1/ Sedition Timeline - This thread chronologically reviews Trump and his campaign’s crimes against the United States.
2/ Trump has laundered dirty Russian money for decades (THREAD): https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/926594211381686272
3/ Manafort has lived in Trump Tower since 2004. He was paid millions to further Kremlin agenda in the US and abroad. He laundered Russian money through Trump businesses: https://twitter.com/i/moments/868189566750138368
4/ Trump directly conspired with the Kremlin and its agents from 2013 to undermine our democratic election. (NOTE: the threads in my moments have been broken up —trolls—so you must read them through the moments to get entire thread): https://twitter.com/i/moments/888814112943296515
5/ Part ONE of thread from moment in paragraph 4 (1-28): https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/888577215126007808
6/ Part Two of thread from Moment in paragraph 4 above (27-58): https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/947898136835624960
7/ Some US-Putin history: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/858031805307420672
9/ Trump’s historic ties to Russia are well-known: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/889332359060959232
10/ Trump stepped up his Russian dealings after the December 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/889324695744598016
11/ Russia has a long game when it comes to undermining the US: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/889298590698532867
12/ Russia knows how to groom an asset and has groomed Trump since the 1980’s: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/889194668373815296
13/ Trump likes being groomed by mobsters. https://twitter.com/funder/status/888754694750908416
15/ This 1997 article could not have been more prescient: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/889192240094072837
16/ Trump’s decades-long business partner Phil Ruffin is married to Miss Ukraine-2001, Alexander Nikolaenko, who connected Trump to other wealthy Russians & Ukrainians from 2004-2013:
17/ Here is one of hundreds of examples of Trump’s many connections. We will explore his many ties in this thread: https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/889556932419301376
18/ Rufin’s wife was a cornucopia of Russian connections for Trump. She connected Trump to Sergei Kivalov.
19/ Ruffin and Trump’s casino business ties made them perfect conduits for the Russian and Israeli mob.
20/ This friendship was a link for Trump to other Russians and Ukrainians.
21/ Ruffin is all-in with Israeli and Russian mob.
22/ Mikhail Saakashvili, the Georgian Ukrainian, is friends w Trump via gaming industry ties.
23/ Mikhail Saakashvili describes his business plans with Trump and his night out partying w Trump until 6 am. He awarded Trump the highest award in Georgia: Order of Shining
24/ It is important to note that Ivanka is also deeply tied to Ruffin and to Russian and Ukraine oligarchs. This photo was taken at Trump Dural on March 8, 2014-- Ivanka was also w Emin 2/4/14
25/ Ivanka is knee-deep in Trump’s corruption. https://twitter.com/slsmith000/status/888176821057007616
26/ Ivanka is Trump’s “bag man”. Here she is in Baku, Azerbaijan doing deeds for Trump.
27/ Trump in Moscow on Nov 4, 2013. The pageant was Nov 9. He was there at least 6 days. Ruffin was there.
30/ The Latvian bank tied to Trump actually published a how-to money launder manual.
33/ It is not just real estate where Trump launders illicit money. He uses his casino businesses to launder money. Dept Treasury entry on Trump Taj Mahal money laundering http://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3727 
34/ Shortly after getting caught laundering money through NY banks and businesses in 1999, the Russian mob began laundering through Trump Entertainment Resorts (TER), which was fined recently for money laundering. See thread: https://twitter.com/juddlegum/status/887370365638508547
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