Okay. Here it is.
"Frog In Our Throats: Intro"

1. Robert Mercer's company, Cambridge Analytica, cultivates & powers the messaging for the NRA.
After months of studying 4Chan/Reddit/Gab & other troll cafeterias, I can tell you with assurity...
2. ...that the language fired out of Dana Loesch & LaPierre's mouth is EXACTLY the narrative - the intentional, carefully crafted, weaponized words - infesting those đŸ’©-holes & targeting our youth.

When you combine that with âŹ‡ïž... https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/966451717461045248
3. ...you have what's happening behind the curtain. It is pure evil.
Do not listen to anyone saying that trolling is harmless - that the memes are only meant to trigger the "left" - that it's all some big "ironic" prank.
It's not.
It's weaponized language.
And it has an aim.
4. That's all my heart can take right now.
Hold your kids tight.
If he/she/they are neurodiverse, do not let them into those dark corners - even if the "boards" seem informative or communal. They will be targeted.
Every interest we have can be explored outside of these platforms.
8. https://twitter.com/ninaandtito/status/917724898822443008
9. https://twitter.com/TundraEatsYou/status/937777419724791808
15. This is the hacker "Weev" that @KellyannePolls worked with, beginning with Cruz campaign - when they used Cambridge Analytica.
He has deep grievances w/ @HillaryClinton (for his prosecution).
He is such a garbage human being, he may even be trolling you with that tattoo...
16. ...Just to provoke you, then laugh. Because that's how his d*ck works. It's how trolls get off.
This is rooted in the deep pain of rejection they had from their mothers & other women/girls, who were chemically repelled by them...
18. But don't let it confuse you. Because it doesn't matter whether they are grounded in the beliefs they are spreading. By spreading them, they are responsible.
And they will learn through indictments that this never was a game.
And then, through the wrath of parents...
19. ...when the world learns what some of us already know, and have the digital trail to show.
20. The "Alt Right" was a semantic warfare campaign. Funded by Robert Mercer. Fueled by Cambridge Analytica. Propagated by key dotard supporters, who along w/Breitbart, Daily Stormer, & Project Veritas, have been using social media & online forums (4Chan/Reddit/Gab/Gaming)...
22. Thanks @KellyannePolls & Alexander Nix! https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/965600637198024705
23. You can imagine how much collaborative work it has taken for us to find and unpack this footprint. This story.
And it's still unfolding, thanks to the incredible journalism happening right now around CA and the whistle-blower everyone needed in order to grasp it.
24. Give us time. It will all come out. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/929745665130770432
25. https://twitter.com/Tru7hS33kR/status/976081379522940928
26. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/975573895393697792
27. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/975583935819231232
28. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/968570852819197952
29. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/968571807446876160
30. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/968573675095015430
31. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/968575648758300672
32. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/976134192789467137
33. https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/976138942247514117
34. Since @CNN published it, here it is for you to read. Now you know.
Who was he talking to?
This is not conspiracy theory. These are questions on factual data points that we now have:
Who was Lanza talking to in gamer forums?
Why were they romanticizing mass murderers to him?
Why did Manafort Bros offer to demolish the house 4 free?
Why did Infowars wage war on SH?
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