Anyway, done the latest batch of kdramas.
- School 2017 ✅
- Bring It On Ghost ✅
- Hwarang ✅
- Good Doctor ✅
- My Secret Romance ✅
- Signal ✅
- Fight For My Way ✅

Oyeahhh, onto the next batch! Leggooooo
Alas, settle latest batch kdramas!
- Chief Kim ✅
- Woman with A Suitcase ✅
- Secret Garden ✅
- Angel Eyes ✅
- Flower Boy Next Door ✅
- Strongest Deliveryman ✅
- Tunnel ✅
- Blood ✅
- W: Two Worlds ✅
- My Lawyer Mr. Joe ✅
- Bride of The Water God ✅

Next batch pls!! 💃
PALING RECOMMENDED: Chief Kim, Tunnel & W: Two Worlds.

Yg okay okay la, not bad la: Secret Garden (best mmg best but lapuk dah la tgk sekarang 😂😂), Strongest Deliveryman (sebab ada seonho!!!!!) & My Lawyer Mr. Joe.
Paling disappointing would be habaek. Damn, cast dah cun dah. But haih, it has sooooo much potential! I guess goblin dah set very high standard for fantasy-kind-of-dramas. Payah payah hewhew
I thought i would wanna wait till i finish the whole batch. But now that the world cup season has started, i’m not quite sure when will i have the time to catch up on my dramas as i’ll surely be catching up on my sleep during my free time. So here it goes!
My latest batch of kdramas that i’ve watched (half batch lah actually k),
- Meloholic ✅
- Save Me ✅
- On The Way To The Airport ✅
- Mystery Queen ✅
- Mystery Queen 2 ✅
- Love In The Moonlight ✅
- Black ✅
And then, it’s the World Cup season! ⚽️😂
For this one, most recommended for me would be: Save Me, Queen Of Mystery 1&2, and Black!

Weh semua ni best serious shit i’m telling you. Save Me dia cm intense lebih sbb pasal ajaran sesat semua. Black pulak pasal grim reaper, tp lama nokharom 1 episod weh, tu je cons dia hahaa
Mystery Queen 1&2 nii, i really like it a lot sebab kwon sang woo! I’ve always watched him acting all serious before this, suspense garang je character dia. Tp dalam cerita ni wehhh dia boleh buat lawak tu yg cm wow sikit. Comparing 1&2, 1 is better. 2 mcm kureng sikit hewhew
Yg okayokay pulak would be On The Way To The Airport. It’s a bit slow, but i kinda like it la haha.

Disappointing ones? Meloholic and Love In the Moonlight. LITM mmg nt my forte, tk pernah minat cerita joseon era cmni 🙄 Meloholic entah la, bosan ah. Took me 2 weeks nk habiskan!
Okay next batch of kdramas. Kali ni byk sikit sebab previous batch lupa nak update wakakaka
- Her Lovely Heels ✅
- You Drive Me Crazy ✅
- The Girl Who Sees Smell ✅
- Jugglers ✅
- Man To Man ✅
- While You Were Asleep ✅
- Angry Mom ✅
- Reunited Worlds ✅
- Criminal Minds ✅
- Suspicious Partner ✅
- D-Day ✅
- Tomorrow With You ✅
- Defendant ✅
- I’m Not A Robot ✅
Best gilaaaaa for me would be You Drive Me Crazy, While You Were Asleep, Suspicious Partner, D-Day & Defendant.
You Drive Me Crazy is a 2-eps drama, but I really like it a lot. It’s really niceeee! While You Were Asleep pun best, eventhough i was skeptical a bit cause of suzy but well she did improve a lot! Heheh. Suspicious Partner pun niceeeee, serious! Love it!
D-Day was amaaaaaaaazing weh! Sumpah aku suka, one of the best medical drama I’ve ever watched. About korea yg tk pernah kena gempa bumi, tetiba kena. So patients flooding the hospitals semua, blood meds supply running out, handling crisis semua. Omg sumpah best!
And don’t lemme start on Defendant. Another brilliant drama by ji sung! I was in doubt too at first sebab yuri, but I guess her personal acting class with ji sung pays off. Love her acting! This drama is so brilliantly fucked up that you will hate the bad guy so sooo much! Haha
Yg worth a watch would be Jugglers, Man To Man, Reunited Worlds, Tomorrow With You and I’m Not A Robot.

