(1) I am going to ASSERT and then EXPLAIN something I am positive you THINK you understand, but you actually DON'T.



The entire Obama presidency was based on deception.
(2) This thread is brought to you by the memory of the memory of the movie Memento, which showed in a very unique way, how the universe allows the long arm of the law to move forward, by our minds moving back in time.

(3) The assertion of TOTAL DECEIT by Obama, was brought about by a series of expanding realizations, each of which showed that more and more of his presidency was not SIMPLE FAKERY of incompetence, but rather DIABOLICAL FAKERY with greater purpose.


(4) A core principle of the OBAMA DECEPTION will be that every action or inaction - every success or failure - was designed to ACQUIRE POWER. Some of these will utterly ASTOUND.

I only found one thread of power acquisition. Others will find more.

(6) That realization - that the same FAKE INTEL used to get a BOGUS FISA WARRANT was also used to deceive BIG TECH - presumably augmented with other FAKE DATA - turns out to be near the END of the story - where we are currently AWAKENING to what happened under Obama.
(7) That BOGUS FISA WARRANT turns out to be key to shattering the entire mythology of Obama. It's like that special point where you can hit the glass of your driver's-side window with a sharp object, and the whole thing shatters.

We are SAVED from DROWNING in DECEPTION by it.
(8) As part of the unraveling of OBAMA, Sundance of @TheLastRefuge2 has been concentrating on FBI and DOJ crimes. Sundance was one of the FIRST to realize that ALL Obama scandals led back to a subverted DOJ, first under Eric Holder, then under his wife's FRIEND Loretta Lynch.
(9) As an aside, I tried to warn people about Loretta Lynch at the time, but because of the reality-distorting power of cards like race and gender, it was impossible. However, I did observe DECEPTION, DISINFORMATION and SURVEILLANCE around her, which gave me BIG AMMO LATER.
(10) As the FBI has been falling apart under CLEANSING DECONSTRUCTION, Sundance noted that a particular RAT - DAVID LAUFMAN - a friend and associate of HILLARY CLINTON, was quietly FLEEING DOJ. LAUFMAN actually SAT IN on Hillary's EMAIL interview.

(11) LAUFMAN is actually a very big deal. He TIES TOGETHER the Bill Clinton administration, the Obama administration, and the "incoming" Hillary Clinton administration. His BIOGRAPHY is like a list of scandals involving all of them. Frankly, I'm astonished the man still walks.
(12) If you want to grab a lot of DATA on LAUFMAN, go HERE, and you will be WAY AHEAD of the headlines. He is a NEXUS to many different SCANDALS. The reason why he's still alive is also in this link. Vince Foster LACKED certain things that LAUFMAN HAS.

(13) Where LAUFMAN intersects this thread is his appointment in 12/2014. OBAMA was making serious power moves to SUPPRESS emerging and HORRIFYING espionage scandals and provide for CONTINUITY OF DIABOLICAL GOVERNMENT. A HILLARY ally was PERFECT for both.

(15) The very sharp @hughhewitt is just STARTING to get the significance of this. We realized that COMEY/BAKER FBI malfeasance makes suspect YEARS of both MOVED and UNMOVED casework. LAUFMAN is worse. Everything he touched is potentially SABOTAGED. #MOLE https://twitter.com/hughhewitt/status/961688261667311618
(16) This perked up all the TREEPER wolverine ears to the possibility that OTHER RATS were fleeing, or had already fled. SO - while looking for more goods on LAUFMAN, these WOLF EARS jumped forward when the WOLF EYES spotted the prior leaving of LAUFMAN'S superior, MARY McCORD.
(17) The leaving of McCORD sets off alarm bells, but the next thing we noticed was even more alarming. The file name of the CNN IMAGE above is:


YES. McCORD was intimately involved with the YAHOO HACK controversy.
(18) That would be the SAME Yahoo which was deeply involved in HELPING the DOJ/FBI go after @realDonaldTrump just THREE YEARS and untold MILLIONS or BILLIONS of dollars or POTENTIAL DOLLARS in FINES or DROPPED FINES later.

