By unfortunate necessity, I must do a thread on the Reagan years.

Millennials: If your life sucks, blame your parents for voting Reagan
1. Ronald Reagan gave a speech in the same county 3 Mississippi civil rights workers were killed.
Date of speech: August 3, 1980
Date that the FBI found their body: August 4, 1964

If this were a dog whistle, human beings heard it loud and clear.
2. Soon after, the KKK endorsed him. Pay attention to the highlighted section
3. Reagan learned from the Kissinger play-book and sabatoged the hostage negotiation in Iran. He chose hardliner over moderate.

So what was Reagan's deal with Iran?
4. What deal did he negotiate with Iran?

He sold arms to Iran and used that money to fund the right right death squads contra in Nicaragua.
5. Reagan passed an unprecedented tax cuts in 1981. Oh look at how #VichyDems collaborated
6.Even as an actor Reagan collaborated with the FBI and their witch-hunt against Hollywood.
7. Ronald Reagan proposed a constitutional amendment to allow prayer in public schools
8. He funded the right wing government in Guatemala. They committed Maya genocide.
9. Technically not when he was President, but it is horrible enough that it merits a mention

(H/t @DanniYelllll )
10. He mass-fires FAA workers who striked for better wages.

Also imposed a lifetime ban on them.

BTW.. if anyone knows one of these air traffic controllers, please introduce me. I'm curious.

Also, was this ban ever lifted?
11. Worse, it was just out of spite.

Even worse he endangered all of our lives because it took 3 years to train new controllers.

(Air traffic controllers are the reason we are alive after a flight)
12. He funded death squads in El Salvador that chanted "Be a Patriot, kill a priest"
13. Reagan screwed over women and helped defeat ERA
(H/t @JudyJones1990)
14. Thank you @HumanistReport for your thorough run down of Reagan and AIDS
15. Gutting welfare
16. Reagan made the war on drugs an international issue and created Cartels.

Also, look at how #VichyDems voted

19. He massively increased income inequality
20. He deregulated the loans and savings regulations to legalize "red-lining"

oh, look at who was terrible at resisting! (Dems had control of Congress)
21. Reagan cut taxes on the wealthy in half.
22. Reagan gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons to gas the Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war.
23. Reagan called the Taliban "freedom fighters"
24. Reagan vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Bill and back then, apparently some Democrats had a backbone and they did override the veto
27. Reagan packed the NLRB with anti-unionists and the results were disastrous
28. Courted the Religious right who were pretty anti-semitic and gave them undue influence over the party
33. Appointed Scalia. Guess who didn't have a filibuster -proof majority? Why did the senate confirm him with 98-0?

#VichyDems collaborate...
34. Ronald Reagan froze minimum wages

B). Curiously two other presidents share that history

35. Interesting that the Saudis enjoy such a long lasting, bipartisan friendship with all American Presidents
40. Required Federal Agencies to do a cost-benefit analysis for safety regulations. Many of these safety regulations were life or death matters, but it was a sign that corporate profits by weight b our safety
41. Opposed removing asbestos in schools
42. Handcuffed the FDA and didn't listen to them about warning labels for children who were given aspirin when they had chicken pox.
43. Disgusting! While governor, he threw mentally ill people onto th street
44. Started a propaganda outlet for the U.S. government called "white propaganda."

They would plant fake stories about Samdernistas to garner sympathy for contras
45. Remember when Reagan had to fire Neil Gorsuch's mom because she gave EPA super fund money to only people in swing districts occupied by a Republican?
46. A consequence of Ronald Reagan's cruel treatment of mentally ill people is that prisons became mental health facilities...
47. Ronald Reagan gave private prison companies its first federal contract in immigration detention centers
48. Reagan and Clintons have the same friends
55. No matter whose in power, the Saudis seem to get their weapons
59. Ronald Reagan and Zia Ul Huq toasting to turning Pakistan from a Democracy to an autocracy, when Zia Ul Huq with American weapons got to change the constitution to make himself "king"
62. Reagan strategically courts the 'George Wallacee Voters"
63. He makes Trump's clean coal statement seem smart.
64. Changed educational money into block grants and stopped enforcing civil rights provisions to educational money, which meant, he let local districts re-segregate schools.
65. " I don't want Donald Trump's kids to go to college for free" must have been a line Hillary Clinton borrowed from Reagan
66. Cut HUD housing development from 600k a year to 10K a year!
67. This was the HUD budget before and after Reagan and compare that with homeless people by year

Which of course increased homelessness, but here was Reagan's take on that.
68. This was when he was Governor, but this quote is still ghastly. (h/t @ivorydocumentary)
70. The Grape Worker's Strike:
73. This stable genius president said the biggest problem we have in 1982 was witches on food stamps.

(h/t @Remember_Sarah )
74. Ronald Reagan with Ukranian Nazi war Criminal Yaroslav Stetsko
75. Let Nazi scientist leave the US without trying him and also refused to strip Nazi scientist of a medal.
76. Sometimes, he makes Trump sound like a stable genius.
77. Remember when Reagan accidentally started a nuclear war?

Everyone, let's thank Stanislav Petrov for everything after 1983! True Hero!
78. Ronald Reagan's campaign slogan

(h/t @daveanthony)
79. Did someone say "space force?"
80. US bombs hospital in Grenada. Many Cuban doctors served there.

Interesting juxtaposition of capitalism vs socialism.
81. Reagan's Kaibeles invaded Mexico to hunt down a refugee!
83. He is purely vile!
84. Just reminder about the contras
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