Daniel Choi comel je dalam Jugglers, and kind of interesting jugak tgk secretaries world mcm mana haha. Man To Man pulak, twas nice seeing park hae jin as an awesome spy!
Reunited Worlds pun not bad! Tomorrow With You storyline dia interesting but you really really have to pay attention or else sumpah boleh lost! Hahaha. And I’m Not A Robot my god, comel gila pls! Tp part sedih dia kind of depressing, laki tu nangis byk gila wehh i kennot betul 😭
Yg biasa biasa pulak Her Lovely Heels, The Girl Who Sees Smells & Angry Mom.

And the worst of the worst of the worst would be Criminal Minds. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT WATCHING IT. Sebulan weh aku nak habiskan cerita ni celaka betul.
Alrighty, next batch of kdramas doneeeee! Leggo!
- Eulachacha Waikiki ✅
- Revolutionary Love ✅
- Cross ✅
- The Best Hit ✅
- Live ✅
- Rain or Shine ✅
- Chicago Typewriter ✅
- Because This Is My First Life ✅
Paling, very, sumpah, sangat best punyaaa would be Eulachacha Waikiki, Live and Chicago Typewriter.

Because This Is My First Life best, tapi takde lah best gila. Hujung hujung dia makin pening aku bhahahaha. Awal awal je la lawak dia bangang sikit 😂
Bearable ones would be the rest except for Rain or Shine. Too slow for me!

Cross was one of a kind tho. Medical drama berpaksikan revenge and 100% revolves around organ transplants! So kind of interesting ahh tengok drama pasal issue berkait dgn pemindahan organ bagai 👌👌
Live was freaking awesome wehhhh sumpahh!! I love it!! Chicago Typewriter pun besttt, a lot of plot twists! And if you’re someone yg jenis mudah terhibur, tengok Eulachacha Waikiki. Cerita ni tak pakai akal logik, serious! Writer dia taktau ah hisap apa masa tulis skrip ni 😂😂😂
Anyway, i’m on a roll for my latest batch of dramas after being on a hiatus for about 3 MONTHS! Well twas sorting out my google/backup photos most of the time, family issues, personal issues and whatnot. God knows how miserable i felt wehhhhh, missing kdramas terribly!!!
So, i did watch short kdramas/movies lahhhh here and there. Whenever i have time, whenever i wanna feel loved so badly, whenever i just wanna laugh my heart out. Nak cry kennot ah, cause i iz hati batu, my tear glands tak mudah tertipu with all these dramas semua bhahaha so leggo
Here are some short dramas/movies that i watched.
- 7th First Kiss✅
- Be With You✅
- Splash Splash Love✅
- If We Were A Season✅
- Queen of The Ring✅
- Deranged✅
- Romance Full of Life✅
- Miracle in Cell No. 7✅
- On Your Wedding Day✅
- The Sound of Your Heart✅
- You✅
Semuaaaaaaaaaaaa best kecuali If We Were A Season & Romance Full of Life. Not that i’m saying 2 ni tak best, tapi biasa biasa je lah. Tak tengok pun takpe.
Short dramas are 7th First Kiss, Splash Splash Love, Queen of The Ring, The Sound of Your Heart dgn 2 atas ni 👆🏼
7th First Kiss best utk perempuan yg nak berangan mcm aku 😂 7 lelaki handsome dating kau kot, gila siapa taknak wakaka 🤣 Splash Splash Love, Queen of The Ring comel nak mati i loikeee. The Sound of Your Heart best plssss, dh mcm mini Eulachacha Waikiki sumpah lawak namati
Movies are Be With You, Deranged, Miracle in Cell No. 7 & On Your Wedding Day.

Okay, you have to watch Deranged. It’s so mind boggling wehhh, shit imagining tht horsehair worms pun dah geli naik bulu roma woi disturbing but i love la tht movie. Something different, not typical
Miracle in Cell No. 7, i think tak payah nak cerita kot. Semua tau rasanya. Aku je yg lambat jumping on the bandwagon 😂 tapi serious ah movie tu power wehhh

Be With You & On Your Wedding Day ni kelakar comel sedih. Bhahaha worth a watch 👌👌👌
And lastly, You is the famous netflix series that needs no further explanation. Pretty sure everyone knows that. It’s not a kdrama. But It’s a series still 😛 Hahaha it’s a nice addictive series, can’t wait for Season 2!
Oyeah i iz doneee for my latest batch of kdramas, here we go!
- Two Cops ✅
- 20th Century Boy & Girl ✅
- Duel ✅
- Rich Man ✅
- Go Back Couple ✅
- Deserving of The Name ✅
- Familiar Wife ✅
- Prison Playbook ✅
- Memories of The Alhambra ✅
Yg best for me would be 20th Century Boy & Girl, Go Back Couple and Familiar Wife.

