Here's Kenya's Alice in wonderland story. An investor has used 400M Ksh on feasibility study, built 150KM of road and used about 20 Billion KShs so far.
No questions asked. Just an old, feel good , 7- Minute Television infomercial.
Another property TV host was quite happy with the project too and failed to ask pertinent questions about the entire investment. Is it the editorial red carpet prognosis?
Kakamega Country Government threatens to demolish Julius Mwale Investment for flouting rules.
Here's a carefully crafted , unchallenged and uncontested Wikipedia profile page for Julius Mwale's sole proprietorship's US $2 billion investment.
And there is this: 2010 contempt proceedings against Julius Mwale and SBA company in the Supreme Court of New York County (Index Number 117241-09) for failing to honour "Unconditional Agreement of Guaranty" totaling $159 000
Julius Mwale, in a Civil Case No. 460 & 461 of 2010, through his company SBA TECHNOLOGIES INC, had sued Nation Media Group for defamation. His suits were dismissed with costs.
In 2010, Julius Mwale told KTN's @peterwakaba that his company, SBA technologies, was planning to list 10 percent of its stock on the NASDAQ.
So, let's have a hard-talk. Bare knuckled conversation about Julius Mwale's $2 Billion Dollar Medical and Technology City. He says he's spent USD 3,957,385.87 on feasibility studies alone. Where is the EIA report on NEMA Website?
Nearly forgot. After the reported suit in New York and associated problems, Julius Mwale and Co. founded American Institute for African Development (AIAD), a private operating and grant making foundation. 
From his Wikipedia page, Mwale Medical and Technology City claims to be a a 5,000-bed medical referral hospital,a 144-megawatt waste energy facility, 36-hole golf resort and residences contains 1,500 rooms, 4,800 houses. ....
So Julius Mwale claims to want to build more houses than real estate companies? One man real estate? Who has bought the houses he claims to have been already purchased? Who is the lead consultant for this project? What hasn't any PRSK member picked up this project?
Julius Mwale wants to build a "144-megawatt waste energy facility to produce electricity for the city from municipal waste". Has this request been approved? Which are the four "American Companies" working on this project? Can Kakamega County waste produce a 144MW power?
I am actually overwhelmed researching about Julius Mwale Medical and Technology City. I am angered by inexcusable laziness by the media. Blatant editorial failures define articles about this project. Unless these were sponsored stories or bribes were paid out.
What is the source of Julius Mwale's money/income/funding? How did he manage, beyond visiting the US premises and working there for six years, to pull through this Kenyan project alone? No mention of other people working on the project, other than land sellers.
What role has national government played in this ambitious project? Any tax waivers or concessions provided? What about local government? Did they allow him to build the roads on his own? What guarantees have they given for such an multi-million dollar investment?
What's his ACTUAL Kenyan background story? Any prior business training or something as footsteps to this great investment? Anyone knew him from his days in school, college? Why have people seemingly deserting him? No friends, partners to back him up and his projects?
Where did Julius Mwale get KSh. 2,000,000,000 (US $2 billion) for the his Mwale Medical and Technology City as claimed ? I haven't seen any credit reference materials on his alleged worth, or his companies Tax return fillings..
As a matter of public record @KURAroads , did the roads within Butere municipality exist three months ago or did Mr. Julius Mwale build the entire 70KM stretch as claimed in this clip?
K24 Television has taken down Julius Mwale's story from YouTube, after new information contradicted their flawed story.
Just in case your are catching up with this drama, here is a link of the K24 story that was taken down from their YouTube page.
Butere MP and Julius Mwale's brother Tindi Mwale has led a group of people in support of the Mwale Technology City.
The @ODPP_KE shall one day direct @DCI_Kenya to pay a visit to Mwale Medical and Technology City.
Perhaps in doing so, they will arouse media interest in this project, described by many people as suspicious and fraudulent.
Julius Mwale continues to make astonishing claims about his MMTC, whose foundation stands on controversial grounds. No one in national government has challenged this man over his suspicious and fraudulent reputation over this project.
Mwale MMTC has been known to bribe journalists for positive publicity. Here's a suspected case of brazen PR piece another publication.

Innova to Build a $40M Affordable Housing Manufacturing plant in Kakamega's Mwale Medical and Technology City 
Julius Mwale appears to be recruiting senior government officials to his controversial project. At the Las Vegas Sevens Rugby, he's seen with Kenyan envoy to the US, who "has pledged support for MMC".
Mwale Medical and Technology City lies continue.

