[THREAD] 1 Twice Fun Fact Per day😎
(Full credit to allaboutTWICE)
1. During Sixteen, Jihyo once sang Truth in her sleep
2. [Sleep talking habit]
Mina told Momo not to drink milk as drinking milk will cause her face to bloat (in Japanese) in her sleep. For your knowledge, Momo doesn't specifically like milk.
3. Chaeng revealed Tzuyu speaks Mandarin in her sleep before. Tzuyu said it's a relief because Chaeng couldn't understand it.
4. Fan asked Tzuyu if she speaks Mandarin or Korean in her dream and Tzuyu said there is no sound in her dream so she has no idea.
Sana speaks Korean in her dream
Mina mixes Korean and Japanese. She once dreamed of herself speaking excellent Korean
5. Unique sleeping habit
Nayeon sleeps with her eyes open
Momo once fell asleep in a leg stretching position
There are quite a number of Twice members sleep with their eyes open, especially Nayeon and Tzuyu.
6. Mina picked Tzuyu as the member she doesn't want to introduce to her brother. Reason:Tzuyu's height is almost the same as her brother and she is afraid that he might feel hurt by the height difference. Momo choose Mina as the member she would introduce to if she has a brother.
7. Jihyo once chose Mina as the member she would like to date if she is a guy. The reason being Mina is very lady-like and she takes good care of others. But in recent interview (M-on), Jihyo said she wants to date all the members one by one.
8. Chaeng was asked 'Only for a day, who you do want to live as' and she replied Jeongyeon. She is envious of Jeongyeon's height and short hair. She thinks that with short hair, it is more convenient and can shower faster.
9. Mina had silver tooth (exact reason is not known) and papa Myoui has silver tooth, exactly at the same position as hers as well. As of recent photo taken on fansign(171126), the silver tooth is nowhere to be seen
10. Member who looks most beautiful with bare face
Chaeng chose Dahyun. Reason- Dahyun has a very good skin condition
Mina chose Jeongyeon. Reason- Jeongyeon looks exactly the same before and after makeup.
11. Sana chose Jihyo as the member she wants to date if she is a guy.
Reason: There was a day where she was very tired and felt troublesome to remove her makeup. Jihyo told her she will help and removed her makeup.
12. 151101 Inkigayo is the first live music broadcast with all the Twice members gathered and watched together.
13. When they do self-introduction, they go by "Hi, I'm ㅇㅇ from TWICE" until the last member. There was a time where all of them were flustered because Tzuyu who was the last member to do self-introduction said "Hi I'm TWICE".
14. Jihyo had to go to the toilet during a fansign after drinking whole bottle of water. She tried to sneak into the venue later but her action attracted more attention.
15. Tips given by Sana for learning Japanese
🍅Start with the names of foods you like
16. The members watched Mina Game V. They took out 5 phones and used them to click the heart like crazy.
17. Jeongyeon joined JYPE 6th audition and Nayeon joined the 7th, making Jeongyeon a senior of Nayeon in JYPE. Nayeon said she's afraid of Jeongyeon when she first met her.
18. The beach Twice went before debuted is Sanduri Beach
They were told that it's part of their liberal arts class and they didn't even know where they were heading at first. They just took the car and departed. It's Twice first travelling as a group and the date is 22. 08. 2015
19. Dahyun doesn't like to stay in a dark room by herself.
20. Before Hanlim practical test,CY secretly approached JH who was drinking water n dragged her into a room w/o the light on. She put on earphones for JH n told her to listen to the song she recorded,that she is going to sing during test. She always practiced hard at the basement
21. Nayeon was born around 9 to 10 am.
22. Chaeng n JY always shower together. One day, CY said she doesn't want to shower together n JY got angry "I don't want to shower w you too!"
When they were telling the incident during fansign, NY who was sitting beside JY asked if she wants to shower with her, but JY rejected
23. Chaeng once ate Udon under the practice room's desk. She was caught and got scolded. Later on she found out that she was caught by cctv, not when she was eating but when she brought the udon in
24. There was a time, Jeongyeon became really scared while riding the disco bang bang (disco jump)
She requested to let her go down from the ride and cried.
25. What Jeongyeon wanted to do the most when she turned 20 years old was to get a driving license.
Her dream car is Range Rover.
Jeongyeon got her licence on 12. 10. 2016.
26. Wish made by Tzuyu to the Wishing Tree in Everland during TTV filming is "Let Twice go on for a long time'
27. Mina audition song: First Love by Utada Hikaru
28. Jeongyeon loved teletubbies Nana when she was a kid to the point where she thought her name is Nana. So when someone ask what's her name, she'll replied "Nanan-ie" and this is why her dog is named Nanan.
29. Mina has the habit of sticking her tongue out. In JeongChaeJiMi V (정채지미 바보), she sticks her tongue out 28 times throughout the 26 minutes live. During Mina's Spot Live video, throughout 11 minutes 11s, she sticks her tongue out 12 times, almost once every minute.
30. Jihyo hit Taecyeon with a bag when she was 10 years old.
Jihyo and Sunmi entered JYPE on the same day.