Why Prison Playbook is not on the list? Sebab dia bukan best, tapi best gila nak mampus omggggg sumpah best nak mati. ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS I HAVE EVER WATCHED SERIOUS SHIT
I’ve always liked romcom ringan comel comel kelakar sikit mcm 20th Century Boy & Girl. Lagi lagi sebab Kim Ji Suk berlakon, uish lagi la minat teruk hahaa
For Go Back Couple & Familiar Wife. Actually both dramas storyline lebih kurang sama!!! Pasal married couple yg dh tired of each other and hoping tht they could turn back time. Tapi ada different dia, and dua dua ada message diorang yg tersendiri. I enjoyed both, honestly
You can watch both and see for yourself. Imo, Go Back Couple dia lagi kelakar and comel sikit. Familiar Wife lagi sarat for me. But dude, I cried watching Go Back Couple wehhhh. Ada satu scene tu, no joke. Tak pernah pernah nangis tgk drama 😂 dasar sungguh!
These 3 dramas; Duel, Deserving of The Name and Memories of The Alhambra, are very intriguing for me. Intriguing in the sense of wanting to know why, how, who, when, eh semua lah byk gila persoalan yg keluar bila tgk drama ni so agak menarik sebenarnya
Deserving of The Name is a medical drama, focusing on acupuncture. Medical drama mmg selalunya best pun fr me. Bt this one dia ada time traveling sikit, so lagi menarik hehe
Duel & Memories of The Alhambra ni pulak drama yg kau tgk first few episodes dh confusing mcm apa haha.

Duel is a very interesting take on crime, stem cells rejuvenation therapy and clone!
Memories of The Alhambra pulak more to gaming. This one pun very interesting! And i really admire Hyun Bin’s acting tho (and his A++ looks plus how dashing he is obviously lol).
Okay the rest, Two Cops & Rich Man. Tak tengok pun takpe hahahah.

Two Cops biasa je. Although ada my baby Kim Seon Ho, but the storyline biasa je to me. Actors dah tiptop dah. ☹️

Rich Man pulak terbalik. Storyline cantik, acting hancur 😭😭

So don’t bother la kk dua dua ni zzz
I've settled my next batch of kdramas yayy! Here's the list hehe
- Suits ✅
- Hospital Ship ✅
- Thirty Going Seventeen ✅
- Hwayugi ✅
- My Mister ✅
- The Last Empress ✅
- Sky Castle ✅
- What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? ✅
Drama yg worth it utk korang tgk would be Thirty Going Seventeen, The Last Empress, Sky Castle and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?
Thirty Going Seventeen serious best! I like it a lottt! Heroine dia sumpah comel gilaaaa. It's a nice drama yesss.

