In 1987, 7-year-old Michelle Snow was killed by a lawn dart thrown by another child in her back yard.

This prompted her father, David, to call for a permanent ban of lawn darts in the U.S.

Shortly thereafter, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reinforced a ban of lawn darts.

That was in 1988. Canada followed suit by banning lawn darts in 1989.

Because they killed one child. And injured thousands of others.

And the people in America and Canada agreed this was a good idea because, although some adults might have enjoyed this hobby, they were patently dangerous to our children

And nobody created a powerful lobbying group to fight for their God-given rights to own lawn darts. And there were no politicians taking money from Lawn Dart enthusiasts in order to keep the sale of them legal.

Because - that would have been a really bad idea! Lawn Darts are dangerous! Everyone knows that!

So can some one tell me why assault rifles (which are infinitely more dangerous) are okay?

And spare me the hunting argument. That’s a ridiculous notion.

Our kids are being mowed down while in school.

Survivors have physical and emotional scars that will never heal.

It’s time to vote out the politicians that allow this to happen.

And take away the power of the NRA.

Do it for Sandy Hook

Do it for Parkland


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