23 Signs that you are officially obsessed with Diriliş: Ertuğrul
by Lamyaa Hanchaoui

1. "Eyvallah" is now part of your everyday vocab, only to be met by confused and concerned family members who have no idea what you're saying.
2. You often practice saying the word "Eyvallah Bey" out loud because of how smooth it sounds on your tongue.

3. Other additions to your now advanced vocabulary include: "Hatun", "Jakson", "Souss", "Ertuğrul Bey Takashah!"
4. You passionately shout out "Haydar Allah" whilst aggressively chopping vegetables with your kitchen knife.

5. Watching an episode of Ertuğrul on your laptop during breakfast and dinner time is now the norm and nothing to be ashamed about.
6. Referring your grandmother as "Hayme Hatun", just to see her reaction.

7. A few episodes in, you swiftly book your flights to Turkey.
8. You suddenly want your clothes, accessories and house ornaments to resemble Kayi tribe.

9. You are already planning your adventure to Turkey to find anything remotely related to Kayi.

10. You start to realise that real men do exist...
in the 13th Century.
11. Your hatred towards the Templars switched from 100 to 1000, real quick.

12. You kiss and nodd on your mum's hand when she does something nice for you.
13. You decide it's time sign up to your local sword fighting club... only to realise that it doesn't exist and your dreams of becoming an Alp is over.

14. When you find yourself in a sticky situation, your automatic response is "what would Ertuğrul do?"
15. Your faith in God, humanity and divine justice changed in ways you couldn't imagine.

16. Finding someone who loves Ertuğrul as much as you do feels as though you have found your long lost sibling / potential soul mate.
17. Making peace with past people who have hurt you, by comparing them to Noyan.

18. Your current playlist is dominated by Turkish and Ottoman tracks. It is now your go-to-music for motivation and relaxation.
19. You have shamelessly followed and stalked every Alp and Hatun on Instagram.

20. You greet people by slapping your hand on your chest.

21. Your interest in early Sufism and spirituality has heightened dramatically.

22. "It's not bae, it's BEY" “or even BAE or BOO!”
23. A life without Diriliş: Ertuğrul is just not a life you are willing to accept.

Hope you enjoyed! Eyvallah IYI 😊 Thanks LamyaaHanchaoui
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