Dear White America, you played yourself. #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
Go ahead and mark Wednesday, December 20, 2017 as the day that the myth of “economic anxiety” as justification for White working class people voting Trump/the @GOP was officially debunked as blatant BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA. ✅
Folk don’t like being reminded of these facts, and that’s PRECISELY why I keep doing it. You’re welcome.
These reminders have unfortunately become infinitely necessary b/c the White majority’s propensity for developing selective amnesia for the GOP’s fiscal malfeasance every single fucking election is DESTROYING AMERICA.
I wonder if they’re economically anxious this morning, or if they’re still deluding themselves that the @GOP gives a flying fuck about them or their empty wallets...
Seriously, 57% of White Americans voted Trump (the only demographic to give him a majority) because they allegedly thought he’d make them financially secure. I need to see the math on how many of them will benefit from the #GOPTaxScam.
Pencils up.
Also the ignorance and gullibility in question here isn’t just confined to the 57% who voted for this, because a sizable chunk of the 43% who didn’t still grant legitimacy to “economic anxiety” propaganda and think chasing the WWC is imperative (eg Bernie), so welp.
Included in this number are also the scores of White people who think “both parties are the same” and either didn’t vote or voted for Jill/Gary (equal to not voting) b/c letting Russia, the Klan and the oligarchs into the WH was a risk they could afford to take.
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