1. #QAnon. I completely support taking out evil of Clinton's and Obama's and pedos etc. Those are very good things. But if Rothschild's and illuminati run the show and own all central banks except North Korea, Syria and Iran
2. #Qanon The ultimate sting against all of us would have been to give us a false choice election. The ultimate devious play would be to exchange one set of bad guys for a different set of bad guys but make us think the new set of bad guys were good guys
3. #Qanon I am not saying that is the case but if the Rothschild's, Soros and illuminati really do run the show, why would they allow someone into power that can destroy them. They have so much wealth and power I am not so certain they would.
4. #QANON I really do hope that is not the case at all but I also will wait and see if some justice really does happen in these matters.
5. #QANON What does bother me is that POTUS signed a renewal of NDAA which was started under Bush, renewed under Obama and now Trump
6. #QANON NCAA suspends our bill of rights and we have complained in the past about this. The forgotten men and women appear to be forgotten on this issue of restoring our constitutional rights.
7. #QANON I am sure everyone will bash me on these thoughts. Let me assure you I support the efforts I see by Trump on draining the swamp so far except the NCAA renewal.
8. #QANON But a lot of people on this board have pointed out Sun Tzu and "Art of War" and use of deceit by Trump thru possibly converting Mueller et. Al.
9. #Qanon I pray that Sun Tzu is not being used by Illuminati on all of us through a potential false choice and making us believe a new set of bad guys are good guys by getting rid of the old set of bad guys.
10. #QANON I do see a recurring Q statement that "These people are stupid". I am not so sure they are stupid at all. Evil yes but not stupid. Makes me ponder possible deception as I alluded to earlier.
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