Stop saying “Senate” like it wasn’t a straight party line vote and the Republicans don’t own this entire fucking disaster 100%. Tell the truth.
Gentle reminder that everybody knew the @GOP would rob the country blind with tax cuts like they always do, but the White majority elected them anyway because racism and misogyny.
Let’s be very clear about this fact, because we’re about to be inundated with hot takes on how the deplorables who voted Trump are freaking the fuck out now b/c of this predictable tax bill scam.
They vote for the @GOP’s highway robbery every single fucking election because they’d rather be racist, sexist and ignorant than financially secure. Do NOT feel sorry for these fuckers.
They claimed to be suffering from a raging case of economic anxiety, then voted for crooks who’ve done nothing but steal from and lie to them. Stop legitimizing these people alfuckingready.
I’m just gonna call it out now because the MSM can’t wait to keep telling the stories of people who are habitually too dumb to vote with good sense and too hateful to give a damn about the general welfare.
Also I don’t appreciate the MSM feigning shock that the GOP is breaking all the rules to dismantle our democracy when they are complicit in spreading the propaganda that put them in power.
This is what the fuck Republicans do when they take control of the government. Every single time. It’s not a mystery or a surprise. STOP giving them the opportunity.
This is also what “or bust” looks like. STOP IT.
It isn’t that folk didn’t know this disaster was afoot with Trump and the GOP, it’s that they were privileged, ignorant, and nihilistic enough to want to see it happen, no matter how destructive it would be.
Never forget that the @GOP and MSM exploited the mythology of “economic anxiety” to foist White supremacy and vulture capitalism onto America.
“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” - LBJ #GOPTaxSham
This isn’t a drill. How many times do we have to tell y’all that racism and misogyny are the enemies of functional government and civilized society? What more proof do you need?
Nobody gets to pretend this shit show hasn’t been written on the wall for the last FIFTY YEARS, or that the GOP hasn’t made its heinous intentions very clear by now.
They broke it, they bought it.
Vote them ALL the fuck out.
These people malingered “economic anxiety” to justify their willful bigotry and stupidity, and now they’re about to reap the “benefits” of their own demise. News at 11.
I’m tired of folk walking around here pretending they don’t know who exactly is fucking everything up and looting the damn country. When you lay down with the @GOP, you wake up empty handed.
Catch a clue, America.
This is your country on Stockholm Syndrome. Robbery STILL in progress. #GOPTaxScam
Propane Jane on the #GOPTaxScam and how 50 years of the Southern Strategy have conditioned the White working class to vote against itself for bigotry’s sake via @RickSmithShow
Propane Jane discusses the impact of #GOPGreed on American society and how the #GOPTaxScam is yet another callous attempt to destroy Obamacare via @RickSmithShow
The @GOP and our lapdog MSM vastly underestimate the degree to which the American people (Republicans included) utilize the social safety net, and will notice that benefits they received in the Obama era have been STOLEN by Trump and his GOP enablers in Congress.
No matter how hard they pretend they’re rich/self sufficient and don’t need anything from the government, the majority of folk who vote GOP are just one lost job, stock market crash, or medical illness away from becoming the folk they think they’re so much better than.
In particular, I’m referring to Republicans over the age of 65 who will be shocked and awed that the combination of Medicare, SS, and Medicaid won’t be enough to sustain them or provide end of life care b/c they’ve been voting GOP for bigotry’s sake their entire adult lives.
I already know b/c I’ve had to counsel no shortage of White Texans about how very few options they have for placing their elderly loved ones w/dementia once they’ve exhausted their benefits. Of course they’re always appalled but have ZERO insight that they voted for that shit.
Take note that I’m specifying White Texans because they’re always the most outraged with me that the system isn’t working as they think it should as if they don’t vote every election to fuck the system up. I tell them to contact @GregAbbott_TX.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this shit isn’t gonna be cute, fun, or “great again” when the raging Alzheimer’s epidemic doesn’t give a fuck that the @GOP looted Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. It will make the Great Depression look humane in comparison.
We’ve already had a physician shortage on the rise, which has only been exacerbated by the racist travel ban, and now the @GOP will add drastic cuts to services, which will result in rising fatalities. In other words, DEATH PANELS.
Meanwhile our tax dollars are ensuring that every senior citizen in Congress that is responsible for the passage of this #GOPTaxScam has affordable, easily accessible healthcare that keeps them well enough to take our safety net away from us and loot the treasury.
As if all of the above isn’t atrocious enough, at the same time they’re too chickenshit to fund CHIP more than 3 months at a time because tax cuts for rich people are more important than giving worried parents some modicum of peace of mind during the holidays.
Republicans are so intent on hoarding all the money they can and turning the clock back to before women and people of color had rights that they can’t even be bothered to give a shit about our youth and the dystopian future they will be saddled with due to GOP malfeasance.
We already know they won’t create any damn jobs, rebuild our crumbling roads/bridges, or even acknowledge that climate change is a real thing that requires actual solutions. They don’t build anything, all they do is DISMANTLE, DESTROY & STEAL.
Bottom line is don’t be surprised when *everything* is fucked ALL the way up.
Womp Womp #GOPTaxScam
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