Sky Castle is a good drama. Bg aku takde lah best sgt sebenarnya. Tp sebab the drama is very meaningful actually, ada message. So worth it sgt kalau nk tgk.
The Last Empress pulak mmg drama habis cerita dia. Sumpah best!! Kaki drama wajib tgk cerita ni. Plot twist dia, ups and downs dia, mmg best sungguh laaa. Tp hujung je slack sikit. Overall very entertaining
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? Drama ni besttt wehh hahaha!!! Aaaaaaaa tapi paling stress tgk sebab sweet teruk dr awal sampai habis! Yg single mmg akan sedar la betapa tak bestnya jadi single tu hmph 🙃
Hm, drama yg lain lain tu bagi aku bukan tak best. Tapi kalau korg nk layan, tgk la kalau nak. Boleh je tp tk worth it sgt la bagi aku hahaha
Suits....... dude, you have no idea how much i anticipated this drama, like so bad, from the moment they announced on the plan to remake this drama. But bila aku tengok adoi mak aiii
I guess my expectation is too high? Or prolly the OG suits are too good? Tp i iz very disappointed with korean suits. So don't bother watching this one imo. Tgk je la yg asal punya wuwuu
Hospital Ship pulak hm, awal awal bosan. Hujung hujung best haha. Tp there are few interesting cases/conflicts. So it's not that bad. But kalau tk tgk pun takpe gitu, tk rugi apa apa bhahaha
Hwayugi? Yg ni pun haih. Nak tgk, tgk lah. But omg where do i start? Maybe the expectations are high as well? Tp sumpah kecewa wehhh tgk. Editing cam nokharom. Sorry to say, but I don't like it.
My mister? Hm, this one actually okay kalau nk tgk. Tp tk tgk pun tk rugi. Hahaha, i kinda like it actually. Maybe sbb the storyline mmg cm real life punya. And the drama is not tht bad as well. The only downside fr me is runtime per episode is too long 🙄
Yo, my next batch of kdramas iz doneeee! Here's the list,
- Age of Youth 1 ✅
- Age of Youth 2 ✅
- Clean with Passion For Now ✅
- Lawless Lawyer ✅
- Terius Behind Me ✅
- Life On Mars ✅
- Handsome Guy & Jung Eum ✅
- Switch: Change The World ✅
- My ID is Gangnam Beauty ✅
- Mr. Sunshine ✅
- The Beauty Inside ✅
- Hotel Del Luna ✅
So what I would really recommend are Clean with Passion For Now, Lawless Lawyer, Life on Mars, Handsome Guy & Jung Eum, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Mr. Sunshine & The Beauty Inside.

The rest are so-so hahaha. Yes, Del Luna is so so for meeee.
I like Age of Youth 1, so if you really wanna watch tht, watch the first one je pls. Second one hancur, me no likey.

Terius Behind Me pun so so jugak. But plus point a bit sbb the kids are damn cuteeee! Can watch la, not tht bad.
Switch pun biasa jeeee. But it's kinda interesting sbb dia buat scam job so menarik tgk how he did all his tricks but legally hahah so okay la menarik
And yes Hotel Del Luna pun biasa je fr me. Maybe I expected too much because of the hype everyone is giving. Too many flashbacks, and a bit dreaded la the plot fr me hahahaha. One thing i really like is IU cantik nak mampos and all her outfits magadz 💯 💯
Okay, onto the interesting ones!

Clean with Passion For Now besttt! Menarik la dia buat pasal someone allergic microbes hahaha sumpah kelakar! And weh heroin dia cantik nak mampos sis stress tgk 😩
Lawless Lawyer best wehhhhhhh! Sumpah tak tipuuuuu. Ni taraf taraf Remember Me, Innocent Defendant. Tapi tak serious sgt, ada la part bodoh dia romantik dia hahaha. Omg serious sukaaa!
Life On Mars pun menarik! 2 of my fav actors are here. Tk ingat nama diorg hahahaa but dorg berlakon best. It's a remake from the American drama. I'm not sure if it's 100% sama sbb i don't watch it. Prolly better cause I've no expectations & i'm lovin' it!
Handsome Guy & Jung Eum is one typical romcom abt this guy yg pandai nk mati bg love advice tp tk percayakan cinta & this woman kerja as matchmaker tp hopeless in love. Hahahaa tp serious best la if you're looking fr cite romantic yg tk complicated kk 😛
My ID is Gangnam Beauty wehhhh this drama wehhhhhhhhhh ashdjdhsgagsjdjshahsjs. It's a romantic teenage drama, based in college, hero handsome nk mampos, what else do you want? Kalau nak layan hati & perasaan, nak senyum sorg sorg, hang tgk cerita ni kk
Mr. Sunshine is a really heavy drama, setting dia time Joseon era, zaman korea kene jajah camtu lah. I really loveee this drama! Kalau nak nangis, tgk lah drama ni haha. But iolls hati kering, so tak nangis pung 🤣 tp sumpahla cite ni sedih nak mampos!!!
And lastly, The Beauty Inside is the drama version of the hit movie with the same name. Cuma movie it's the guy yg ada symptom ni. This drama, the girl yg ada problem tukar tukar badan, while the guy has prosopagnosia. So it's about love transcending the physical attributes 💯
Ayyyy! My latest batch of kdramas 👇🏼
- Good Witch ✅
- Manhole ✅
- Missing Nine ✅
- Beautiful Gong Shim ✅
- Moorim School ✅
- Warm & Cozy ✅
- Misty ✅
- Radio Romance ✅
- Bad Guys ✅
- Bad Guys: Vile City ✅
- Bad Guys: The Movie ✅
- Are You Human Too? ✅
- Pinocchio ✅
- Pride & Prejudice ✅
- Happy Once Again ✅
- The Liar & His Lover ✅
- Lookout ✅
- The Third Charm ✅
- Stranger Forest ✅
- Black Knight, The Man Who Guards Me ✅
- Voice ✅
- Put Your Head On My Shoulder ✅
- Voice 2 ✅
- Voice 3 ✅
- The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot ✅
I knowww, it's a lottt! Which is why it took me almost 6 months to finish them off. Ni semua series on netflix, yg lama lama sis takleh nak download. So, i just watch them all off at once. Memula sikit, pastu tambah lagi, tambah lagi. Sekali terbanyak jadinya 🥴
Anyway, as usual. Yang tak best yeh — Beautiful Gong Shim, Moorim School, Are You Human Too?, Pride & Prejudice, The Liar & His Lover, Lookout, Stranger Forest, Put Your Head On My Shoulder and The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot.
Not even gonna argue about Pride & Prejudice. What a bore!
So as The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot. Seriously tak paham why are they rebooting the series, kwang soo punya dh best wehhh. Yg ni sumpah bosan gila.
Liar & His Lover tu musical, not really my taste
Stranger Forest build-up dia lambat sangat, sis stress. Hujung best. Pastu slow sgt cerita dia. Tp i like the ending, so might watch the second one.
Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a C-drama and nope, i dont like the acting 🙅🏼‍♀️
The rest bosan pls. Don't bother. Haha
Yang okay okay pulak — Manhole, Radio Romance, Bad Guys series, The Third Charm & Black Knight, The Man Who Guards Me.