(19) But I caution - this is just the BEGINNING of the YAHOO story ALONE, and where it leads, backwards in time, is DEVASTATING. The corruption of YAHOO took YEARS and STRATEGIC DECEPTION.

NOW does Trump's EXECUTIVE ORDER about CORRUPTION make sense?

(20) Now, I must LEAVE the YAHOO HACK as an aside and go on.

HOWEVER, I want those intensely interested to pursue it DEEPLY, because NOTHING is as it seems. BOOKS will be written about what is ACTUALLY happening.

READ this, but distrust ALL PLAYERS. http://freebeacon.com/national-security/russian-intelligence-behind-yahoo-email-hack/
(21) A CRITICAL HINT of how to read the @FreeBeacon article. You must apply the OBAMA DECEPTION STANDARD to ALL PLAYERS:


Where this leads is a shocking set of ideas. You don't have to make these your only ideas. But the HANDS must be explained.
(22) SO - moving along, BACK IN TIME, what do we think of, when we think of YAHOO? Do with think of all that MONEY, or all those PEOPLE, or all their INFLUENCE, or their troubled HISTORY, or their VULNERABILITY, or even just the BUILDING? *** OF COURSE NOT! ***
(23) We think of "That Yahoo Woman" - a.k.a. MARISSA MAYER.

And BY THE WAY, as another ASIDE, it is extremely worthwhile to review her career, as she was FOUND and USED as a very clever cultural Marxist ICON. The FAKE NEWS creates and destroys these useful icons AS NEEDED.
(24) Let's move back in time - to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, May 3, 2014. OMG - why does crazy stupid Nancy Pelosi look so POSITIVELY GIDDY?

Well, how do you THINK a Marxist would look, realizing she is now the proud new People's Democratic Owner of YAHOO?
(25) OK - that's a bit of a joke, but this is not. What did MARISSA MAYER do to get invited to the WHCD? Why, she - along with the rest of Silicon Valley - came to the rescue of GLITCH GIRL!
(26) Backing up the focus on GLITCH GIRL, just a bit, we see who she is.

She was that rather humorous but somewhat innocently and maybe even HOTLY brunette personification of the UTTER, MISERABLE FAILURE of a ROLL-OUT that the OBAMACARE website had.
(28) Or so you thought.
(29) You remember the principle: WATCH THE HANDS, NOT THE LIPS

Here's another: IF YOU THINK these people are doing ANYTHING because they're stupid, you have not grasped what it is they're ACTUALLY DOING.

Yes, I know QAnon says they're stupid. But that's only AFTER RED PILLS.
(30) So let's ZERO IN (no pun intended) on a fateful moment - December 17, 2013, when TECH was sucked into a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION and has NO IDEA what was happening. Every bit as clueless as they were back in 2011, when Obama first started herding them into position.
(31) Here you go! MARISSA MAYER even gets to sit next to POTUS44!

So what's up?

(a) Edward @Snowden has revealed NSA secrets that mean Obama has spied on Big Tech! OH NO! First Black President can do no wrong!

(b) Obamacare (GOOD) website (HOORAY TECH) is terrible! (WHAT?!)
(32) AW, look at that SMILE! Is Mayer mad about MEAN OLD NSA? NO WAY!

This psy-op is a TIME-TESTED bad-guy scam. If you have to apologize to a girl for boinking her BFF, so you can boink them both and all their friends, do it from a hospital bed after saving a stranger's puppy.
(33) Knowing THIS SCAM, you can NOW read a story about this NSA/O-care BIG TECH meeting, where Obama INTENTIONALLY seats the sweet girl next to him (ASK YOURSELF WHY, PEOPLE).

I really think these folks NEVER broke a sweat until TRUMP.

(34) Let's take my little LOTHARIO ANALOGY even further. The true ARTISTE gets the SWEET GIRL to go home and TAKE CARE OF THE PUPPY, while he has gymnastic SEX with the nurses, has them STEAL DRUGS for him, and orders in LAVISH MEALS on the girl's CREDIT CARDS.