31. Jeongyeon was very quiet when she's young. When she first joined JYPE, she didn't talk to anyone and just stay in the vocal training room for 3 months. She had nobody to eat with and so she skipped all her dinner. That's the reason why she lost a lot of weight
32. Jihyo and Jeongyeon were wearing couple shoes in Friend V. They went shopping together and Jihyo first decided to buy the shoes. Jeongyeon decided to try it out and buy the shoes at the end because they're comfortable. Brand: Adidas Superstar Slip-on S81337.
33. Jihyo was very timid when she was a kid. Based on Jeongyeon, Jihyo couldn't even order food in a restaurant.
When she was modelling for baby magazine, she couldnt stop crying as well. When she paid cash for city bus ride, she couldn't even ask the driver for the change.
34. The filming venue of Jihyo's Like Ooh-Ahh teaser was taken not at the dorm but a studio. It's the same studio used for Day6 Congratulation MV.
35. Mina said she enjoyed and was happy after secretly sticking a sticker from the lunchbox onto Sana's nametag during ISAC.
36. Nayeon sent a message to Jeongyeon 'what are you doing kekeke' on Valentine's 2016,8:40am. JY replied at 9:05 'Thinking about You' making Nayeon's heart fluttered. Chaeng was envious and wanted someone to make her heart flutters. She tried with NY, JY n MN but failed...
37. Momo doesn't know how to ride a bicycle
38. Seungyeon went to Cheer Up showcase and as soon as she entered the backstage, she asked where Tzuyu was and wanted to take a photo with Tzuyu.
39. TT spoiler. Instead of ㅜㅜ(Hangul) Nayeon used TT(Eng) in the birthday letter posted on fan's and letter on ISAC.
160924 KBS open concert, Jihyo gave spoiler by showing TT pose during LOA stage.
160930 Changwon Concert, Nayeon did 'neomuhae' choreo during LOA stage
40. Chaeng lived in Jeolla Do Gwangju when she was in kindergarten to Primary 1.
41. KCON JAPAN 2016. Mina didn't have a luggage carrier so Mama Myoui brought her one. Mama Myoui didn't brought her a luggage but a luggage fully filled with biscuits and snacks.
42. In TT film Jihyo individual teaser, Jihyo was writing a love letter. But it started with 'Hi, I'm Jihyo from Twice' and the books title around Jihyo are The Geography of Childhood, The Dodo, the Auk and the Oryx, Art Lover. (She's probably not writing a love letter hmm)
43. Jeongyeon took the driving centre shuttle bus alone when she was going for her driving test. (Most of the time, a celebrity will either go with manager or close friends but Jeongyeon went alone)
44. Nayeon, Jihyo and Jeongyeon have been spending Christmas together every year since 2010.
45. 161021 Filming at Han River. Jeongyeon and Jihyo tried to get into the driving seat but sadness manager ran all the way from behind to stop them.
46. 2016. 04. 26. Nayeon had to wake up at 5am but she didn't hear her alarm. Instead, Jeongyeon woke her up. Nayeon said she had no idea why Jeongyeon was up when she didn't need to at the hour
47. 160128 Jeongyeon updated IG photo of herself and a rilakkuma. Jihyo later on updated IG saying it's her rilakkuma
48. Mina and Chaeng were not close during trainee days. They talked to each other more during Sixteen. It was due to Chaeng stayed at home, Mina stayed at dorm and when Mina was at the company, Chaeng was at the school. There weren't many chances of meeting each other.
49. Mina said her mood becomes very good when she wears thin clothes but covers herself with a thick blanket, making herself warm when she goes to bed
50. Jeongyeon will help Momo to dry her hair as Momo always sleep while her hair is still wet
51. Chaeng liked strawberry a lot when she was young and that's how she got her nickname 'Strawberry Princess'
52. The day Twice joined JYPE
2005. 07.15 🍀JIHYO
2010. 03. 01🍀JEONGYEON
2010. 09. 15🍀 NAYEON
2012. 04. 13🍀 SANA, MOMO
2012. 06. 06🍀 CHAEYOUNG
2012. 07. 07🍀 DAHYUN
2012. 11. 15🍀 TZUYU
2014. 01. 02🍀 MINA
53. Tzuyu had yukhoe bibimbap for the first time on the day they had a fansign (Like Ooh-Ahh Daejeon Fansign).
54. Nayeon and Jihyo spoiled almost all the main choreo of Knock Knock on ISAC 2017. When it was exposed,both of them got called by their team leader. Nayeon received message from team leader, telling her it became a problem and to be more careful in giving out spoiler next time
54. https://twitter.com/nayeon2rang/status/820880839718277120
55. 161112 Nayeon drew a black colour heart on Tzuyu's leg while she was sleeping and it was shown on the tv
(Black colour dot on Tzuyu's leg)
56. The girls were wearing ring-shaped gummy while performing on stage.
During a fansign, Jihyo brought up this topic and she was very shocked that fans actually noticed what they did on that day.
Pic cr. minajam0324
57. Someone fell in love with Momo after seeing her Hit The Stage performance. He/she wanted to know more about Momo so he asked a question in Naver.
58. Tzuyu's age difference with her brother is 7 years while Mina and her brother is 5.
59. Momo created her autograph together with Mina (160618 Daegu Fansign)
60. Nayeon told Tzuyu she will drive her around once she gets her driving licence but Tzuyu rejected her right away but she would take Jihyo's car. (160613 Meet and Greet)
61. There is a note pasted on Twice dorm, telling the members to sort out the trash /recycle before throwing. It was written by Jeongyeon. (160602 V)
62. 2016 KCON JAPAN
Q:If there is someone you fell in love with
B)Wait (for him to confess):Mina,Sana, Momo,Dahyun,Tzuyu

