Remarkable moments for stray kids and fans thread :

9 November 2017 the stray kids fandom finally broke out from screen shots pics and weird JYP teasers to be feed up real fansite previews and HD goodness photos

#straykids #Thread

9th November also was stray kids first ever public performance /busking
Many fans waited for them even it was announced the same day
The boys looked so good and they were all happy
Busking impact
54 fan sites open in span of 4 hours after the busking

18 November
Minho was spotted with the boys (except 3racha)
He was seen after a long time it was a really like a breath of a fresh air for lot of people
It's lik a new hope for the fandom
Him being with them does not confirm anything but at least we a him happy & still trying
20 November
Today was stray kids first ever live Vapp broadcast
The boys look so awkward hh but so cute
They just destroyed their dark image with aegyeo but at least made us make sure that we gonna see some abs really soon
Woojin .. ah I see you 😎

23 November
Stray kids Vapp channel just reached 100k

What an achievement to an undebuted trainees
And future legends

First ever 100k and I'm sure millions more to come
This is just the start

So proud of you

#straykids #1st100K
26th November
Stray kids hellovator just hit 10M

The boys first ever 10M even they didn't debut yet
In a self produced song

I'm sure my future self laughing at me now saying oh now we do more than 10 in like first day

But this 10M will always be special
6th December
Changbin and jisung rap performance from JYPvsYG battle just surpassed 1 million views
Which make it stray kids first official performance video to do so

#straykids #straykids9ornone
12 December
Ep 9
We got our boys back
Minho and Felix r back 😭😭😭
JYP did give them another chance
We got to see our ot9 once again
After a long time
It's like we got our souls back

I'm so happy

19 October
Stray kids ep 10 just blessed us with the happiest gift for all the fans

9 talented beautiful amazing kids get to smile on stage while hugging each other
Cuz they made it together
All we wished for becomes reality

STRAY KIDS gonna fly as 9

26th December
Stray kids did their first Vapp live as 9 members
The boys look like practicing hard for their debut

It's so refreshing to see them all 9 together
It feels compete and amazing

Minho did aegyeo and killed everyone btw


5 minutes to stray kids GRRR performance video
And release of their pre debut masterpiece Mixtape
8th January 2018
Stray kids just dropped Grrr performance video and released Mixtape

Nothing to say its an emotional moment
Finally it's here

Mixtape its an album all self produced written by pre debut trainees
So proud

Stray kids just opened their instagram account
And posted their first ever photo
Ot9 photo
First post by seungmin

The caption tho and the #999999999 is so cute

#StrayKidsMIXTAPE #StrayKids
Pre debut mixtape did that

😭💕👏 proud
Way to go boys
This is just the start
Stray kids just had their first ever music show stage on Mcountdwon
It's not a debut stage but a special stage
Cuz they are special
(Cheesy lol )
You really did come far babies and worked hard
So proud of you @Stray_Kids

Stray kids Mcountdwon Hellevator stage
Get 100k views in 2 hours

Stray kids instagram surpassed 100k followers 😍😍💕💕👏👏👏
Stray kids 1st ever fan sign event
First fan sign photos
First flower crowns and cute head bands
and the birth of kings of fan service

Another blessing day for stray kids fans
Stray kids posted their first ever reality show the 9th 1st episode last week

I can't remember how many times i watched it already
The new ep gonna be up today
I can't wait for more content
Seeing the boys move in & decorate their apartment together
Is the best concept
I was like Minho didn't eat with JYP in the show
It was after he got eliminated
& now they debuting
It's impossible to debut without having dinner with JYP it's a tradition
I thought about it just yesterday
& today I comeback to this

Now debut confirmed ✅.
Today really a special day and I feel so overwhelmed with emotions
Ouri main rapper Benni benni changbini graduation day
He's officially an adult and high school graduate
Also the boys new hair colors (which means debut SOON )
They all look so beautiful
I'm crying
The 9th last ep (4th)
Officially my favorite episode
Made me realize how much I love the boys and how awesome they are inside and out
I didn't expect it to be this emotional

I love them so much
Changbin is the first to graduate as a stray kids member
And Jeongin is the first to get a birthday banner on the legendary building door as a stray kids member