(35) Not sure what happened to SWEET LITTLE GIRL - heard she LEFT TOWN because of some UNPAID BILLS - but some new PARTY FRIEND of LOTHARIO moved into her place and he's the TALK OF THE TOWN.

Funny how that works.

GEEKS are absolutely NO MATCH for these people.
(36) SO if you're following me, and you know that with CRIMINALS, the only way to WIN is to STAY THE HELL AWAY, then you realize that Obama and his secret network suckered in Big Tech, and have corrupted the hell out of them.

And they TOASTED at the beginning, 02/17/2011.
(37) I leave many more EXPLICIT EXAMPLES of FAKERY in the REST of TECH and SCIENCE for others. It's now EVERYWHERE.

Let's turn our attention to the EPICENTER of the recent FAKERY, FAKE PRESIDENT OBAMA, who emitted and secreted FAKE everywhere, because he himself IS FAKE.
(38) You cannot TRULY understand Obama without the CRITICAL leaked information obtained by TOM FIFE in 1992. The plan which leveraged Obama was SO ASSURED by then, that public loss of the OBAMA SECRET in 1992 was still INCONSEQUENTIAL NOISE in 2008.
(40) Even accepting O's fake self, I was STILL not prepared for his ASTOUNDING reliance on FAKERY.

Only TWO of Alinsky's 12 Rules for Radicals rely strongly on FAKERY - numbers 1 and 9. And yet we find that the Obama administration faked nearly everything.
(41) That's a rather strong statement - to say they faked EVERYTHING. Let me clarify then. The Obama administration used reality when it was easy, but when FAKE was easier, they used FAKE. However, the #FakeNews was CRITICAL for this to work, and TRUMP correctly SABOTAGED IT.
(42) We now RETURN to the PRESENT with the knowledge of how SNEAKY FAKE they are. They used FAKE "good intention" website incompetence to distract from FAKE espionage (REAL secret release) and REAL domestic spying, AND to sucker TECH into an abusive, politicized relationship.
(43) Could it possibly get any worse? HA!

Let's start with all the revelations about that guy named "CARTER PAGE".

You ask me "Who the hell is Carter Page?"

YIKES! I've almost an EXPERT on the guy, and *I'M* asking myself

(44) Carter Page looks suspiciously like Evan McMullin, a.k.a. "McMuffin", of "We created ISIS for good reasons" fame. That certainly sets off a few FAKE FAKE FAKE alarms.
(45) Sorry - just kidding. That was the FAKE McMuffin. This is the FAKE FAKE FAKE McMuffin.
(46) At first, Carter Page was a "businessman" and "former Trump campaign adviser" who was supposedly a "possible Russian spy", and thus REASON for us to be very afraid of Trump. Very afraid! So afraid that it would justify keeping tabs on the guy!
(47) Heck! Even the RUSSIANS were getting in on the act! So if this is FAKE, it's like FAKE SQUARED.

But notice - CARTER PAGE is pushing back. He's doing interviews and saying he's innocent. Maybe even a bit TOO hard, because he starts getting real traction
Why, even TRUMP tweets about it! And those of us who know Trump Tweets, know they ALWAYS age to PERFECTION! So THIS stuff has to be RIGHT!
(50) So now the TABLES TURN and CARTER PAGE is a GOOD GUY who was innocently targeted by OBAMA BLACK HATS to get their Title I warrant, which has "spying superpowers", and allows them to go BACK IN TIME TO SPY!

(No relation to what we're doing. Well, maybe. OK. SAME THING.)
(51) But then people start asking more questions. Carter Page turned out to be a FAKE RUSSIAN SPY (normal person), but what if he's still some kind of FAKE NORMAL PERSON? By that I mean, what if he's actually a SPY FOR US?

And then SUNDANCE proves it!