Q: Eating with your date
A)Order food I like: JY, MM
B)Order food your partner likes: NY, MM, SN, MN, JH, TY, CY, DH
63. Song you must listen on a rainy day, recommended by Chaeng is Jung In- Rainy seasons
64. Comparing to Winter, Sana prefers Summer. Momo prefers Winter.
Compared to Autumn, Mina and Momo prefer Spring. Jeongyeon prefers Autumn.
65. Nayeon has a personal fridge in her room. Jihyo exposed her by saying "This unnie going around without closing her fridge door".
Nayeon whined "it doesn't close that well"
66. Chaeyoung likes Batman more than Superman.
67. Tzuyu said she realises some of the members' habits that she didn't know before living together in the dorm. For e.g., Dahyun unnie who sings in her shower.
(160611 Music Core Periscope)
68. Jihyo said that Dahyun showers for a very long time and she has her personal concert in the bathroom. One day, when Dahyun came out from the bathroom, she saw the members were seating on the floor and clapping for her.
(160611 Music Core Periscope)
69. Dahyun and Sana are the two who take long shower. For Sana, if she feels like taking a long shower, she will take a long shower and vice versa. Tzuyu and Chaeng take about 20 minutes to shower.
70-1. When they were practicing for Do It Again before debuted, Sana and Jeongyeon accidentally kissed on the lips. They were awkward with each other for a whole two days, couldn't look into each other's eyes.
70-2. Sana tried to pretend it didn't happen but Jeongyeon felt really awkward so both of them remained awkward with each other.
Besides the two of them, all the members were feeling really awkward as well. (160612 Fansign)
71. Momo, Sana and Mina are from Kansai region. Sana has the heaviest Kansai-ben accent.
72. Mina doesn't speak Kansai-ben but she got affect a lot by Momo and Sana. And her dialect 'improved' since then.
72-1. (Around Nov 2015) When Mama Myoui met Mina, she asked Mina, why did her Kansai-ben accent became so heavy.
In TEPL EP8, Mama Myoui laughed and said Mina's dialect has improved a lot.
72-2. Highcut Interview 2016
There was a day where Mina sent a message to her mum. Surprisingly, Mama Myoui couldn't understand her message because of the heavy dialect Mina used. Her parents were surprised that she speaks that much of dialect.
73. Tzuyu's parents bought them PS4 when they came to Korea for JYP NATION CONCERT 2016
74. Twice's members pets
75. Mina taught Momo how to swim when they went to Jeju Island in July 2017
(2017. 07. 27 Vlive)
76. Mina was worried that Ray wouldn't recognised her anymore when she finally had the chance to go back home after a long time. She was really relieved when Ray ran towards her the moment she opened the door.
(Non-on Magazine Interview)
78. Gucci is around 8 years old now
79. Nayeon said when she got her driving license, she will give Jeongyeon a ride. With Jeongyeon sitting by her side, together with Momo and Mina.
(2016. 08. 25 Vlive 겨론할사람ㅋㅋㅋ)
80. Jeongyeon first oversea trip was to Hong Kong for MAMA. She lost her passport when they were there.
(TWICE 1st Anniversary V)
81. Tzuyu made a spelling error in her Thanks to.
She wrote JYP네이년(NaeYiNyeon) instead of JYP네이션(JYP NATION) which kind of has another meaning of 'JYP you bitch'
82. Photo taken when they were in secondary school. Those days where Jeongyeon's hair was longer than Jihyo
83. Jihyo's name was Park Jisoo and so her nickname in the school were SooBak (watermelon) and paksoo (clap your hands)
84. Tzuyu and her mum video call each other very often but they don't talk much. They turn it and continue doing their own things (사쯔 vlive)
85. Jeongyeon was guested on Law of the jungle and her left leg was injured at the very beginning of the filming. She was kicked by a horse. The bruises still can be seen on her left leg.
In Japan ONCE membership test, her answer to the question 'what you are scared of' is horse
86. Jihyo and Nayeon revealed that when Dahyun is angry, she gives a deep sigh (불장난 V앱)
87-1. TWICE members in-ear design
(Nayeon- Jeongyeon- Momo)
Cr. Zound_custom_gallery
87-2. TWICE members in-ear design
(Sana- Jihyo- Mina)
Cr. Zound_custom_gallery
87-3. TWICE members in-ear design
(Dahyun- Chaeyoung- Tzuyu)
Cr. Zound_custom_gallery
88. Food TWICE dislike/ doesn't eat
89. There is a basic dance routine that every trainee in JYPE has to learn and pass the test. Momo passed the test in 3 months and based on what Jeongyeon had said, Momo is the only trainee who passed the test within the shortest period.
90. Sadness manager joined Twice as their manager after 1st mini album promotion ended. 25th Dec. She revealed it herself, 'I was like a gift to TWICE!'
91. Jeongyeon's name was Yoo Kyungwan before her parents changed it to Jeongyeon. She was stressed by the name 'Kyungwan' as it sounded like a boy's name. After changing name, she wrote her name(Jeongyeon) all over the paper as she was very happy
(Jeongyeon &Jihyo V)
92. Chaeyoung's blood type is B (Rh-)
(Twice Elegant Private Life ep2)
93. Chaeyoung had a hard time during early debut days because Dahyun grind her teeth while sleeping. But it's alright now as Dahyun doesn't grind her teeth anymore
(Dahyun Solo V)
94. Besides Gucci, Tzuyu keeps fish and hamsters
(Dahyun Solo V)
95. Dahyun gave Chaeyoung and Tzuyu perfumes as gift when they turned adult early this year
(Dahyun Solo V)
96. Chaeng's favourite nickname is Strawberry Princess (딸기 공주)
97. Jeongyeon is the first JYPE artist who went to go to the toilet middle of a concert.
98. 5th May is the day Twice got their first win on Music Broadcast with Cheer Up (Cheerup1stwin) and it's also the day where 1st episode of Sixteen was aired.
99. Life lesson by Tzuyu
100. Mina wrote 'Sexy is Mine' in Sixteen Sketchbook and a fan asked her if she still thinks sexy is hers during a fansign in 2016
Mina answered
'Sexy is still mine'
(161204 Twice Fansign)
101. Dahyun tried her very best to hide her new hairstyle with all different styles of wigs before TT released. Momo tried putting on a wig (which Mina said Momo looked pretty in it) but gave up after one try because it was too painful.
102. TWICE's Sibling(s)
Nayeon has 1 younger sister
Jeongyeon- 2 older sisters
Momo- 1 elder sister
Sana- the only child
Jihyo- 2 younger sisters
Mina- 1 elder brother
Dahyun- 1 elder brother
Chaeng- 1 younger brother
Tzuyu- 1 elder brother
103. What Twice wants to cosplay as for Halloween
Nayeon: Fried egg
Jeongyeon: Ghost
Momo: Disney character, Barbie doll
Sana: Kim Sana (Seaweed Sana)
Jihyo: Thomas the train
Mina: Penguin
Dahyun: Charmander
Chaeng: Joker
Tzuyu: Yoda
(Relay talk 2016)
104. Twice's role model is G.O.D. because they want to stay as a complete (OT9) group until the end just like G.O.D.
(By Jeongyeon, Cheer Up Yonsei Interview)
105. The Marc Jacob earring that Mina wears most of the time is from her dad. It's a earring that she always wanted to buy but her dad gave it to her as her birthday present, that is why she was seen wearing that earring very often.
106. When Momo tries to explain something, the 'thing' is always round in shape.
107. Edited out from Knowing Brother
Jeongyeon once went out with Seungyeon. Seungyeon was really embarrassed that time because people didn't manage to recognise her but Jeongyeon. Moreover SY went out with full makeup but JY went out with bare face.
(170525 Twice Fansign)
108. Momo likes almond pepero
(161108 Twice Fansign)

