Dear White People,

Racism is just fascism that hasn't caught up to you yet.
You want learn how to fight fascism?

Look to the people who have been fighting racism all this time.
You think you can resist fascism without standing firm with those fighting racism? You can't.

The people fighting racism are already on the front lines of the fight against fascism.

If you're not fighting alongside them, you're either hiding behind them or in the way.
For white people, racism is fascism for thee, but not for me.

To attempt to get rid of fascism and retain racism is merely to attempt to kick the problem downwards and declare victory.
The mechanisms of racism are the mechanisms of fascism.

Denial of justice
Oppression of speech
Forced loyalty

The only difference is the scope
When Black people protest racism, we are protesting a fascism designed and tailored be specifically targeted at us and palatable to white people.

Because it exempts them
I will say it one last time because I want this to be absolutely crystal clear in your minds....
Fascism is nothing more than racism for white people.
Since the concept of racism as an explicit tool of white supremacist fascism is difficult for some to grasp.
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