(The September boys won't relate tho cuz they moving out in June lol)

#straykids #DesertFoxJeonginDay
Stray kids models for jambangee a clothing brand
Their first ever endorsement for the boys even before debut
Another proud moment 💕

Im still not over this photos since yerstarday tho
They look so good 😍
2nd March 2018 JYP suddenly drop a mysterious countdown out of no where
It's been 2 days and finally we are less than 10 hours away from knowing what's all is about
I can't wait so curious
After the countdown
March 5th 2018 JYPE released stray kids ImNot trailer

I knew it will be a trailer but I wasn't expected that dramatic futuristic brain washed theme

The idea and message r clear and suite the boys concept and goals so well
So excited
Right after it JYPe released this mysterious teasers about what look like like concert / showcase
With dates and ticket info
Without specifying what's exactly
Is it a showcase ?or a pre debut new way of promotion ?
Nothing clear but whatever it is
I can't wait
Stray kids ImNot debut album first teaser
Reveals track list
And district9 is coming for us

3 stray kids members changed names into stage names
It was a shock (specially mr lee know still WT* JYP )
But yeah there is I.N Han & lee know now
Time to get used to it
1 group teaser 18 individual teasers all out
9 visuals blessing our lives with Double the fun

We still dont know what JYP hiding for us tomorrow
Can't wait
Ndh#&&^abzjj 😍
#StrayKids #District9
They look so good
They finally here
The moment finally here
Stray kids DEBUT showcase is less than an hour away
So Proud of them
You worked hard boys
You did it chan
You all did IT SKZ
Ot9 or None & Will Never Break

2 minutes to go
LIVE stream fangirling
I love saving memories
Maybe when I feel down they can make me happy
SKZ debut showcase just ended
They r no longer pre debut kings
Now they rookie kings
They did amazing every song sounded amazing (I didnt hear district9 tho😅)
This was the start to what i believe to be beautiful journey
Cant wait 💕💕
You worked hard kids
15 minutes to district9 release
I'm Not ready but also can't wait
Why nervous OMG

#StrayKids_Debut #StrayKidsDistrict9 #스트레이키즈
District9 releasd today
After a long journey they are now an official debuted group

District9 is really StrayKids just what they want to be and their style and feel
Just them and i love that
SKZ never disappoint
the Mv hit 1M in 7,5 hours
& 2M in 11 hours
They hit #1 in 7+ countries in itune
Sold 3k+ 1st day 3 times mixtape 1st day

Amazing acheievemnts for a rookie 👏
But most important they finally debuted and they doing what they love that's what matter the most
What the 1st thing SKZ done right after they debuted ???
They broke records
Broke the record for most viewed MV in 24h 🎉
Ranked #1 on worldwide itune with a debut album 🎉

They even showed an impressive sales improvement by selling 11k copies 2nd day
😭❤️💕 👏
180329 SKZ Mcountdown DEBUT Stage
Just 🔥🔥🔥 they killed it and burned that stage
With Rock and District9

Finally they stepped on that stage as a debuted group
SKZ did it
Their debut performance stage just hit 100k in an hour 👏
Let's go for 1M
Stray kids first ever magazine photoshoot pics out

Models SKZ 😍
After the long break I'm back and skz just announced today their fandom name
So I'm a STAY
We are a STAY
So let's STAY together with skz forever
Less than 10 minutes away from Stray kids first official comeback

Getting a cold on purpose to have a day off for the comeback is the most I can do for SKZ hh

#MyPace #straykids
The moment

#straykids #MyPace

Still not watched yet and I'm Dead
#MyPace #StrayKids
Nothing to Say Stray Kids never Disappoint
My Pace is THAT song

I love the fun side of them that still scream SKZ cuz they have their feel and identity bright like the sun
I'm in love again and again
Is that even possible ?

#MyPace #StrayKids
My kids won their first ever award / rookie award that they always dreamt of
I'm so happy and proud of ma boys
Working hard always pay off
This is only the start let's go for more awards and great things in the future
Proud STAY
#StrayKids #SoribadaAwards2018
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