Momo likes mul-naengmyeon more than bibim-naengmyeon because bibim-naengmyeon is too spicy.
(161030 Twice Fansign)
Q: What you'll be doing 10 years later
Mina: I wish I'm still promoting as Twice
Jeongyeon: I'm married
Chaeng: I'm married
Tzuyu: I hope Twice is still promoting; helping parents at their cafe
Jihyo: Leisurely spend my time and chit chat at café terrace
Sana: Traveling
109-2. (170527 Twice Fansign Fanacc by BACKUP_RESTORE)
110. Moment Sana couldn't forget
111. Mina 2 favourite things; ketchup and penguin.
Q: If you can only bring one of them to desert island, which one will you bring?
Mina: (After a long time.....) Ketchup
(161211 Twice Fansign)
112. Chaeyoung always chooses scissors first if she plays rock scissors paper game.
113. Jihyo piggyback Dahyun to Emergency Room when Dahyun hurt her ankle.
(Heart shaker V)
114. Q: When do you feel ‘I’m happy because I am one of the Twice member’, ‘Good job in becoming part of Twice’. (Mina, Tzuyu, Nayeon)
(Star1 Interview 2017)
115. Nayeon has 3 rabbit plushies named Kkaengie, Toto and Shasha. She talks to the rabbits and covers blanket for them.
(170122 Twice Fansign)
116. TWICE's dorm auntie (who cleans the house) covers blankets for their plushies too. For e.g., Nayeon's rabbit, Mina's penguins.
(V Global Award 2017)
117. Jihyo was laughing at Nayeon 'This unnie is 23 years old but she is talking to a plushie' but months later, Nayeon and Mina exposed Jihyo by saying that Jihyo gave name and started to talk to her own plushie as well.
118. There is a scar on Mina's right arm. She injured during rthymic gymnastic practice for ISAC. (Twice Fansign 2017)
119. The hobby you fell in love recently
Sana: Charging batteries
(Star1 Interview 2017)
120. Momo and Mina were playing the pepero game. Sana came, pushed their heads together and...............

