His full name is Hugh Edwin Rodham. He was born in 1950.
Hugh Rodham is the brother of Hillary Clinton and Tony Rodham. As such, he is also former President Bill Clinton's brother-in-law.

Hugh was named after his father, also named Hugh, who passed away in April 1993 of a stroke at the age of 82-years-old.

At this time, Hugh was working as an assistant public defender in Dade County, while his brother Tony worked as a private investigator.

Both lived in Miami.

Hugh attended the funeral service for his father in Scranton, PA, flown in Air Force One, alongside Tony, his mother Dorothy, Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea.

By October 1994, Hugh was running for the Florida Senate seat, where First Lady Hillary helped campaign for him. By this point, Hugh had left his position as assistant public defender, and running for the Democratic Party to challenge Connie Mack.

Clayton Kaelser worked as the campaign treasurer for Hugh's Senate campaign, which ultimately proved to be ill-fated.

As children, Hugh and Tony would both follow Hillary's rules, as she was the older sister.

Hugh (also known as Hughie) also played American football growing up, something his father wanted him to perfect.

Back in the "present day" (1994), Hugh would actually have to face an unemployed radio talk show host for the Democratic nomination first before being able to battle the Republican Connie Mack.

Before this, in May 1994, Hugh served as the best man in Tony Rodham's wedding to Nicole Boxer, the daughter of Barbara Boxer.

After his failed Senate bid, Hugh wound up 'conscripted' into the tobacco wars in 1995.

Two years later, in 1997, Hugh won a $368.5 billion tobacco settlement. This led to tobacco companies paying billions into the plaintiff's bar, which would then be transferred straight into campaign cash for Democrats.

The $368.5 billion settlement was actually the result of nearly 40 state attorney generals working against the tobacco industry and forcing them to concede that cigarettes are a deadly regimen, forcing them to pay the funds in compensation over 25 years.

This became known as the Master Settlement Agreement, which was eventually signed in 1998.

During the tobacco wars, Tony had been hired by the Castano Group, despite only ever having worked as an assistant public defender in Florida beforehand.

In June 1998, Stanley M. Chesley hosted a fundraiser for the Democratic Party, which was attended by Hugh and President Bill Clinton. Hugh was still involved in dealing with the ramifications of the tobacco war at this point.

On October 28, 1998, Hugh attended a state dinner for the Colombian President Andres Pastrana hosted by the Clintons.

Jimmy Smits and Edward James Olmos were also there, but that's not relevant at all.

In February 1998, Hugh spent time with President Bill Clinton at the Maple Run golf course with Roger Clinton and Harry Thomason.

This was during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

Oh, apparently another employee for Hugh during his failed 1994 Senate campaign in Florida was Michael Copperthite, who worked for him as a political consultant.

According to the book "State of a Union", authored by Jerry Oppenheimer, Hugh was told by Hillary to 'run off' Marla Crider during Bill Clinton's Presidential campaign, due to an alleged affair between Crider and Bill.

In 2001, Hugh was labelled 'Best Local Boy Gone Bad' by Miami New Times, as he received over $400,000.00 to work on two clemency petitions during the Clinton pardon scandal.

He also cornered the hazelnut market due to contacts in Georgia.

This was because Hugh was representing two convicts during Pardongate (which was a time where Clinton had also pardoned Marc Rich), and Hugh was rumoured to be receiving over $400,000.00 as a contingency fee.

Hugh was featured in Barbara Olson's book "The Final Days" (Barbara Olson was one of the passengers on American Airlines Flight 77, and was killed on 9/11), where she made a 'hatchet job' (according to Kerry Lauerman) of Hugh's relationship with Bill.

In relation to Pardongate, Hugh was forced to pay back $250,000.00 after successfully obtaining the two Presidential pardons on the day President Clinton left office.

It also turned out that Senator Hillary helped secure the pardons.

Roger Clinton was also investigated for attempting to sell Presidential pardons.

It's a fresh market if you can get into it.

Senator Hillary claimed no knowledge of the payments to Hugh, and the Clintons requested for Hugh to return the $250,000.00 he collected for the pardons.

The first act of clemency Hugh was involved in was for Carlos Vignali. His connections to the White House allowed WH staff members to contact Sheriff Lee Baca to discuss directly. Hugh was paid $204,200.00 for his work. The House accused him of lying.

The second act of clemency Hugh was involved in was Glenn Braswell. Hugh was paid $230,000.00 for the pardon.

It was these monies that were refunded after media criticism.

Hugh also attempted to gain clemency for Gene and Nora Lum, two Democrat fundraisers. Hugh lobbied the White House, but both Beth Nolan and Bruce Lindsey told Meredith Cabe that they would not receive clemency. The Lums and Hugh then refused to cooperate.

