Likes are cool, but retweets are better. People (creatives especially) NEED visibility, not passive co-signs. So if you like someone’s work and want to help them grow, retweets, not likes. Makes a huge difference.
And that’s not me saying likes are a bad thing. But in terms of supporting people by helping them to grow and reach a wider audience, likes are not effective. Retweet, quote tweet and where possible post it yourself.
Another reason RT’s are a lot more effective is down to the fact that although you might not be the target consumer for the product/skill/content being advertised, said consumer could be on your TL. So RT’ing could connect creators/business owners will potential consumers.
But at the end of the day nobody owes anyone anything and you might just ignore my ramblings so meh. I just think if we’re going to help/support/push each other, might as well do so effectively. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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