Simon Benson - “Too Many P***s In His Town”
Coun Peter Hobbins - “No Candidates With Ordinary English Names”
Coun Bob Allen (Again) - Compares Asian Councillor To Gorilla
Coun Rachael Hogg - Accused Of Transphobia
Coun Joao Parreria - Accused Of Transphobia
MP Roger Gale - Blames Female Journalists For MP Sex Scandals
Coun Tina Knight Suspended – “Sex Assaults at Presidents Club Were Hilarious”
Coun Matt Snape Resigned - Sending Hitler Tweet
Coun Ben Harris-Quinney Suspended - Speaking At Anti-Gay Conference
Oxford Tory Union Member Vitus Van Rij - Tells Women “Go Back To Washing The Dishes”
MEP Daniel Hannan - “People Unsettled By Barack Obama’s Exotic Background”
Coun Leonard Fulcher Fined £620 - Twice Threatening To Kill Council Staff
Coun Penny Jackman Guilty Of Hitting A Pensioner - Fails To Pay £70k Costs
Coun Brian Coleman Fined £270 - Assault On Female Cafe Owner
Coun Jon Herbert Fined £1315 - Two Counts Of Common Assault
Coun Douglas Hellier-Laing Jailed 3 Years - Beating His Wife With A Mallet
Coun Asif Ayub Jailed 5 Months - Assaulting Ex Partner Five Times
Coun Thomas Monument Fined £485 - Punching & Head-Butting Ex Partner
Coun Harvey Jennings Suspended - Charged With Assaulting Ex Wife
Coun Patrick Rochford Suspended - Bullying and Intimidation Of Fellow Councillor
Coun Ian Carr Resigns - Street Brawl With Fellow Councillor
Coun Chris Humphries Suspended - 5 Counts of Mistreating Staff
Coun Ian Tait Fined £175 - Obstructing Police
Coun David Turtle - Charged With Murdering His Wife
Coun Stephen Canning Suspended - Allegations Of An Assault On An MPs Aide
MP Craig Whittaker Arrested - Accused Of Assaulting His Son
MP Philip Davies - Accused Of Physically & Verbally Attacking An Interviewer
Coun David Whittaker Jailed 6 Years - Multiple Child Sexual Offences
Coun Stephen Holmes Jailed 10 Months – Indecent Child Images
Coun William Barber Jailed 14 Years - Abusing 8 Children
Coun Peter Stidworthy Jailed 21 Months - String Of Child Sex Offenses
Coun Richard Willis Jailed 16 Months - Sharing Child Abuse Images
Coun John George Reaney Jailed 16 Months - Sex With 14 Year Old Boy
Coun Bob Bate Jailed Twice 3 Years & 9 Months – Indecent Child Images
Coun Arthur Hodgson Jailed 27 Months - Sexual Assaults On Children
Coun Julian Mineur 3 Year Community Order - Indecent Child Images
Coun Andrew Lamont 6 Month Jail Suspended – Indecent Child Images
Coun Ben Redsell 3 Year Supervision Order - Sexual Assault & Indecent Images
Coun Ian McKellar 3 Year Supervision Order - Indecent Child Images
Coun Heathcliffe Bowen Jailed 5 Years - Grooming Boys
Coun Matthew Sephton Jailed 33 Months - Distributing Child Abuse Images
Coun John Hawthorn 4 Month Jail Suspended - Possessing Child & Animal Abuse Images
Coun Matthew Lock - Guilty Of 19 Child Sexual Offences
Coun George Lord Jailed 4 Years - Multiple Sexual Assaults
Coun Martin Fisher Jailed Twice - Sex Offences & Breaching Court Orders
Coun Neil Thorneywork 2 Year Jail Suspended - Indecent Child Images & Theft
Coun Michael Jamieson Suspended & Charged - Indecent Child Images
Coun Mark O'Keeffe Jailed 18 Months - Defrauding Clients of £70k
Coun Daniel Smy Jailed 1 Year - Falsely Claiming £35k Expenses
Coun Jezz Baker Jailed 1 Year - Taking Planning Application Bribe