In January 2001, Hugh visited Bill in Chappaqua, after Bill and Hillary had moved into the neighbourhood.

In August 2001, Hugh was woken up in the Rodham family's summer home when Daniel Martin Coyne attacked Hugh's brother, Tony, for having sex with Daniel's girlfriend, Kelly Ann Quick. Hugh ordered Coyne to leave the first time, then later restrained Coyne.

By February 2001, Hugh had a habit of playing golf with Bill Clinton every Thanksgiving.

Back in 1999, Hugh and Tony worked together to form Argo Holdings to harvest and sell hazelnuts in Georgia, which led to them becoming close to Aslan Abashidze - the rival of Georgia's President, Eduard Shevardnadze.

This led to Abashidze claiming Clinton support for his political campaign against Shevardnadze, a United States ally. The White House told the Rodhams to quit their business. While they initially agreed, they were spotted again in 1999 in Georgia.

Hugh had also been hired in 1995 by the Castano Group by a legal team headed by Wendell Gauthier, despite Hugh having never tried a major case.

Hugh also knew attorney Joe Geller for years.

By 2001, Hugh was working law and government relations cases in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

He was also one of the people who recommended Janet Reno to become Attorney General of the United States to Bill.

Oh, as it turns out, Hugh actually earned nothing from the $386.5 billion settlement from the tobacco wars, because it fell apart in Congress.

He also apparently paid $100,000.00 to join the Castano Group.

Hugh stayed with the Castano Group afterwards, however, and mounted several class-action lawsuits against firearm manufacturers, meeting with Bruce Lindsey again. Robert Ricker (Head of Castano Group) described Hugh as a 'serious player' during this.

Also, apparently, Hugh and Tony's venture into the Georgian hazelnut business (as you do) was actually because they were recruited into it by Stephen Graham, a former advance man for Hillary.

Hugh ultimately was the first to quit the hazelnut business, while Tony continued, accompanying Abashidze to Washington, and visiting Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry.

At some point, Nancy Luque represented Hugh as a defence attorney.

Funnily enough, Almon G. Braswell - the man Hugh successfully got pardoned (but had to refund the money) - wound up pleading guilty for failing to pay millions of dollars in federal tax in September 2004, being sent to jail for 18 months.

On June 14, 2004, Hugh attended the unveiling of the Presidential portraits hosted by President George W. Bush for Hillary and Bill.

Oh, Almon Glenn Braswell died in 2006, after living in seclusion after his prison release in 2005.

This article has actually thrown me off, because information about Hugh's wife leads me in a different direction.
Hugh's wife is attorney Maria Victoria Arias, a Cuban-American.

They met while Maria worked as a college intern at the Miami public defender's office, eventually marrying in 1986.

Maria fled from Cuba when Fidel Castro took power, and was a Republican, until swapping to Democrat to vote for Bill. She later founded the Cuban-American Women For Clinton group, and joined Siegfried, Rivera, Hyman, Lerner, De La Torre-Mars & Sobel.

In March 2008, Hugh hosted a reception at his grandfather's lake cabin for Clinton volunteers (presumably during the primaries between Clinton and Obama?)

Hugh attended the wedding between Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky.

Both Hugh and Tony are friends with Jamie Brazil, who is also godfather to Hillary's nephew.

This is a video of Hugh discussing the Clinton Administration. Seems to be an old video.
This is a photograph of Hugh and Gerry Kelly at Gerry's 50th Royal Birthday X-Travaganza at Trio On the Bay, Miami Beach, Florida, on June 23, 2012.

Hugh also attended the Bob Hope Classic in 2012, alongside people such as Morgan Freeman, Don Cheadle, Julius Erving, Billy Crudup, Bill Clinton and Smokey Robinson.

A blitz on Don Cheadle is here: https://twitter.com/The_War_Economy/status/965690909277999104
By 2013, Hugh had assisted Terry McAuliffe with gaining special help from the Department of Homeland Security in securing visas for big investors in relation to McAuliffe's venture, Green Tech. It then fell into an investigation by the SEC.

As it turns out, Alejandro Mayorkas also worked the same clemency case for Carlos Vignali which Hugh worked on.

At some point again, lawyer Andrew Berman represented Hugh.

In January 2013, Hillary released her co-ownership of a Lake Winola cottaage, passing it to Hugh and Tony. Hugh resided in Coral Gables at the time and tax bills were already in his name in 2012.

In July 2015, Hugh attended a private fundraiser at the home of Virginia McGregor with Hillary in Scranton, PA.

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