The cops are loving (and driving) a relentless, singular focus on the "prankster." But the irresponsible-and-childish dipshit who exploited police deathsquads' overzealous military response to random calls isn't the one who shot and killed an unarmed father answering his own door
So-called " #Swatting" clearly exists *because* police are already hyper-violent deathsquads roaming the country founded, incentivized, trained and eager for the next "good shoot."
A couple of cheetos-dust-fingered, mountain-dew-breathed basement gamers didn't bring Vietnam-military-raid tactics home to use against black organizers. Daryl Gates and his pals did. And the entire anti-black, police-founded-as-slave-patrol nation happily and eagerly followed.
Not enough people in the United States have any idea of how/why police were organized the way they *still are* in the first place to expect even a few to know how/why SWAT teams themselves were formed...
It is, of course, a problem worth investigating that *some small segment of the US population* is so detached from police violence that they think it's funny to send these death squads to other people's doors as a "prank."
But that problem could be rendered moot if the trigger-happy-and-totally-uninhibited-and-unencumbered deathsquads their privileged detachment instrumentalizes were defanged and dust-binned (along with the racist police institution itself).
Next, we need to learn more about how and why John Nelson and Daryl Gates' "Special Weapons Attack Teams" became the model within those organized police forces for "crowd control" and "attack" (or, control and attack against who?)
Don't believe me? Listen to the cops at "Police Mag" themselves gush over how and why "Special Weapons Attack Teams" came into existence: #LAPD #Swatting #AndrewFinch
"former Marine and Vietnam War veteran" John Nelson
"less than effective initial response to the racial tensions"
"to deal with crowd control and the civil unrest in that period" Chief Parker
"it took somebody with some rank and some chutzpah to champion it" Chief Gates
On #LAPD Chief Parker:
Like so many others, #AndrewFinch shouldn't be dead. But police are far more culpable in his killing (clearly, they *did* the actual killing and likely will face few consequences, if any, for it) than some dipshit "prankster" who doesn't appreciate just how violent the police are
So, true to form, they're publicly naming every "gamer" even tangentially involved in this police murder, while the sole Wichita cop who fired the single shot that killed #AndrewFinch remains unnamed (and, one would assume, outside the scope of prosecution.)
Pretty convinced this is a case of bad trigger discipline by the murderous, Wichita police officer. Given that no other "reasonable" pig on the scene fired (and shooter only fired once), it'd seem (at least) legally actionable, but nobody is talking about that b/c " #Swatting."
And this whole line of inquiry is bullshit anyway, constrained as it is by the US laws and precedents that are designed to protect killer cops. But it would seem pretty obvious that there's a case here (which isn't saying "a case" would do anything, but we aren't even there.)
Update |
Related, speculation on the Wichita cop who killed #AndrewFinch/ #AndyFinch |
If the officer was Justin Rapp of the Wichita police, here's that same officer previously doing #copaganda on and episode of "Cops" | 
Anyway, Wichita seems to think the murderous cop was Justin Rapp:
UPDATE | Mother of man mistakenly shot in swatting case: City was 'dishonest with me' #AndrewFinch #CopsLie #FTP #ACAB
Media-aided & abetted misdirection in action | ‘ #Swatting’ bill named after #AndrewFinch passes Kansas House
From February | Family of #AndrewFinch calls for officer's name to be released
UPDATE | Justin Rapp, the #Wichita officer who shot and killed #AndrewFinch, testifies he didn't see any weapon in Finch's hand
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