Mwale Medical and Technology City owners continue to seek publicity for their projects. This time, @ntvkenya team has visited the premise to document their latest "mileage ".
Mr. Carcinogenic wheelbarrow has visited Mwale Medical Centre and by the swing of things, he seem to have approved the project.
Media articles about the controversial Mwale Medical Centre, cited here as reference over the past one year, are disappearing one after another. Looks like media houses and bloggers paid to promote the project can’t defend their publications any more.
Former @Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend Elisa de Panicis has now been brought into the country by Mwale Medical Centre folks to register and “sponsor “ villagers to @nhifkenya enrolment.
Julius Mwale has claimed to have used 19 billions shillings so far to build a mall,hospital,houses, golf course, power plant ,150KM of road and an airport WITHIN his medical facility. BUT HE WOULD NOT ALLOW INDEPENDENT MEDIA VERIFICATION AND AUDIT OF HIS CLAIMS.
An established media pattern of conveyer belt journalism is a common feature with Julius Mwale Medical Facility. Journalists too lazy to ask hard questions would rather publish mediocrity and PR articles than do groundwork, homework about this stinker.
To gain “credibility &l egitimacy”, Mwale Medical and Technology City works with select media houses /point-persons within newsrooms for their PR hit jobs. They use foreigners & “white people” for traction and endorsements, whilst avoiding local transparency & accountability
You’d have imagined something marketed as “paradise in the village” would have absolute local “ownership” whilst projecting globally, but Mwale Medical Centre prefers to look exotic and foreign, with locals being used for poorism visual optics as ‘celebrities’ take centre stage.
Media houses busy taking down story links and YouTube videos published earlier about Julius Mwale and his controversial project in Butere.
A number of contractors, suppliers, traders & vendors are complaining Julius Mwale MTC owes them millions in unpaid bills & pending payments. Some claim to have been physical blocked from accessing the facility to demand payments. For others, it’s load sheet of promissory notes.
Mr. Carcinogenic wheelbarrow is now leading the overseas fund-raising for Mwale Medical Centre. He's in the US for holiday and has been to Trump property for a photo-op. Mwale Medical Centre publicly announcing his leadership and association with the controversial project.
"Hundreds of diaspora Kenyans & foreign investors have started joining Mwale MTC as new residents/workers /partners in an exodus of diaspora Kenyans back home to join this great cause in improving the lives of Kenyans... 800 have applied to relocate to MMTC before years end" 😂😂
..."program has received enough commitments from donors to sponsor more than 52,000 low income families for the monthly Kshs. 500 NHIF premiums. HH will treat patients from Kakamega County with NHIF cards free of charge... will not be required to pay any copays nor hospital fees"
Julius Mwale continues his PR blitz by announcing that MMTC will be marketed by musician @Akon and that Akon's city project will use Mwale MTac as a benchmark of success.

Another claim with no evidence.
I've always wondered who, either in @DCI_Kenya , @NPSOfficial_KE , @MOH_Kenya or @ODPP_KE , is shielding Julius Mwale and MMTC from possible criminal culpability over outrageous claims they continue to make /allege , publicly, about/over their project in Butere.
But, since Julius Mwale and his MMTC elect to keep independent and credible media houses/ journalists away from the "World-class facility", it remains difficult to prove his claims and authenticity of the facility, beyond cherry-picked words and controversial promises.
Julius Mwale Medical Centre seem to have converted their empty "Hamptons Supermarket" hall into a #COVID19 "isolation and quarantine" campus. The facility owners are reaching out for possible business from the #CoronavirusPandemic financial windfall. This scam stinks.
"Konvict" singer, Akon, was in Kenya five years for a "Light Africa project” that promised to lit up every part of the Kibra slums.

He's now struck a digital currency deal, allegedly, with Julius Mwale and Mwale Medical and Technology City.
Has Julius Mwale Medical and Technology City run aground ? Is the project turning into a white elephant? On course to fulfilment? Why hasn't the alleged "$2 billion" project take off , years later?
"Approx. 40 ICU & isolation ward beds are available at Center for Trauma & Critical Care of Hamptons Hospital.. has capabilities to provide critical care & treatment for COVID-19 making this US $ 2 billion community owned sustainable City a Medical center of excellence in Kenya"
Mwale Medical and Technology City claims to be building and investing in a Kshs. 10 billion (USD 93,423,299) on solar power system for the facility.

The unchecked allegations unsubstantiated claims continues.
Mwale Medical and Technology City has not turned to bloggers and vloggers for publicity.

Motion pictures shows the hidden reality of the white elephant project.
A Con City?

Senegalese singer @Akon had better invest his money in his beautiful country. Anything invested in and/or associated with Mwale Medical and Technology City will be permanently lost.
Because website articles on Julius Mwale Medical and Technology City keeps getting taken down, here's a record for posterity.

A Con City.
Mwale Medical and Technology City, which, reportedly has no capacity and laboratories to conduct basic pathology tests, is angling for a share of #CoronavirusPandemic spoils. Its positioning itself to receiving many #covid19 patients for months to come.
Don't turn up after 17:00 HRS at Mwale Medical and Technology City for treatment without an appointment.

Meanwhile, the facility is now "treating" #COVID19 patients.
A Con City.

Media colleagues in Senegal writing about Akon and Julius Mwale Technology City, there is more to the Project than meets the headline publication.

Do your due diligence before publication of any article involving Julius Mwale MTC.
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