(52) But what if CARTER PAGE is really a FAKE WHITE HAT, and a nuclear Navy guy who worked in the CLINTON transition and CLINTON Pentagon on nuclear "non-proliferation" (WHUUUT?), and later headed some weird globalist center where McCAIN, ED COX & JEH JOHNSON hung out? ERRRRR...
(53) Are you starting to see what I mean?

There is SO MUCH FAKE on not just CARTER PAGE, but ALL of this FISA warrant "let's spy on Trump" stuff, that TRUMP BOOMERANGS don't know what to hit - and SUSPICIOUS CAT, who normally looks like THIS version of @MariaBartiromo.....
(54) ...starts looking like the "YOU HAVE *GOT* TO BE KIDDING ME" version of @MariaBartiromo....
(55) ...or maybe even the "WHO THE #### IS THIS GUY?" version of @MariaBartiromo - which is ONE place you REALLY don't want to be.
(57) Bill Priestap.

WHO the #### IS this guy?
(59) Nevertheless, I've been looking for information on Bill Priestap, and found THIS summary article...


...which has THIS picture, from a hearing by the Senate Intelligence Committee, on MUH RUSSIA.
(60) So I say to myself (no offense to Dr. Liles) "Hey, this RUSSIAN-LOOKING BLONDE is kinda cute, and whaddayaknow BILL PRIESTAP! OMG! So let's have a look!" So I do!

BTW, this pic marks the exact moment she accidentally CONVINCES me the Black Hats have DHS totally SPOOFED.
(61) I should probably expand on that. It's a question from Sen. Collins, who I find both annoying and lovable, despite her being a DEM (R). She asks THE KILLER Q - how is DHS AWARE of BLACK HAT TECH & MISSIONS? The answer THWACKS any real wise guy - they're TOAST to foul play.
(62) So let me take a moment to thank WHOEVER intentionally misdesigned our IC for extreme unnecessary complexity, because it's providing us HOURS of entertainment. I would say that the RUSSIANS couldn't have designed our system, were it not that they and China basically DID.
(63) So time to watch the video. It's 3 hours long, but I watched no more than 10 minutes, jumping around, to realize it is ALL FAKE. Why no more? The LIES are actually painful and fully explanatory. This is a F***ING SHOW TRIAL.

As I will explain.

(64) The most instructive part is where Feinstein questions Priestap and corners him into reciting the MUH RUSSIA UNIPARTY NARRATIVE. It's painful to watch. My soul CRAVES to see them sitting in a bar, beers in hand, and Priestap FOGHORNS the savage truths that cannot be spoken.
(65) The most logically repellent part of this - and one of the ways that commies ALWAYS stack the deck - is PREJUDICE OF SCOPE - in this case that it was Russia to begin with. This echoes inward "by decorum" in that nobody can openly question OUR OWN BLACK HATS either. SPIT
(66) And what the HECK good is it to have California Communist COMRADE KAMALA asking pointed forensic questions about voting integrity checks? WHY NOT JUST INVITE SOME RUSSIANS and let THEM ask those spirit-of-Stalin questions about vote-counting specifics? FOX IN THE HEN-HOUSE.
(67) Going back to PREJUDICE OF SCOPE, an important ASIDE. This method of hobbling an investigation was used for Three Mile Island, to prevent questions of sabotage from being properly addressed. In that case, an entire industry was RAILROADED TO HELP RUSSIA BUY URANIUM CHEAP.
(68) The ENTIRE question of FALSE ATTRIBUTION by our OWN PEOPLE who have LIED TO COURTS is off the table. Likewise, where is the PENETRATING QUESTIONING about ROGUES like CROWDSTRIKE?

I said SHOW TRIAL and I mean SHOW TRIAL -

(69) The bottom line is that I now believe that the ENTIRE "MUH RUSSIA" scandal is FAKE and protected by Alinsky ridicule. I believe it is 100% RICO conspiracy. Go back to the worthless APT "data" given at the beginning. I'm calling BRENNAN-OBAMA FALSE ATTRIBUTION FAKERY.
(70) FIN

"The arc of the moral universe is not only long, and bent toward justice, but must be measured with the rule of law, lest we be fooled by parallax."
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