Coun Jim Speechley Jailed 18 Months – Planning Fraud To Increase Value Of His Land
Coun Richard Smalley Jailed 2 Months - Faking Address
Coun Johnathan Woodley-Shead Jailed 3 Years - Stealing £155k From Employers
Coun John Morgan Jailed 5 Years - Stealing £150k From A Pensioner
Coun Jeanette Mann Jailed 15 Months - Defrauding £20k From 2 Pensioners
Parl Candidate Ben Pickering Jailed 6 Years - £5m Property Fraud
Coun Candidate Cencizham Cerit Jailed 12 Months - Electoral Fraud
Southport Treasurer Paul Wilding Jailed 21 Months - £48k Fraud
Coun Michael Mills Jailed 2 Years - Claiming £21k Of Late Wife’s Pension
Former MP Bob Spink 6 Month Jail Suspended - Electoral Fraud
Coun Monika Juneja 14 Month Jail Suspended - Forgery
Coun George Ringrow 4 Month Jail Suspended - £32k Benefits Fraud
Treasurer Barbara Hare 2 Year Jail Suspended - £130k Fraud
Coun David Stansfield Expelled - £4000 Benefit Fraud
Activist John Hall Fined £1000 - Election Fraud
Coun Peter Lawless Fined £400 - £5000 Benefit Fraud
Coun Chris Boothby Guilty - £1500 Benefit Fraud
Coun Tony Ramsden Jailed 10 Months - Breaching Bankruptcy Laws
Coun Robert Payne Jailed 2 Years - £91k Fraud
Lord Taylor Jailed 12 Months - Expenses Fraud
Coun Phillip Brown Jailed 12 Months - £50k Fraud And Theft
MP Craig MacKinley - Facing Charges For Election Fraud
Policy Forum Director Hannah David - Police Investigation Into £13m Fraud
Coun David Richard Barton - Accused of Money Laundering & Multi Million Fraud
Coun Simon King Suspended - £1500 Excessive Travel Expense Claim
30. Historical
MP Jeffrey Archer Jailed 4 Years - Perjury
MP Jonathan Aitken Jailed 18 Months - Perjury
Lord Conrad Black Jailed 6.5 Years - Fraud
Lord Hanningfield Jailed 9 Months - Expenses Fraud
31. Drink Driving
Coun Peter Le Maistre Fined £170 Banned 30 Months - Refusing To Provide A Specimen
Coun Adrian Hardman Fined £350 Banned 16 Months
Coun Peter Whittaker Fined £1100 Banned 12 Months - Causing 3 Car Crash
Coun Ian White Fined £440 Banned 12 Months
MEP Tom Spencer Fined £600 - Smuggling Drugs & Pornography
Coun Wayne Whittle Fined £2500 - Selling Counterfeit Goods
Coun Jonathan Farmer 21 Month Jail Suspended - Possession of Nazi Firearm
Coun Kerri Harold Fined £600 - Breaching Planning Enforcement Notice
Coun Allan Vizor Jailed 6 Months - Sexual Assaulting A Man
Coun Stuart Towner - Affair With Sixth Former & Banned 20 Months Drink Driving
Coun David Burcombe - Guilty of Sexual Assault
Coun Robert Benson Fined £200 - Sex Act In Public
Coun Donal Hassett Jailed 33 Months - Part Of A Drug Gang
Coun Paul Dakers Jailed - Refusing To Pay Council Tax
Coun Jonny Bucknell Fined £32k – Landlord Providing Uninhabitable Accom
Tory Student Ronald Coyne - Burnt £20 Note In Front Of Homeless Man
Coun Geoff Driver - Arrested Conspiracy To Pervert Justice & Intimidation
Youth Coordinator Mark Clarke - Accused Of Bullying Linked To Suicide
Coun Ken Gregory Suspended 6 Months - Homophobic Attack
Blackpool Party - Suspend Own Coun While In Hospital With Collapsed Lung
36. That'll do for now, but there is a lot more. A reminder that despite their moral stances the Tories are always full of despicable characters.
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