Hello Sir, don't rape women.
Don't put that thing inside her drink so that she will fall asleep then you can rape her, if na your way be that you no be man.
Don't tell her "just the tip" when she agrees you force the whole thing inside. Na rape be that
Don't send unsolicited pictures of your John Thomas that sexual harassment.
Don't video your sexual intercourse sessions with her without her consent.
When she consents and breaks you heart 2 weeks later don't share the video on the internet as revenge.
Don't holla at her and when she says no you begin dey call am ashewo.
She does not owe you kpekus even if you sent her 100K for the past 15 years, nobody sent you message. Mugu fall guy man wack.
What's she is wearing is non of your business,what she wore is not why you raped her. You are a rapist simple and short.
If you want to rape anybody rape yourself, if your attempt to rape yourself is unsuccessful, every street has a nepa pole go and rape one.
Yen yen yen yen yen, who asked you all this one that you are saying ? Oponu.
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