Yes, that means if you look closely enough at the background math, you can actually get hints about future episodes. Spoilers! ;) #StargateAlive
While the core boards at the entryways were constants (with a map describing what type of problem was where), the "hero" boards for each episode were removable so that directors could pick where in the hall they wanted thrilling math-action to take place. #StargateAlive
The boards were later auctioned off and are now in private fan hands.

Amusing, the fan didn't actually believe that I wrote them when I tried to give them a bit of extra info to go with their purchase. Ah well. #StargateAlive
This is my fav board in all of Destiny. It was located right on the edge of the set, next to the "and to infinity!" greenscreen run by VFX sup @marksavela. It references my first research project as a wee proto-physicist. #StargateAlive
That's the science @dhewlett & @DavidBlue were mysteriously arguing about one episode, an argument that was never clarified in-script.

They were fighting about the shape & fate of the universe. They learned enough cosmology to pick sides based on their characters! #StargateAlive
How can you do anything but adore a cast that learns about competing options for the shape and fate of the universe (& then-current research results) to make character choices?! SciFi can totally be a teaching platform, dammit!

I quickly learned to photograph EVERY snippet of math I ever did. It was important both to back-reference during future episodes (consistency!), but also to repair or replicate if something got nudged, erased, or smeared after filming started. #StargateAlive
Confession: My real-life handwriting is far tidier than my on-screen handwriting. Apparently I'm implausibly neat for a scientist! ;)

I also smuggle books onto spaceships. No shame. #StargateAlive
But I didn't always get my long, luxurious hallways of math to my lonesome. Sometimes just out of shot was a wee bit more crowded, and I had to be as tiny & fast as possible darting in to reset furious scribbles or wild erasures between takes. #StargateAlive
For every thing you see an actor interact with on camera, odds are it has duplicates. I think I made something like 3 sets of 12 identical notebooks for Rush to flip through, scribble in, and tear out pages! #StargateAlive
We'd also occasionally use my actual textbooks in shots. My sups were worried I'd lose them, but I feel better those freaking things got some use after I finished school!

Can you guess the widest shot in this set? Totally loved how abruptly the staging cuts off! #StargateAlive
My first fan-event was TimeGate, a Stargate x Doctor Who convention in Atlanta. I was SO NERVOUS people would be mean to me & pick at my science. Instead, they were totally awesome & I made my first con-friends I still see at DragonCon. #StargateAlive
When I do practical science fiction presentations, I transition into audience participation with Freeze Lightning, setting my audience the task of generating plausible-but-plot-won't-let-us-solve-it-yet solutions. #StargateAlive
That's the key of being a scifi scientist: How can science support the plot?

Anything that doesn't? Isn't going in the story. #StargateAlive
Gratuitous math? Yeaaaah, let's do that! The orange/blue was always fun. #StargateAlive
The Stargate cast & crew not only created interesting science-inspired stories, but they also ran a lovely set and have been awesome to me. So yeah, I'd love to see #StargateAlive again, back on air with a whole new series!
If you want me to come talk scifi science at your next convention, pester your event organizers. Many of them have no idea the job even exists (or how unusual Stargate was by employing the same one year after year). Storytime is always fun! #StargateAlive
Q: Have you ever hidden Stargate Easter Eggs in your other film work?
A: Totally. The asteroid in @CWNoTomorrow is a blend of 16 Psyche (target of @NASAPsyche) & 99942 Apophis (named by fans for @actualApophis). #StargateAlive
Q: Any other places the science of Stargate lives on? #StargateAlive
A: Cosmology is way too much fun to contain in just one show. The concepts later popped up in Dark Matter. Thread:
Q: I had no idea Stargate had a science consultant until today! Where can I learn more?
A: Searching Stargate + my name should find quite a bit. See also: #DriveToRevive #TestTheDrive #StargateRising & #StargateAlive. (oooh, I feel so rebellious doing multiple hashtags!)
D'awww, I was just reminded of now-topical Wrinkle In Time references when doing a Stargate & scifi science Q&A with @SwiftOnSecurity! Monster-thread; this bit is about why you can get 2 of causality, relativity, or faster than light travel:
Oh! & if you like physical books, I did a Q&A with BioWare writer & Stargate fan @SamMaggs for Wonder Women, her book of profiles on women in STEM.
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