Remember when Anna Wintour wanted Rodarte (Kate and Laura Mulleavy) for a Vogue feature, so she sent them a meal delivery service and ‘asked’ them to see a personal trainer for four months, beforehand? And they actually did it? 
And when she ‘gently suggested’ will she/won’t she presidential candidate Oprah Winfrey ‘lose 20lbs’ if she wanted to be in her magazine?
And when she got Victoria Beckham to remove her breast implants if she wanted to be taken seriously
When that writer who did the profile on Alma Al-Assad tried to defend it by explaining that she was, in fact, “extremely thin and very well-dressed and therefore qualified to be in Vogue“.
The time she thought ALT was so fat she held an intervention, with Oscar De La Renta and his actual pastor in attendance.
When Alexandra Shulman stole Anna Wintour’s Rihanna exclusive, then announced she was ‘resigning’ ten months later.
When Bee Shaffer came out (the same year as Naomi from ‘Succession’, Jenna Barclay and Petra Ecclestone) Anna Wintour said okay but my daughter isn’t debuting with anyone who isn’t full blown royalty & they had to switch the escorts.
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