11. Why is Curt Weldon mentioned in @SenFeinstein's letters to Cambridge Analytica and Michael Cohen?
12. On the left, Kucinich appears to be doing the same now. #TrumpRussiahttps://medium.com/@trumpwatchdog/ohio-governor-candidate-is-former-founder-of-house-russia-caucus-6588ef71bb54
14. Paul Manafort showed up once Abramoff was caught for other things #TrumpRussia https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/947892072656367618
15. This all goes back to when Nixon let former Nazis - and Dmitri Simes - have an influence on policy #TrumpRussia https://medium.com/@trumpwatchdog/how-the-nazis-took-over-the-gop-e1b476aefd43
16. And then these Nazis helped take over the Republican Party #TrumpRussia https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/855917057342398465
17. This all leads to Russian Intelligence - seeing that the USSR was about to fall - deciding to ally with all of these groups and create #TrumpRussia type scenarios https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/942030594216734721
18. In order to make all of this happen, they needed help. They needed more. They needed the Russian Mob. #TrumpRussia https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/905601102720225280
20. #TrumpRussia also couldn't have happened without the Russians hacking our government for 20 years. #Resist https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/886012997306601472
21. Michael Flynn has some really sketchy cybersecurity ties too. #TrumpRussia #Trump https://twitter.com/patricklsimpson/status/893649722690469891?lang=en
22. Thread on Abramoff and the #TrumpRussia ties now #Resist https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/901412641855373313
23. Megathread on the #GrandOldPutin Party #TheResistance. It is all linked https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/867907447951941636
24. It is outdated now, because we have at least doubled this name, but there were 156 paths to Putin documented a few months ago. #TrumpRussia http://thegopwatchdog.com/156-paths-to-putin/
25: The cross and the sickle #TrumpRussia https://twitter.com/patricklsimpson/status/977974360517509120?s=21
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