Its rare to experience amusement & disgust at the same time but woke intellectuals jizzing all over themselves after Cyril Almeida’s weekly offering (thank god it wasn’t about the boys) provides one with yet another insight into the deceitful nature of these intellectuals 1/n
This breed used to cosy upto BB & PPP in the 90’s because Sherry Rehman was the blueprint to achieve power and status through compliant and sycophant opeds. For this lot Nawaz Sharif was the enemy, civilian face of the army, the hegemony that was the Punjabi Establishment 2/n
They praised themselves, within the corridors of power they were siding with the ‘left liberal’ political entity in Pakistan. They whitewashed 2 tenures of PPP corruption, mis governance, extrajudicial murders & making BB a martyr who fell in the fight against establishment 3/n
They found everything wrong with Nawaz Sharif and his politics, he was propped up by the ISI they said, he bought elections through funds funnelled by the ISI, Nawaz was evil and these vanguards of journalism would expose him...fight the good fight!! 4/n
The Musharraf years were spent waiting for democracy aka PPP to return, in Dec 2007 their spiritual and would be gravy train was tragically assassinated. This lot was distraught, years of investment gone with her. Being the resilient lot they were, all of them 5/n
aligned themselves to the father of modern day democracy in Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, PPP was back in power and the chance to be rewarded of loyalty was back in play and especially with Mr Zardari who never forgets a friend they say...6/n
3 years of whitewashing PPP was tough but there was nothing this lot couldn’t swallow (literally), then comes Oct 2011 and a new player emerges one who this lot had ridiculed for 15 years who was naive, arrogant, not a politician and A born again Muslim hypocrite 7/n
They kept hammering the new comer, kept ridiculing, kept insulting his support base but yet 2013 brought with it a govt in KP and the 2nd largest vote bank in Pakistan. The dreams were being shattered, PPP had been resigned to a regional party, what was happening? 8/n
this was worse than 2008 all that whitewashing failed, this wretched democracy had thrown up a new comer that was not willing to play ball not appreciative of the compliance & sycophancy that was the hallmark of these left liberal intellectuals...what were they to do? 9/n
Like all self respecting journalists and intellectuals who had invested so much into democracy....they threw in their lot with Nawaz Sharif ( the same one who was the civilian face of the army, the torchbearer of Punjabi hegemony) against the new comer...10/n
Now Nawaz is the face of democracy, the man who will go up against the establishment & Nawaz needs a new enemy, one that Imran Khan has provided to these rent-a-Opinionwriters. The playbook is the same the roles have changed and these intellectuals are back in business. 11/n
So when @cyalm says that @ImranKhanPTI has done Zero for politics, he might well re think and thank Imran for securing the gravy train that was under threat for our esteemed thinking class. 12/12
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