their lips touched!
(161108 Twice Fansign)

Momo likes almond pepero
(161108 Twice Fansign)
121. Twice Chinese Zodiac Sign
Nayeon- Pig
Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo- Rat
Mina- Ox
Dahyun- Tiger
Chaeyoung, Tzuyu- Rabbit
(T/N: Jihyo zodiac sign is Rat because she was born before the Year of Ox)
(Knock Knock COUNTDOWN V)
122. During one of the fansign, when a fan was moving from Jeongyeon's to Dahyun's seat, a white colour thing fell out of his mouth. Dahyun and Jeongyeon both saw it. Dahyun was so shocked because she thought the fan's tooth fell out... Ended up its just a candy.
123-1. Mina surprise birthday celebration 2016
Mina was lying on her bed, suddenly someone bang on the window, pretended as ghosts. Other girls then showed up with fried chicken w candles on.
123-2. It was midnight so none of the bakery was opened + they wanted to eat fried chicken too so they just used it as cake.
124. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung tried alcohol for the first time during their new year gathering when they turned adult. Tzuyu revealed Chaeng drank more than her that day.
(Cultwo show 2018)
125. Momo uses the name 'Hirai Mom O' for online shopping while Sana uses Kim San-A
(TWICE LieV 2017, Power Time 2017)
126. What do you want to do during your free time
Momo: Look for good restaurants but..! Eat comes after sleep
Mina: Go to the restaurant recommended by Momo with all the members
(TWICE Liev 2017)
127. Tzuyu likes spring the most because summer is too warm, winter is too cold and autumn is sort of a sad season.
(170604 LieV)
128. Momo brought a huge box of plushies when she moved into the dorm but she was stopped by Jeongyeon for moving into the room with all her plushies. Jeongyeon only allowed her to bring in few at the end and the rest of the plushies were kept at the basement.
(Roommate TV)
129. TWICE rented subway ad to thank ONCE on their 2nd anniversary.
130. Momo's hobby when she was young is finding crystals
131. Tzuyu's mum likes Tzuyu in piggytail because she looks cute in it.
(170123 Vlive)
132. Mina likes Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)
(161030 TWICE Fansign)
133. Mina and her brother both like to play games last time but there's only one tv in the house so the one who wakes up earlier will get the chance to play the game
134. Nayeon thought of what name to give to her puppy for 3 days but Chaeng named it(Kookeu) for her within 3 seconds. It is named after Cookie and Cream.
(TWICE LieV 2017)
135. Dahyun said the unnies kept singing Ring Ding Dong to her since one month before her college entrance exam.
(161101 Tei's Dream Radio)
In Korea, people avoid listening to Ring Ding Dong before any exams before it is very addictive and will stuck in their heads
136. Jeongyeon took off her shoes right after 1 to 10 stage and performed TT because the shoes were very uncomfortable
(161028 Music Bank)
137. When Twice attended Spris event as endorser, the reporter requested them to promote the shoes and this is what Jeongyeon did
138. Mina gave Jeongyeon socks on her birthday in 2015
139. A fan edit was sent to Pocari Sweat facebook and Pocari replied, saying that they will definitely consider Twice to be their endorser for year 2017. The power of fan edits.
140. Christmas gift Mina remembers the most-Her family has the tradition of putting stocking during Christmas and she found a pen and memo in hers. She found out it's from her brother and it's the only time her brother gave her a gift. Seems like he bought using his pocket money
141. The first song with fanchant 'Im Nayeon! Yoo Jeongyeon! Momo jjang!......" is TT. It was so hard for Once that Twice had to go on live and teach us how to do it
(TWICE "TT intro 응원밥" from 지미다챙 V)
142. Momo and Jeongyeon wanted to style the Barbie into LOA Momo's hairstyle. They cut barbie's bangs and when Momo tried to straighten the hair, it melted. Momo said about 100 times "sorry" to the barbie doll that day
(Jeongmo roommate tv)
142. Tell us little secret of the members
Jihyo: When Chaeng birthday is approaching, she will come over and tell you "There isn't many days left"
JH: Sometimes Mina would joke but we can't hear her
DH: Tzuyu makes weird noise like "ah...er..." when she plays game and it's cute
143. Mina is good at cycling. She always rode her bike to ballet academy last time. She started to learn how to ride 2-wheel bicycle when she was 6 from her mum. Fell down a lot and bleed. She hates working out except swimming. The only sports she likes is swimming
(13. 06. 2017)
144. During MAMA 2016 ending stage, Jeongyeon was seen wiping tears for Jihyo and Nayeon. Jihyo later told us that she was not wiping tears but kept telling them they looked ugly so stop crying!
(161210 Fansign)
145. Twiceland in Bangkok 2017
They wrote Thai words pronunciation on their palms and read it from there
146-1. Unicycle
Sana: Her balancing was good when she was young so she could ride well but she doesn't think she can do it now
146-2. Unicycle
Momo: She knows how to ride it because she learnt it when she was a kid. She...She thought she can but now she doesn't know how to ride any type of bicycle/unicycle
146-3. Unicycle
Mina: She never learnt it before. She tried to ride her friend's unicycle but gave up in the end. But she can skate, ski and ride rollers.
