#PedoPutin is the worst of Donnie's man-crushes, no doubt.
But let's take a look at the other PEDOPHILES & GLOBAL RAPE-TRADERS that our Pres pals around with &/or endorses.

1. JEFFREY EPSTEIN: convicted child rapist, accused child trafficker, & alleged 💰-launderer 4 RUS mob.
One brave woman even named #DotardDonnie in Epstein's child rape trial - as a participant in Epstein's alleged rape parties. Here's her affidavit.

2. ROY MOORE. Remember him? Yep, he got #DotardDonnie's endorsement & defense against child assault claims.
Tevfik also likes touching Ivanka.

4. JOHN CASABLANCAS: Lordy, the accusations are a plenty against this disgusto (may he RIP). #DotardDonnie knew him well - and handed off his daughter, at age 13, to model for him.
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19. They keep coming. Here's a sex-trafficker. dotard sure does loves him some RU sex-traffickers... https://twitter.com/kelly2277/status/1007996612239593472
21. Don't miss the human trafficking part on this case... https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/1098990807372054528
22. So, then #21 above crashed into Mar-a-Lago, & the entire @GOP leadership tumbled out. Thanks to the sex-trafficking madam who Trump love long time.
Don't miss the part in ⬇️ thread where she posts to her social media from meetings at the White House. https://twitter.com/Pinche_Pi/status/1104062642170351617
24. Just was shown this. Guess I gotta add it. We’re up to 24, many who are pedophiles. https://twitter.com/lincolnsbible/status/1149145080428523520?s=21
25. What the ass f*ck?! Finally dug into this article. Considering all of the above, that donald picked this guy to travel & stay with him at Mar-a-Lago is glaring. And yet, we haven’t heard a peep about it.
RICHARD CICCARELLA, child porn aficionado. And, of course, Russia.
Since Prince Andrew self-destructed, I can now add him to the list without news folk flipping out on me & amplifying false narratives.
It’s the little victories... https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/donald-trump-prince-andrew-fun-174825816.html
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