The usual hysterics have been at work. Let's clear some things up about Trump's DACA plan.

All 1.8 million have to leave. They will be ALLOWED to file to return legally. NOT ALL will be allowed to return.
Of those allowed to return, they will be allowed to PURSUE A PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP.

NOT ALL will be accepted who file for it.
So when people throw out this 1.8 million number, remember:

1) these people have to leave and then come back using the LEGAL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM

2) NOTHING says all 1.8 million get citizenship. They get a path that most will not successfully complete.
So of that 1.8 million you're going to see many file to come back, but not be accepted back.

And of that smaller number let back in, you're going to see many of them not even bother to pursue the 12 year pathway to citizenship, so no worries about them voting legally.
People calling this 'Amnesty' like these people are just having citizenship 'handed' to them as a 'reward' need to go back and rethink all of this.
Once DACA is dealt with, the wall is secured, border security is increased, chain migration is ended, Trump can move on to the next phase.

We all know what that is, don't we?

Cutting off the federal WELFARE benefits to people still here illegally.
Hey if states like California want to continue spending up to 1/3rd of their state tax revenue to support illegals, fine with me. But federal TAX DOLLARS will stop being sent to the states to support illegals.
We're about to spend the next several years watching Jeff Sessions & the DOJ crush politicians defying federal immigration law with their 'sanctuary city' BS.

They got ONE FULL YEAR of warning that this was coming.
Breitbart dot com and Ann Coulter can engage in all the attention-grabbing hysteria they like. I expect that from them.

It won't change a thing.

No wall, no DACA. Trump hasn't budged on this despite any hysterical posts you see on social media.
Here's the section on DACA. Let's see a show of hands. Who thinks putting a long, 10-12 year path in front of them where they have to cross all their t's and dot every single i to get citizenship = 'amnesty'
The border MUST be secured BEFORE we start cutting the welfare benefits & deport the hardliners who won't leave.

We've followed a BROKEN SYSTEM of deporting with NO border wall for 40 years.

We deport, THEY COME BACK.

WHY would you want to deport them all NOW with no wall and no increased border security yet? THEY'LL JUST COME BACK. THEY ALWAYS COME BACK.

How about we STOP doing what hasn't been working?

Anybody for that?
Trump is trying to RADICALLY change the immigration game. He's gonna get a wall up in the next 2-3 years and then phase out federal welfare to the illegals that won't self deport.

They're NOT going to be able to just walk back in.
The border MUST be hardened, the wall MUST be in place BEFORE you start the big drive to deport those still unwilling to leave.

There are 'Conservatives' out there shilling for clicks & attention shrieking about 'Amnesty Don' who know this. They are F**KING WITH YOU.
How about you STOP letting people mess with you?

Trump knows what he's doing.
Trading *legal status* for 1.8 million DACA recipients with a 10-12 year pathway to citizenship MOST won't complete?

In exchange for THIS?

1) border wall $
2) increased border security
3) end of chain migration?


You make that deal.
Then from a position of strength, with border getting hardened, you end birthright citizenship and you begin cutting off all federal welfare aid to illegals.

And then you begin directly deporting those who STILL won't leave.

And this time, they'll STAY gone.
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