147. Tzuyu's dad hopes she stops growing taller as well
(170530 CHJ Radio)
148-1. There was a day Dahyun woke up with a box of chocopie beside her. She sent a message to their gc and found out Jeongyeon bought her the chocopie. Dahyun was really touched by that.
148-2. Momo said when she went convenience store w JY, she was still wondering why Jeongyeon was saying "Why does she like chocopie that much" to herself and bought the chocopie when JY herself doesn't like it.
149. When Tzuyu first joined JYPE,she used simple English to communicate w people as she doesn't speak Korean. TY always wondered why DH said wo ai ni (I love you)to her when they just knew each other for a few days. DH later explained, wo ai ni was the only Chinese word she knew
150. Momo's dad is a fan of Jihyo. He insisted to queue and high five with Jihyo during Hi touch event even though Momo told him he can just go to the waiting room and meet Jihyo there.
(171101 Weekly Idol)
151. Mina wishes to have kotatsu at home. There isn't one at her house so when she was a kid,she always went in the kotatsu whenever she visited her grandma house. It was very comfortable,warm n she often fell asleep there but ended up being scolded bc she didnt sleep in her room
152. Momo's blood type is A! She didn't know her blood type until the day she had medical checkup in TEPL.
Sana accidentally told everyone what's Momo's blood type before TEPL was aired in Sana Date V.
153. Mina was born on 24th March 1997, 5:03 am
(Cr. Myoiwiki)
154. 2016 JYP NATION in Japan, TWICE's hotel roommates are
1. Nayeon- Jeongyeon
2. Momo- Sana
3. Jihyo- Mina
4. Dahyun- Chaeng
5. Tzuyu- Sadness manager
The roommates were decided based on their age. Mina went back home that day so Jihyo stayed in the room alone.
155. Tzuyu went on a trip with Jeongyeon's family the day after ISAC recording. They played archery and Jeongyeon was the only one who did badly.
(Vlive 25 Jan 2018)
156-1. Twiceland in BKK, the girls were told to get their makeup and hair done at 9am. Jihyo set her alarm and went down at 9 but found no one there. So she thought "These girls wake up late again, and makeup artist as well".
156-2. She eventually felt strange after waiting for awhile and there she realised. Her clock was set in KST. It was 9am in KST but it's 7am in BKK
157. Tzuyu brought snacks from Taiwan for Ceci staffs when they had pictorial shoot in 2016.
158. Seungyeon revealed Jeongyeon is full of aegyo when she is at home, especially to her dad. Jeongyeon often tells her dad "I miss you".
159. Jihyo invited Tzuyu to her house and when MC asked what Tzuyu did there
Tzuyu: We slept together. We showered together
Jihyo showed Tzuyu her yearbook as well as childhood photos
Jihyo's mum made them breakfast too!
(Happy together)
160. Jihyo, Jeongyeon and Nayeon got their driving licence. Jihyo is the first who got a licence followed by Jeongyeon. Both of them passed on first try while Nayeon failed once and passed on second attempt
161. When Dahyun returned to the dorm after Real Men filming ended, she cried the moment she saw the members
162. After Real Men ended, the members were really shocked to see Dahyun came out from the bathroom in 30 minutes. Before that, she took almost 1 and half hour to shower
163. What will you do if you bump into alien
164. Jihyo, Tzuyu and Dahyun went to aquarium for TEPL filming.
Jihyo hold onto Tzuyu's hand and asked her "Will you save me if I fell into the water? Will you save me if the shark is going to eat me?"
Tzuyu: I don't know how to swim
165. Mina became a trainee one month before her high school field trip and therefore didn't have the chance to join. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung didn't join their high school field trip as well.
166. Jihyo said her dad always pick her up to the driving centre and she was amazed by Jeongyeon who took the shuttle bus from Coex to Namyangju driving centre alone.
167. JYPE hold a mini exhibition "Twice Memories" in 2016
168. TWICE's DIY Friendship Ring
Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Jihyo wear it on index finger
Chaeyoung- Thumb
Dahyun- Middle finger
Momo, Sana, Mina and Tzuyu- Ring finger
169. There are many water bottles being kept in TWICE's dorm freezer where they will use it to reduce facial bloating
(Take care of my refrigerator)
170. [During trainee days]
Chaeyoung bumped into Nayeon in public bathhouse when they weren't that close before and she pretended she didn't know Nayeon.
Nayeon: She pretended she didn't know me
Chaeyoung: How am I supposed to act like I know you there
(Amigo TV)
171. When asked 'If given a chance to travel back in time, when do you want to travel back to?'
Mina answered she didn't want to travel back as she is afraid that she might not be able to debut in TWICE if she does
172. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung share the same bathroom. As they always play music with a speaker while showering, Jeongyeon decided to buy a waterproof speaker in the end
173. Jihyo, Jeongyeon and Seungyeon have the same red-violet penguin couple phonecase. It was Jeongyeon and Jihyo couple phone case initially but Seungyeon thought it's pretty and bought herself one as matching phonecase
174. Chaeng always watches her videos on YouTube
175-1. (More commonly known)Nicknames

