[Thread] The Trump Presidency.

Things that should enrage you instead of harping about conspiracy theories with youtube channels with 13 views.
4. Following the tradition of his predecessors, Trump raids a house in Yemen and kills this beautiful girl.

Nora was an American Citizen.
9. Nominates Betsy Devos, billionaire who doesn't believe in public education.

Btw, her think tank wrote an article supporting child labour.
10. Puts Torturer in Chief, John Kelly, in charge of Homeland Security.
12. Remember April 7, 2017: The Day Trump Became President

(If you are confused see @jeremyscahill awesome take down of CNN's near orgasm over bombs)
15.He had Vitiezi Rend member, @SebGorka in his cabinet. (See Medal)

A) @_michaelbrooks has the best imperasantion of Gorka.

B) Vitezi Rend was pro Hitler.
16. Trump decides to privatize the lands of the first people. Even though, the U.S. government has already stolen more than 99% of their land, they still want to squeeze out the last 1%
17. The party of "family values" thinks grandma's visiting their grandkids are a threat to national security.

18. Please don't call Trump anti "free-trade." He just doubled the funding for "free trade" with sub-saharan Africa.

Free trade is code for: leaving the American worker unemployed while forcing foreign workers to work in sweatshops
19. Private Prison stocks skyrocketed on the day Trump got elected. I wonder why?🤔

Green line is election day.
21. Sold billions in weapons to MBS.

(Also, this photo is completely memeable for all the graphic artists who follow me)
23. Trump seems to be very impressed with his friend Dutuerte. He wants to give opiod dealers the death penalty

(Of course, he won't be executing the CEO of Eli Lilly and I believe this will be struck down as a violation of the 8th amendment)

24. Saudi Madman convinces Trump to fire SOS

Saudi crown prince boasted that Jared Kushner was “in his pocket” https://interc.pt/2DKsRQK  by @AlexEmmons @ryangrim @claytonswisher
27. Trump increases funding for evangelical community group, thereby preserving their rights to give misinformation and spread STDs across the globe.
29. In a bipartisan move, congress arms neo nazis in Ukraine

Officials: U.S. agrees to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine https://usat.ly/2BlZ7JD  via @usatoday
32. Nominated torturer in chief as the head of the CIA by the way follow whistleblower @JohnKiriakou to learn more
33. Congratulations America! You have elected someone even more sociopathic than the CIA
34B. Incidentally, @BetoORourke is polling within 1 point. I wonder if it's related to his denaturalization efforts in Texas?
35. Brett Kavanaugh. @SamSeder in this amazing rant breaks down why he is horrible
38. Installing Juan Guaido
43. I believe this technically counts as genocide https://twitter.com/eshaLegal/status/1134925013839220748?s=20
52. The "Liquidity injections" that lasted only 15 minutes ie... the corporate bailout
53. Forcing, poor women, who escaped Reaganite death squads to drink water from the toilet!
54. He has a corrupt dealing with Azerbaijan and is selling them more weapons
55. Congratulations! That's quite an achievement!
56. He is in the pockets of big pharma.
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