. @Disney is GUILTY in this. #Jaffar made an entire career out of scaring children. Will he be held accountable for all the child porn he "acted" in? I was 11. It was in my own bedroom at my father's house. #HivitesGetLit #ByePhoenicia #TheGreatAwakening #WeThePeople #QAnon @POTUS https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft/status/927273831974293505
Well, just for the sake of truth, let me clarify. He raped me in my bedroom. Then, downstairs in the basement, he & my dad, my uncle Robert, Craig Hilborn & our Philipino neighbor gang raped me (11), my sister (13) & our family friend (11). Then they locked my sister & I in cages
Then, I heard Christina screaming. It sounded fake - like she was pretending to be scared. They opened the door, my Uncle Robert said "well, well, well, what do we have here" in his Texan drawl. My sister then shouted "help me! help me! help me!" again sounding fake/not scared.
They made more of the initiation ritual/blackmail movie while I was in the cage. Later, I remember being coaxed out of the cage by my new step-mom, f*ing TRAUMATIZED (apparently I was the only one who felt this way - everyone else seemed VERY okay with what was happening).
There was an infant there earlier in the day. I carried it to the park with my dad and the dog. I don't know/remember whose infant it was, and I don't know/remember if the infant survived. It was used in the ritual. It may have belonged to the Philino neighbor...
I was confused when I emerged from the cage, because now all my aunts and uncles were there, and they hadn't been there earlier when the making of the movie started. They were wearing black or dark purple church choir looking robes. They had just finished the ritual.
I see my Aunts Molly & Johanna as they are effectively herding me up the stairs out of the room. I say "Dad & uncle Robert locked me in a cage" (I'm wearing a bathing suit at this point. Molly said "You're gonna have to grow a thicker skin if you want to be in THIS family."
My new step mom scolds me for being so distraught & traumatized by what just happened. She said "This is why we sent you to acting camp" and "You should be proud that this famous actor wanted to make a movie with you!" Was I picked out of a catalog or something? ( #Gannet anyone?)
Then, a whole bunch of people show up for a f*ing chili cook off immediately following this. How is an 11yr old supposed to process ANY of that when instantly confronted by a room full of adults... It was deliberate to induce/solidify the dissociation/amnesia of the ritual itself
My uncle Danny (drawing in the robe) was acting as the lead Priest in the ritual that night (presumably because my dad was busy behind the camera). He had stolen Eucharist wafers from a Catholic Church for the event. He gave the leftover wafers to people during the chili cook off
To me, this event feels like my Dad & has "coven" (his brothers, sisters, their spouses, and Craig Hilborn, a close family friend of all theirs since childhood) made a pact that night. Like they "jumped in" and created the necessary "Make Your Bones" blackmail smut/snuff film.
BTW, my aunt Katie (dad's sister) blocked me on Facebook now that I'm exposing her husband Robert - who is a big time mutual funds banker for a very well known financial firm. They made a LOT of money, and I believe they are STILL making DIRTY $. They have minor 3 daughters.
If they didn't want me to talk about it, they shouldn't have done it, or they should have never underestimated me and killed me when they had the chance. #TooLate #YallFuckedUp #ByePhoenicia #ItEndsNow #SayBraveThings #SurvivorsUnite #ShareYourTruth #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS
This was in mid-late August 1992. Catholics celebrate the "Assumption of Mary" around Aug 15, so the Luciferians celebrate the "Consumption of Mary" where they desecrate the "Blessed Mother" and engage in cannibalism. I believe this was the ritual they performed that night
BTW the "acting camp" my step mom referenced was owned/operated by a couple that later were my theater directors at ROEPER, a Hivite Luciferian grooming school. They sent their son there, and they had a daughter named SARA who died in child birth... Hmmmm...
When I shared this memory of "Jaffar" raping me with my mother, she behaved so strangely, it was the first time I thought "Oh my God, I don't know if my relationship with my mother is going to survive this." It would be another 8 months before I fully recognized her involvement.
Again, this was mid-late August 1992. Exactly 1 year prior was when they sent me to Oregon to be traumatized in what I call the "Purge Party" - a Bohemian Grove style Human Hunting party somewhere near Seaside, OR. I was 10. I witnessed the brutal rape & murder of a young boy.
I was also locked in a cage this night, naked, and made to be 100% aware of what was going on. It seems I was protected/guarded by a man with a gun. I knew that if the cage opened, I was dead. At dawn, a Shofar blew signifying it was over & I survived. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shofar 
I was taken there by Christina's father, the same girl that would be in the event in my basement in Royal Oak, MI a year later. She and I were born on the same day, and her father was like my second father from 0 - 8 when we left Cali. He was also my 2nd worst abuser - Bill Funk.
Earlier in the week back in Portland at their house (which happens to be down the street from my ex-husbands parents - coincidence???) Bill and his cousin Michael gang raped me and made a film - at first with 2 other boys and Christina, then just me for the brutal/sadistic parts.
I think this previous trip to Portland/Seaside OR in Aug 1991 was the reason I was so traumatized by the event in my basement in Royal Oak, MI in Aug 1992. Being locked in the cage triggered memories of the forest, all the blood, the ravaging dogs/wolves, the men grunting...
These are just TWO of my memories. TWO. These are just TWO dates in 35 years of abuse like this. These people are SICK. They are BROKEN. They are like rabid animals that need to be put down, for their own sake and for the safety of others. They are helplessly and hopelessly LOST.
Ya know, these a$$holes love to keep trophies after abusing children (think handkerchief map in #Pizzagate HRC email debacle). After "Jaffar" aka Jonathan Freeman raped me, my father hung an autographed picture of him & his f*ing resume on my bedroom wall. So. F*ing. Evil.
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