I'd like to make a couple of comments about #FBPE..

It's been an amazing hashtag TBH.. It's brought 10s of 000s of us pro EU ppl together here in a spectacularly short time. It's been great to not feel so alone in my daily squabbles about #Brexit 1/x
It has also brought with it, a couple of problems.

I assume that like me we have followed everyone back, like the hashtag says.

This in itself has created an echo chamber and the sense that #Brexit is beaten and we have won..

Point 1..we have not won.. 2/x
Point 2..because we feel that we have won, it seems we have reverted to tribal political lines and forgotten what the important part of this is. LDs hate Lab cause Corbyn, Corbynites hate LDs because coalition, centre left hate everyone. 3/x
The big question we have to ask ourselves here is what do we hate more, (insert party/politician here) or Brexit.. Because I'm more anti Brexit than anything else.. I would vote Tory if I thought they would abandon Brexit. 4/x
That's how much I hate Brexit..

As it stands, we have a FPTP voting system for GEs..

This only leaves one option.. We must unite against the Tories first and stop fighting among ourselves..

Our only hope is for all of us to work together here 5/x
We can shout as loud at each other as we like our views on Corbyn, Blair, Clegg. It's only helping Brexit..

Tory govt needs to fall really soon cause we don't have much time.

Our 2nd big Battle is to change Labour stance on Brexit and that could be a tougher one 6/x
But we have to get rid of the Tories.... NOW.. #FBPE isn't just a hashtag anymore, I am #FBPE, you are, we are. We have strength if we stop bickering.

We can worry about The LD, lab argument after.. We need to pressure this govt to fall first.. /end(probably)
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