Manhole, Radio Romance & Black Knight was okay okay la. Can watch. Ada part kelakar comel semua. Boleh layannn
The Third Charm dia best, okay laaa, awal awal gempak, dh separuh jalan cm depressing sikit hahahahahahah. So tu je la bad points dia.
Bad Guys series? Hm, i really enjoy the first Bad Guys! Serious best gilaaa. All the delinquents, bersatu nak solve crime. Love it! So i was really excited nak sambung second one. Tapi dia pi tukar casting semua 🤦🏻‍♀️ weh sedih weh. Pastu cite slow, build-up lambat haih,
The 3rd one, dia buat movie, reinstating most of the first series punya cast (huge YAS), it got better lah! Hahahaha so prolly if you wanna watch series yg mana this detective gather penyangak yg dh dlm penjara, form a team to solve crime cases, watch Bad Guys kkk
Now, yang best yeh guys! Yang best best best for me are Good Witch, Missing Nine, Warm & Cozy, Misty, Pinocchio, Happy Once Again & all Voice series!
Okay, for those yg sukaaaaa light dramas. Yg cute, kelakar, lovey dovey, cm eh light dramas laaa which i loveeeee, go and watch Good Witch, Warm & Cozy and Happy Once Again. Tiga-tiga ni cite lama tp plot semua best, kalau mudah terhibur haa tengok kk tengok. Best best haha
Missing Nine is a different kind punya drama. Pasal survival kt island bila plane terhempas. So wehhh fascinating gila tgk how they try to survive semuaa, all the betrayal semua cukup la. 👌👌👌
Misty i'm telling you wehhhhhh tgk misty wehhh, sumpah best terukkk. Suka gilaaaa, drama pasal marriage, murder, revenge, yg plot twist cm nokharom. Eh best ah!

Pinocchio pun best, idk why it took me this long to watch this drama. Ingatkan tk best at first, but boy i was wrong!
Finally, voice series? Voice? ONE OF THE BEST DRAMA SERIES EVERRR! Wehhhhhh best teruk. Kalau suka crime genre, please please tengok. The bomb dot com.
Anyway, this thread is getting too long. Imma make a new thread and will link it up later down below. Now, to conclude this thread. Here are the list of all dramas that i've watched up to today. Yup, they go way back from 2001.
The very first drama that got me into this mess was Meteor Garden, tgk zaman sekolah agama dulu lol. Then first kdrama — Full House. And i started a lot with family drama yg beratus episode tu sbb tgk kt tv je haha. Who would've thought, 213 dramas altogether 🥴
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