Panelists at the Dolores Huerta film screening are talking about their experiences with activism.
“There are people who do this as their job and there’s people who do this as their life,” Jonathan said.
“You can’t be as good as us. You have to be better,” Johnathan said.
Panelists are now discussing how students can be involved with activism.
“Just simply care for the people in your community, see past the smoke in the mirror,” Johnathan said.
“First and foremost before you connect with another human being you need to connect with yourself,” Rida said.
“It only takes one person reaching out to make a difference,” Gwen said.
Susan’s organization holds movie events, analyzes songs like Beyoncé’s Lemonade and goes reverse trick-or-treating to get students involved.
“Something as small as signing a petition helps us,” Hairo said.
Rida says taking care of yourself is just as important as it is to help others and addresses the question, how do you do it all? – bei Pavilion
The Dolores Huerta screening has begun. – bei Pavilion
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