Bunny (토끼)
Fake maknae (맏내)
MC Rail
9th in Twice (서열9위)
Nadong (나동 nickname by Jisoo) Hwindoongie (흰둥이)
Squirtle (나부기)
Peach-sisters (복숭아자매 with Momo)
Kookeu mum (쿠크엄마)
Nayeon who starts the song (고유나연)

Ostrich (타조)
Yoo-Janggoo (유장꾸)
Yoo Jeongyeon is wearing black again (유또검)
Yoo Jeongyeon is making ugly faces again (유또막)
Yoo Jeongyeon is crying again (유또울)
No-jam (노잼)
175-3. MOMO

Moguri (모구리)
Peach (복숭아)
Peach-sisters (with Nayeon) (복숭아 자매)
Momoring (모모링)
Dancing Mochine (댄싱모신)
175-4. SANA

Shasha (샤샤)
Hamster Sana (햄찌사나)
No Sana No Life (사나없이 사나마나)
Kim Sana (김사나)
Sana fell down/clumsy/drop something again (사또떨)
Cutie-Sexy (큐티섹시)
Satang (사탕/사땅)
123-Sa(4)na (일이삼사나)

Once nickname by Shasha: Shushu (슈슈)
175-5. JIHYO
Thomas the train(효마스)
Rain girl (雨女)
Spring-Jyo (죠프링/스프링죠 She got this nickname due to her active, dynamic dancing on stage similar to a bouncing spring)
Park Anggeul (박앙글)
175-6. MINA
Black swan (블랙 스완)
Penguin (펭귄)
Minari (미나리)
Myeong Jeongnam(명정남)
Myoi-Neuri (묘느리 It has the same pronunciation as 며느리 which means daughter-in law)
175-7. DAHYUN
Dubu (두부)
Eagle-Kim (이글킴)
School lunch team Leader (급식단장)
Dahyun saw the camera again(둡또카)
Dubjussi (둡저씨 Dahyun+ Ahjussi)
Dah-eon(다옹 Dahyun+ Leon)
Heung-Dub(흥둡 High spirited Dub)
Kim-Dajeong(김다정 -warmhearted Kim)
Baby beast(아기맹수)
Chaeng-casso (챙카소 Chaeng+ Picasso)
Strawberry princess(딸기 공주)
Friend-Chaengie (친구 챙이 Nickname by Tzuyu who is same age as Chaeng)
175-9. TZUYU
Yoda (요다)
Tzuyu-unnie (쯔위언니)
Joohee (주희)
Tall maknae (기럭지 막내)
1st (설열1위 ranking in Twice)
Tzumongie (쯔몽이)
Chou-Tzu (조쯔 called by Momo)
Kim Tzuyu (김쯔위)
Tzuyu has slower respond again (쯔또늣)
176. Elementary school Mina always wanted to raise a dog. When her mum finally approved and brought her to buy puppy, she got nosebleed as she was over the moon
(Hongkira 2018)
177. Jihyo was wearing mismatched socks at dorm
(Real Men Ep146)
178. The socks in Twice's dorm always went missing. On the fan meeting day itself, Jihyo confessed that she secretly wore other member's socks because she couldn't find hers.
(160403 Fan Meeting)
179. Wishes by TWICE in Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie Premier (24. 11. 2015)
180. Mina gained 6kg during Like Ooh Ahh era
(생일 V)
181. Nayeon, Sana and Mina were scolded by Jeongyeon one day when they were making loud noise, screaming, catching a bug in their room at 4-5am
182. The time Mina and Nayeon had their first conversation was when Mina asked Nayeon to take a photo together a day after the trainee showcase.
183. TWICE were practicing Me Gusta Tu when they were filming Twice TV in Jeju Island. That's the time they eat the most but lose weight the most.
184. Jeongyeon childhood story
185. The animal Tzuyu wants to raise in the future is cow. Because of that the girls even looked up cow videos after Tzuyu mentioned it
186-1. Momo and Sana were upset with each other one day. The reason was Sana pointed at Momo telling her she got a new mole on her nose but Momo actually always has that mole there.
186-2. Momo was disappointed with Sana for not noticing it when they've known each other for so long and she knows where every Sana's moles locate

(CHJ Power Radio 2016)
187. Chaeyoung, Mina and Jeongyeon like mint chocolate
188. Everyone was catching a glimpse of Twice members shopping in the shop but what they didn't realise was....

there was actually one member standing right next to them
189. Nayeon gave a notebook to Chaeyoung as birthday gift and left a message

