I read @PoliceNG statement that those tweeting for #EndSARS are robbers. I was attacked by SARS men in April. They dented my car with gun butt,broke my side mirror,&shot in the air bcos I refused to hand over my car.I make bold to say that most SARS officers are daredevil robbers https://twitter.com/AyoBankole/status/850713591221297152
Men of the Nigerian Police SARS are like the proverbial devil, who only steal, kill and destroy innocent Nigerians. Last month, my cousin & his girlfriend were arrested at Ketu, they assaulted the girl that she is a prostitute, bundled them in the bus, & drove his car #EndSARS
The bus contained other innocents arrested on the road for nothing. The officers turned deaf ears on all their pleas & explanations. They threatened they will call the press & disgrace them that they were caught at a brothel with cocaine. The girl wept & wept #EndSARS
There was no reason for the SARS to PRETEND that she was a harlot, he was on suit, his girlfriend was on a dress. All cos they were parked on the road outside the girl's house at night. They seized their phones,threatened them to unlock it,& kept screaming I will shoot u #EndSARS
Eventually, my cousin heard them speak yoruba & threatened them in yoruba to allow them resolve it amicably, or he will stop pleading & follow them to the station, & afterwards call his step-dad who is a police commissioner. They mellowed then & asked him to settle them #EndSARS
Ofcourse because he had to save his girlfriend from the massive embarrassment, he gave them 5,000 (after the threat), then they let them go. He then gave another 2k to let them free the other young ones who were begging him to help. SARS are thieves. We live in a jungle #EndSARS
I never listen to @PoliceNG press briefings, I believe ALL (or 90%) of them are lies, they arrest innocents & parade them if they have no valuable to extort. I have been robbed & assaulted by SARS.My cousins have been. This is not a twitter jamboree. This is real HORROR #EndSARS
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