《My ChaengChaengie
Son Chaengie

I’ll buy you a new one if you used this up till the last page:)
Draw me again!!
-Nasoong unnie-》
(Chaeyoung Solo V)
190-1. Sana and Momo met each other for the first time when signing the contract in Japan. Their first impression of each other is 'that person seems to have the same vibe as me and we will get along very well' (Both of them share the same impression of each other)
190-2. (Beautiful TWICE Interview- Momo, Sana)
191. Momo made steamed egg and oyakodon during her solo V. She practiced many times and also, learnt how to make oyakodon from her mum before cooking on V.
The steamed egg (created by Momo and Jeongyeon) was added with yoghurt instead of milk and therefore tasted like corn soup
192. 6 Songs recommended by Chaeyoung and the reasons from her solo V
193. Q: Which member would you choose to travel to Mars with you
Chaeng and Mina chose Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon- 5 votes
Jihyo- 1 vote
Nayeon- 1 vote
Mina- 1 vote
Chaeyoung- 1 vote
(Highcut Interview)
194. Chaeyoung has a Elmo plushie on her bed that makes sound when pressed. There was a time where she accidentally kicked it in her sleep and the sound woke Dahyun up. DH told her to take the batteries out but CY didn't since she didn't know how to remove them
(Chaeyoung solo V)
195. Q: Tell us a secret of other member that you know

Jeongyeon: Tzuyu has a mole on her back

Q: How did you know

Jeongyeon: I saw it of course, since we are living together

(Beautiful Twice Interview)
If Jihyo is a guy, she wants to date all the members. From Sun to Sat, one member per day.
Jeongyeon: But there’s only 7 days in a week, so if you were to reject one member who would you choose Jihyo: You
Hana once tweeted "My sister's Iphone case is really weird" when Momo showed up in the airport with her new phonecase
198. Twice group chat went wild the day Jeongyeon coloured her hair pink because Jeongyeon once said she hates pink colour. She was even wearing pink coat that day
(180421 Hongki’s Kiss the radio)
199. Chaeyoung always goes to Nayeon's room to have a chit chat and there was a day where she fell asleep on Nayeon's bed. Nayeon ended up sleeping on Jihyo's bed and Jihyo went to sleep on Jeongyeon's bed
200. Chaeng took this photo of Dahyun when she was asleep. They put a cracker on her lips but it went missing after that. Chaeng said Dahyun must’ve eaten it in her sleep. (오셔요 오셔요 Vlive)
201. Jeongyeon said she was embarrassed for Sana too when Sana screamed in the quiet plane while watching horror movie. Sana felt so embarrassed that she wanted to run and go down from the plane immediately. (181114 Starry Night)
202. When they first living together, roommate Jihyo, Nayeon, Sana and Mina always sat on their beds and chatted through the night. Nowadays they gather and chat in the living room. (180410 CHJ power time)
203. Mina brings medical kit with her all the time. It contains some muscle pain relieving patch, painkiller and antihistamine. Meanwhile in her luggage, contains Febreze, lint roller and wet tissues.
204. Nayeon and Chaeyoung were a member of choir in school
205. Tzuyu would want to go to desert island with Jihyo so she could have her photos taken by Jihyo (Mini March Issue)
206. Tzuyu crosses her arms when she is pissed off
207. Jihyo was born on 1 Feb 1997, 00:05 am (잘자용 🌙🌙 Vlive)
208. Mina thought she herself was a silly when she realised she had been knitting while watching tv before the sun set to 2am. (Seventeen Interview)
209. Jihyo and Tzuyu exposed Jeongyeon, saying that her hotel room is surprisingly less organised than expected. Tzuyu said she visited Jeongyeon’s room less than 20 minutes after checking in but her room looked like she had been staying here for a week (지쯔에요 Vlive)
210. Tzuyu once went to the airport without her luggage because she was too excited to go back to her hometown. (Knowing Brothers)
211. Mina thinks Tzuyu changed the most throughout the years. Not only she grew taller but able to express herself more (UWeekly Interview 2018)
212. Jihyo didn’t bring her wallet when they’re traveling to Japan for KCON. They had to travel back to the dorm to get her wallet. It was also her first time to Japan. (TEPL EP8)
213. Jeongyeon did the final check, making sure there wasn't any spelling error for Shot Thru The Heart lyrics written by Momo, Sana and Mina
214. Jeongyeon is allergic to cats. (180221 Seungyeon’s Interview 스타♡펫)
215. This part of What is love choreography is also known as Popcorn Dance (190226 V 노래불러줄게요)
216. It was a very cold day and Twice was early for an outdoor mini fanmeeting. When the fans asked why were they so early, the girls replied “We want to experience the feeling of fans waiting for us and so we are here early.” (160109 Mini fanmeeting Fanacc by All-Twice .com)
217. Twice members’ pets (Updated)
218. Momo is afraid of heights. In carefree Travelers Ep 45, Mina told the cast that Momo was even afraid of getting onto the top bunk last time.
219. Mina didn’t like avocado at first but it became one of her favourite after seeing Momo eating it all the time and finally gave it a try. (Nikkei 2018)
220. Jeongyeon and KARD Somin are distant relative. To be exact, Jeongyeon is Somin's uncle's (father's younger brother) wife's niece. They knew each other when Somin wanted to become a singer and Jeongyeon introduced her to a dance academy. (180422 Twice Fansign)
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